Wendy Mendez
Wendy Mendez
Bronx, NY
Line Cook/Pastry Chef
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Wendy Mendez was a contestant on Season 16 of Hell's Kitchen. She ranked in 8th place.

Personality Edit

Wendy probably had the best palate of that season. She was a strong fighter, and could entertain with her funny personality. In the kitchen, she started relatively strong, but when she was transferred to the blue team, she began to go on a downward spiral.

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Trivia Edit

  • She is the third contestant, and first female contestant, to achieve a perfect score of 4 out of 4 during the Blind Taste Test, following Justin (Season 10), and Milly (Season 14). She is also the only one who did without making it to the black jackets.
  • She is the tenth female contestant who switched teams without making it to the black jackets.

Quotes Edit

  • (After being eliminated) "A wise man thinks he's a fool and a fool thinks he knows everything, and that house is full of fools."