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Zach Womack was a contestant on Season 11 of Hell's Kitchen. He ranked in 6th place.

Personality Edit

Zach started off as the strongest chef in the blue team, on the opening night. After that, he went slowly on a downward spiral, giving one of the worst streaks of bad performances during that season. His attitude also deteriorated as he grew more cocky and arrogant, even having a short-lived running feud with Mary.

Season 11 Edit

Episode 1/2Edit

When he got on the Hell's Kitchen bus, Zach was super excited to finally compete in Hell's Kitchen. However, Ramsay surprisingly told the chefs to meet him in Las Vegas. Arrived there, they were greeted by showgirls, got on a double-decker bus for a tour of the city, and eventually got tricked in believing they would go on a Las Vegas 4D experience, which he was ready to enjoy and get a VIP treatment, while jokingly guessing that Jacuzzi bubble baths would be next. However, the chefs arrived in front of a live audience, where Ramsay was waiting for them.

During the Signature Dish Challenge, Zach was the last person from the blue team to have his dish judged by Ramsay, and went up against Jacqueline. He served a grilled pork chop, which was flavorful despite having dry pork. During deliberation, Ramsay said that his pork could have been done with two minutes less. In the end, he lost the round to Jacqueline by an edge, and the blue team lost the challenge 4-5.

They were punished with an eight-hour school bus ride from Las Vegas to Hell's Kitchen, in the desert, without air conditioning. During the punishment, because it was really hot, Zach considered saving his sweat and drink it. Later, he was annoyed by Sebastian's constant talking, even asking for a time out and suggesting to play the quiet game. When the bus stopped in the middle of the freeway, he noticed it was pitch black outside, while waiting for the Wile E. Coyote to come out and attack. When he entered Hell's Kitchen, he declared he was tired and exhausted, but was ready to get down to business as he was belonging in there.

The next day, during prep, the men were really focused and working as a team. During dinner service, Zach was on the fish station with Dan. When Sebastian was ready with his first risotto, he brought his scallops to the pass. However, despite Ramsay praising him for cooking the scallops to perfection, they were rejected because of Sebastian's unacceptable risotto. On their second attempt, they were finally accepted, and he said that the blue team was on a roll and finally coming together. On the next ticket, he brought his scallops to the pass, along with Sebastian's capellini, but Ramsay rejected them once again despite being cooked beautifully because of Sebastian's mistake. He was annoyed as he felt it was déjà vu in this motherfucker, and Ramsay asked him how much times he perfectly cooked scallops without serving them, which he answered twice. After that, he was called "Zacky Wacky" by Sebastian who was trying to communicate with him, and after the latter's ejection, he managed to serve all the appetizers to the dining room, along with Jon. Immediately before Michael and Barret were kicked out, he called both of them "dumb and dumber", and later, he was annoyed by the minor fire erupted on the garnish station, stating that Jeremy was not able to cook kale, and could see it literally catching fire and getting burned. He tried to help Jeremy on garnishes, but Jeremy angrily told him to mind his own business, shocking him, who called Jeremy a motherfucker, before he was amused when the latter was kicked out. When Dan sent unacceptable garnishes to the pass, he tried to convince the latter to not mess up as they were only five remaining in the kitchen, and he was determined to complete service no matter what. After Jon and Dan were kicked out, he revealed that for each person being kicked out, it was putting more and more pressure on him. After Raymond was kicked out, he compared the blue kitchen as being in the middle of a natural disaster. Also, he really started to feel the pressure, and was not feeling good as it was very hot. He told Anthony that he just needed to breath, and after Anthony was kicked out, leaving him as the last man standing in the blue kitchen, he felt a lot of pressure and something in his stomach, as well as his body shutting down. He went to the back store as he was about to throw up, and Sous Chef James went looking for him, but he felt dehydrated and that he was about to lose consciousness, before throwing up in a garbage bin. Then, he put a wet towel over his head to cool himself down, and threw up again, while telling Sous Chef James what he was doing. After, he was feeling better, and said that one must think again when thinking they were about to lose consciousness. He called himself a monster, and with the help of Christian, and Sous Chefs James and Andi, he worked on the next ticket, while motivating himself to finish strong. He served acceptable bass, and the blue kitchen was finally serving their entrées, while stating that something that would not kill him would make him stronger. Then, he revealed to Christian that he just put ice on his chest, and succeeded to send his last table, while being very proud of himself, concluding that Chef Zach was the man that night.

