Wendy Liu
Wendy Liu
Millburn, NJ
Account Manager
Kitchen Experience
Culinary Education
Graduate from The Institute of Culinary Education
Culinary Inspiration

Wendy Liu was a contestant on Season 1 of Hell's Kitchen. She was on the blue team. She ranked at 9th place.

Personality Edit

Wendy was a very confident contestant, who proclaimed herself as a perfectionist, but lacked the knowledge and the abilities to work in a kitchen. She is the first official donkey of Hell's Kitchen.

Signature dish Edit

Wendy served fried rice with Chinese sausage as her signature dish. She didn't knew Chef Ramsay would come, so she didn't put lobster in her dish. He found it unimpressive.

Episode 1 Edit

During dinner service, Wendy was on the garnish station. After 2 hours, she ran out of potatoes, and after one of her team's table went to the kitchen to talk with Chef Ramsay and very few entrées were served, Chef Ramsay closed the kitchen. Her team won the dinner service, however Chef Ramsay specified that they didn't win, they're just safe.

Episode 2 Edit

During the squid challenge, Wendy produced nothing satisfying, even blaming the squid when she couldn't take the skin off. Because her team lost the challenge, they were punished by cleaning all the squids for the next dinner service. Back in the dorms, she gave Mandarin Chinese lessons to her fellow teammates by having them saying « We will not lose again. » in her native tongue.

During dinner service, her team were forced to cook without air conditioning as the second part of their punishment. Wendy was on the appetizer station. She was lost, struggled on the risotto and was helped by Ralph. After Jean-Philippe was physically assaulted, Chef Ramsay closed the kitchen down. Her team won the dinner service for serving a few main courses.

Episode 3 Edit

During the 5 course meal challenge, Wendy made a ginger scallion pan-roasted salmon with bok choy. It was deemed « not bad » by Chef Ramsay, and she scored for her team. It was the first positive feedback she received from Chef Ramsay since her arrival in Hell's Kitchen. However, her team lost the challenge. Wendy and her team were punished by cleaning the dorms.

During dinner service, Wendy began on the appetizer station. She prepared spaghetti with cold water, and when her lobster spaghetti was tasted by the critics, it had mediocre reviews. When she moved to the meat station, she was lost on time, giving 10 minutes to Chef Ramsay for her lamb to be cooked, only to be corrected by Ralph who gave 5 minutes, at Chef Ramsay's great relieve. When her lamb arrived at the critics table, it received mixed reviews. After very few customers receiving their main courses, Chef Ramsay closed the kitchen. Her team lost the dinner service and Ralph was named « Best of the Worst ».

She was Ralph's first nominee for elimination, with Andrew being the second. She was eliminated because of her poor performances on all three services.

Ramsay's comment: « Wendy, well you know, it's about time I put you out of your misery. »

Episode 10-11 Edit

Wendy returned for the last dinner service of the season. She was picked second by Ralph, after Andrew and before Dewberry. During dinner service, she was lost and confused on appetizers, and Ralph had to leave the hot plate to run her station for her. Later, she moved to desserts and successfully completed service for Ralph. However, Ralph eventually lost the final to Michael.

Challenges lost Edit

Episode 2 - Squid challenge; Each contestant had to clean the most squids possible in 10 minutes to Chef Ramsay's standards. Blue team lost 6-5

Episode 3 - 5 course meal challenge; Each contestant prepared a dish for a 5 course meal tasted by Chef Ramsay. Blue team lost in a tiebreaker.

Facts Edit

- Wendy is the first member of the blue team to be eliminated from the show.

- She was the first Hell's Kitchen contestant of Chinese origins.

- After her appearance on the show, she returned to her career in account management.

Quotes Edit

« I think Gordon is gonna love the fact that I'm a perfectionist. »

« I thought cold water was supposed to boil faster than hot water. »

« Wǒmen bù huì zài shīqù »

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