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Siobhan Allgood was a contestant on Season 7 of Hell's Kitchen. She ranked in 9th place.

Personality Edit

Siobhan was not the worst cook of the season, but she was the one who was lacking self-confidence the most. She was always second-guessing herself, and regretting her mistakes afterwards instead of keeping them from happening. This led her to be the easy target, especially by Benjamin, and being pushed around by everybody.

Season 7 Edit

Episode 1Edit

Before the Signature Dish Challenge, Siobhan was stunned when Ramsay was making out with a female chef, as he really did like the dish. However, that female chef turned out to be his own wife. During the challenge, she was the fourth person from the red team to have her dish judged by Ramsay, and went up against Mikey. Ramsay noticed her dreads, she declared she had them for eight years while adding that people were taking her for a dirty hippie girl because of them, and Ramsay told her he did not want to see one of them in her dish as she would dread it. After, she served her seared Ahi tuna wrapped in mint leaves, and it was working for Ramsay despite mixing tuna with mint leaves. Both her and Mikey scored a point for their teams.

The red team lost the challenge 3-4, and they were eventually punished by cooking breakfast in bed for the blue team the next morning. Back in the dorms, all the women were focused on studying the menu for the opening night while being confident about it. Throughout the night, a series of video lessons from Ramsay came in at approximately every 10 minutes, and at one point, Siobhan was in the shower when one came in, annoying her.

During dinner service, Siobhan was on the dessert station. On the first ticket, she gave her help to Stacey by showing her how to properly cook scallops, and later, she considered Fran a spitfire as she crumbled, while adding that it was disappointing to see. After three of her teammates were kicked out, she was reassigned to the meat station with Nilka, and at one point, she was very confident in the Wellingtons she would serve and they turned out to be perfectly cooked. After a fourth teammate was kicked out, the red team merged with the blue team to serve all the remaining customers. On the last tickets, she worked very closely with Ed, who gave her clear instructions, and the service was completed. The red team lost the service, and they were asked to nominate two people.

She was not nominated for elimination.

Episode 2Edit

Back in the dorms, Siobhan was annoyed by Autumn's way of thinking she knew everything and that she was the boss, and added that she would not put up with that. The next morning, at 5 am, the chefs were awaken by an alarm clock amplified all over the dorms by Sous Chefs Scott and Andi. During the Egg Relay Challenge, she was tasked to cook the eggs on her own, and she was nervous about that, but was ready to kick butts either way. When the 5 minutes countdown began, she was suggested by Autumn to work with her and Fran, which she agreed, so she focused only on her poached egg and those two's, while Autumn cooked the rest of her eggs.

Siobhan was the second person to compete for the red team, and when she presented her eggs, Ramsay asked her how long she boiled her soft-boiled, and she revealed that she got help from her teammates. Ramsay was dismayed, asked her why she did not do them on her own, which she answered that she got pressure from her teammates, and Nilka was immediately insulted by that statement. Then, she corrected by saying that Autumn forced her to do it, but the latter retorted that she only suggested it, and Ramsay asked her which of her eggs did she do herself, which she answered only the poached one. Ramsay was dismayed, she revealed that she did two poached eggs in five minutes, he asked her how could she not follow a clear instruction, and she started to cry as she was extremely mad at herself for not pushing Autumn away. She regretted not doing that, but Autumn was unapologetic, and because of that, only her poached egg was tasted by Ramsay, which he deemed delicious, and she scored only one point. Later, she revealed having cooked Autumn and Fran's poached egg, much to Ramsay's dismay once again.

The red team lost the challenge 10-11, and they were punished by taking a delivery of a giant tuna, cutting it, cleaning it, and gutting it for the next service. While going back to the dorms, Siobhan was crying, comforted by Holli and Jamie, and responded that she had to let it out so she could feel better. She went to her bed and cry, and later, she went to the patio, Autumn comforted her and apologized, but she was still extremely upset. The next day, during prep, all the women were on her back telling her what to do, and she told that she wanted to know the consistency and make sure it would be perfect. When Nilka came over to tell her what she had to do, she was annoyed, started mimicking her, and told that she would go slower as Nilka was just pissing her off. Before the opening, she admitted that the water was over seasoned by Autumn, saying it was worse than sea water and that she was about to puke.

During dinner service, Siobhan was on the appetizer station with Autumn. At one point, she was working on her risotto, but Autumn seasoned it for her, dismaying Ramsay. He asked her if she could cook a risotto, which she answered that she could but that she wanted to push Autumn away also. Ramsay encouraged her to do it, and she added that Autumn was trying to interfere with her job.