The blue team lost the service, and they were asked to nominate two people for elimination, but Zach was praised by Ramsay for his commitment, and giving all he got. While going back to the dorms, he felt that his team let him down, but added that the biggest dead weight would be penalized. During deliberation, he confirmed that Sebastian came back in the kitchen three times after being kicked out, and then, a little argument erupted between him and Jeremy over the latter's tone of voice used to tell he got it after the kale incident. Then, he said Jeremy was reminding him of a young punk with a lot of mouth without something to back it up, and a violent argument erupted between the two of them one more time when he told Jeremy he could not cook, which really angered the latter. That argument finished with him saying that Jeremy was not knowing what he was doing and that he could fuck off home.

Zach was not nominated for elimination, and while going back to the dorms, he declared he could not carry the team any longer, and wondered who would be the next motherfucker of his team to go home, as only himself could be the winner.

Episode 3Edit

Back in the dorms, Zach was upset that Jeremy was still around as he got a lot to prove and would not be so lucky next time, concluding that next time, it would be "sara-nara". Finally, he requested to his team to win next time.

The next morning, some soldiers from the US army came in Hell's Kitchen, went to the dorms, and gave a very brutal wake up call to the chefs by screaming and yelling to get up. When the teams were challenged to climb up the wall, at one point, Zach lost his balance when he landed, and fell over Jacqueline. When time was over, he fell on the ground one more time. The blue team managed to get 37 lobsters in their bucket, compared to the red team's 31, but did not win anything as that was only the first part of the challenge.

During the Lobster Cleaning Challenge, Zach was paired with Dan. Together, they scored at least one point, and near the end, he was motivating his team. The blue team lost the challenge 8-11, and they were punished by taking a delivery of thousands of pounds of halibut and branzino, prepping them for the next service, and eating fish head soup for lunch. When he learned the red team's reward, he declared that he wanted a massage as well, as his back was hurting, and during the punishment, he declared the fish were stinking like a motherfucker.

The next day, during prep, Zach reminded his teammates they could not fuck up, and approved Jeremy's idea of grabbing some water. During dinner service, he was on the appetizer station with Anthony. He did not serve his first attempt at the risotto because of Christian's overcooked scallops. Later, he had communication issues with Christian as he told he needed five minutes on his risotto despite the latter having already cooked his scallops without his approval. He continued having trouble communicating with Christian because of the latter's mistakes, but they eventually succeeded to sent acceptable appetizers to the dining room. Later, his capellini was not served because of Christian's mistake once again, and then, the blue team was kicked out of the kitchen after a lot of mistakes. While going back to the dorms, he acknowledged it was not called Hell's Kitchen for nothing and that nobody wanted to be there.

Both teams were named joint-losers, and they were asked to nominate two people each for elimination. While going back to the dorms, Zach was disappointed at his team, and asked himself who was the next motherfucker he would get out of there.

Zach was not nominated for elimination, and when Jeremy was ordered by Ramsay to stay while everybody was dismissed, he did not care if Jeremy would go home.

Episode 4Edit

The next morning, all the chefs went outside for the next challenge, and saw Ramsay, dressed in a running suit, and a lot of runners waiting in front of a start/finish line. He introduced the HK3K Service Challenge, and Zach was on the fish station. When Ramsay discovered an already cooked tray of salmons, he corrected by saying they were only seared. He brought the tray to Ramsay, and revealed he cooked them, much to Ramsay's dismay who reminded it was not a fish that could be cooked twice, and that they were not a fast food chain. Jon asked if he was kidding, and Ramsay ordered him to start over. Despite his mistake, salads and smoothies were going to the dining room at a good pace. Near the end, Barret sent his wraps to the pass, but he was still not ready with his salmons. He declared they were coming, and finally sent them to the pass with the help of Dan. However, the salmon was raw, and Ramsay berated him, while ordering him to start over. Then, he went to the back of the kitchen, picked an old piece of salmon declaring that it looked perfect despite Ramsay ordering him not to use it, and put it in the pan to finish it off. That infuriated Ramsay, who asked him if he was using it, which he answered he was not. Ramsay asked him if he told the truth, which he answered he was, but Ramsay did not believe him. Ramsay asked him the same question for a second time, but he still answered he did not use it, leading Ramsay to push him off the salmon and asking Jeremy to cook the salmon for him.

