Wil Kocol was a contestant on Season 5 of Hell's Kitchen. He ranked in 16th place.

Personality Edit

Wil was gay and proud, and very nice towards his teammates. However, he did not seem to have a lot of self-confidence, to the point that he nominated himself without fighting for it. That happened to be his downfall as he was the first that season to be eliminated.

Season 5 Edit

Episode 1Edit

During the Signature Dish Challenge, Wil was the second person to have his dish judged by Ramsay. He made rabbit two ways, braised and grilled, and while Ramsay liked the taste, it was criticized for its poor presentation.

When the teams were lined up, the men revealed their new team name, the "Blues Brothers". During dinner service, Wil was on the garnish station. He burned his first order of gnocchi and was forced to restart. He continued to struggle on the garnish station, which caused a big stall on the entrées. Because of that, Robert came to his help, but Ramsay noted that Charlie and Robert were on the garnish station, and that he was on “Planet Cuckoo”. His team lost the dinner service because of Giovanni's poor performance as a waiter. While discussing who should be up for elimination, he admitted to his mistakes and nominated himself.

Wil was named the blue team's first nominee by Seth, but J corrected the latter saying that Wil was the second nominee, with Seth being the first. He was eliminated for his poor performance on the garnish station and nominating himself for elimination, which showed that he lacked self-confidence and fight back.

Ramsay's comment: "I found it quite strange that Wil didn't even have the will to succeed. He clearly didn't belong in Hell's Kitchen."

Nomination historyEdit

Week 1 Nominated

Trivia Edit

  • He is the first openly gay male contestant of Hell's Kitchen.
  • He is the first contestant ever who nominated himself for his team without fighting for it.
  • After his appearance on the show, he became Sous Chef at Redstone American Grill, and after that, moved to Yard House in 2013, where he became Kitchen Manager.

Quotes Edit

  • "I'm proud that I'm gay, but I'm still one of the guys. Same plumbing, different wiring."