The blue team eventually lost the challenge, and Zach was accused of being the main reason of the loss by Dan. They were punished by cleaning the HK3K course, including erasing the paint, breaking down the checkpoints, picking the trash, and finally, prepping both kitchens ahead of the next service. During the punishment, he declared that scrubbing the arrows off the concrete was the worst, and that the blue team scrubbed the road all day long. When the women came back from their reward, he asked them to get the fuck out of the kitchen, while giving an air kick with his left leg.

During dinner service, Zach was on the meat station with Dan. At one point, he told that Raymond should watch his motherfucking self after a risotto came back, and that he should not make any more mistakes. Later, he gave the approval for Michael to cook his garnish by calling him baby, and after, he acknowledged that Dan's lamb was still undercooked. Moments later, Dan asked him Michael's question about a time on the lamb, which infuriated Michael. The blue team eventually won the service for finally showing some progress.

Episode 5Edit

During the Protein Identification Challenge, Zach was paired with Dan, and they were the second pair to compete for the blue team. They landed on the chicken tacos, and he boasted on how much he trained his palate and on how he knew right away it was chicken. They succeeded to get chicken correctly on their first attempt, and he concluded by saying it was not rocket science. During the red team's turn, he suggested them to take their time, but the blue team lost the challenge 10:33-6:37, and they were punished by taking deliveries of wheat flour, grinding it and making bread from scratch, which made him very disappointed as he wanted to win and go on the beach.

After the punishment, when Jeremy came back from the hospital, Zach laughed when he revealed that he was not eating enough. At 4 am, while baking the bread dough, he was still really tired, stating at that time, the roosters were not even up yet, and that he was in his third dream, before yawning out loud. When he learned that they would have a breakfast service for emergency workers, he felt honored as those people were saving lives constantly, and that they should treat them with the outmost respect.

During breakfast service, Zach was on the scrambled eggs station with Raymond. He was not seen much, but motivated and rallied his team at some points. The blue team won the service as they served all their tickets before the red team, and celebrated by hugging each other.

Episode 6Edit

After Jeremy was eliminated, Zach declared that the blue team became strong with him gone. Later, during the prep break, he congratulated Mary for fighting back when being nominated, while saying that it was great seeing that. After Mary declared that the red team was loving her, he told her to not believe that, but that angered her and she asked him to shut his mouth and not talk to her anymore. She left, went back to the bedroom with her teammates while slamming the door behind her, making him laugh. Then, Nera went to see him, told him to not go and attack people who were weak, and added that he could suck a big dick. After Nedra said that she was Mike Tyson, he mimicked a ringing bell, and Nedra declared that it was really on. After she went back to her bedroom, he declared that he was not giving a fuck as he was not there to make friends. He also added that Nedra was trying to take the house down, and that he could guarantee a win for the blue team, so it was really on.

During dinner service, Zach was on the garnish station. He was not seen much, except when he expressed disappointment over the fish station's mistakes as there was two of them there, and near the end when Raymond sent raw halibut for the third time, which was the mistake that caused the blue team to be kicked out. Before they were, he stated that the Titanic was not having shit on them as they were going down hard.

Both teams were named joint-losers, and they were asked to nominate two people each. During deliberation, Zach convinced Dan not to argue with Raymond, and later, he calmed down the argument between the two of them.

He was not nominated for elimination.

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Trivia Edit

  • He is the last contestant of that season to be eliminated before the black jackets were given.

Quotes Edit

  • "I just want to sit back and enjoy the ride, and saying you get that special VIP treatment, I'm getting used to it now. What next? Jacuzzi bubble bath?"
  • "You know it's hot man, you consider saving your whole sweat and then drinking it."
  • "Oh my God, Sebastian... time out! Let's play the quiet game, see how you do on that one!"
  • "Pitch black outside, I'm looking for the Wile E. Coyote to come out and attack. What the fuck's going on?"
  • "What the fuck is going on? It's like déjà vu in this motherfucker!"
  • "Michael and Barret; dumb and dumber!"
  • "Chef Zach is the man tonight!"
  • "It stinks like a motherfucker!"
  • "Chef Ray, watch your motherfucking self!"
  • "We're going down in flames! Titanic ain't got shit on us!"
  • "Take Dan's head off, for sure!"
  • "It was fun shooting at Dan. So therapeutic."