Both teams were named joint-losers, and they were asked to nominate one person each. During deliberation, Siobhan agreed with nominating Autumn as she thought the latter was presenting herself as some big hot shot despite not seasoning the water properly.

She was not nominated for elimination.

Episode 3Edit

The next morning, the chefs went to the dining room, where Ramsay introduced the Marching Band Lunch Service Challenge, while revealing they would be serving the marching band of the University of Southern California. When the band entered the restaurant, Siobhan said that it was great to see them and that she was having goose bumps on her arms. During the challenge, she was not seen at all, the red team won the challenge, and celebrated by cheering and hugging each other.

They were rewarded with a day at the Malibu Beach Inn, being driven there in vintage cars, and a soccer match against Ramsay and his own family. When she learned the reward, Siobhan felt incredible to have won a day with her feet in the sand, as she claimed not having won a lot of things in her life.

During dinner service, Siobhan was on the fish station. At one point, she asked Fran for a time as she was ready to send her fish to the pass, and later, she acknowledged that Jamie needed help as she was not able to control her station herself. So, she took over the garnish station, much to Ramsay's annoyance, who told her to leave the station to Jamie. After, she sent her halibut to the pass, but it was raw, Ramsay schooled her about taking over Jamie's station while not being able to cook properly on her own, and she started over. The red team lost the service, and they were asked to nominate two people.

She was not nominated for elimination.

Episode 4Edit

The next morning, the chefs went downstairs, where Ramsay introduced the Craps Challenge. Siobhan was the fourth person to roll the die for the red team, landed on H, and chose ham. During the cooking, she was not seen at all, the red team lost the challenge, and they were punished by cleaning the front entrance of the restaurant, which included the floor, the carpet, and the mirrors, as well as prepping both kitchens for the next service. During the punishment, she expected that Jean-Philippe would like the entrance to be perfect, just like the paste in his hair.

During dinner service, Siobhan was on the appetizer station with Maria. When she sent her first crab capellini to the pass, it was containing lobster instead of crab. She was schooled by Ramsay, who told her to not cook like a zombie, and that half of the table was not eating because of her mistake. Her second attempt was also containing lobster, but when she talked back about it saying that it was written crab on the container, she acknowledged it was indeed lobster when Ramsay showed it to her. Ramsay was dismayed that she did not spot it twice, she found the container with crab, and started over while almost panicking. Eventually, she bounced back, and appetizers were being sent to the dining room at a good pace.

Both teams were named joint-winners, and for the red team, Nilka was named "Best of the Best". Back in the dorms, Siobhan was recalled the lobster incident by Holli, she recited exactly what happened, and prayed that nothing wrong would happen to her, while adding that she was feeling very nervous.

Siobhan was not nominated for elimination, and said goodbye to Autumn, who was transferred to the blue team, while welcoming Scott as a new teammate.

Episode 5Edit

The next morning, the chefs were woken up by Sous Chefs Scott and Andi, who gave them butchering outfits to wear for the Pork Challenge. During the first part, Siobhan was the second person from the red team to grab her pig, and when she did, she wanted to catch the lost time from Nilka, so she dove in the pen to catch the pig she wanted, even declaring that she would have grabbed six pigs if she had to.

During the second part, Siobhan was paired with Holli, and during the cooking, she was annoyed by Scott's attempt to take control of the team, saying that he should stop making sense out of everything. She and Holli were the second pair from the red team to have their dish judged, she did not present the dish, which was a fennel-crusted pork tenderloin with a sweet and sour apple and mustard sauce, but they won the round over Jason and Autumn.

The red team lost the challenge 1-2, and they were punished by cleaning the pig pen outside and giving the pigs a bath, while wearing farming clothes. During the punishment, they struggled to wash the pigs as all of them were excited and constantly moving around. When the blue team came back from their reward, Siobhan revealed to the chefs that she used to work at a place where she was doing fetish and SNM porn under the nickname Shannon, which Salvatore jokingly retorted that he liked SNM. She concluded by adding that during that time, she would be nude and have her body fully painted, and Jay joked that she would have pastry rock and barbecue sauce over her.

During the Barbecue themed dinner service, Siobhan was on the meat station during the first seating, and a waitress during the second. When the team moved on to entrées, she succeeded to send her burgers to the dining room, but one of them returned for being raw. She was berated by Ramsay, who smashed the plate to the ground, and was forced to start over. Later, she sent another raw burger, Ramsay was angry, smashed the burger with his hand four times, she took responsibility for her mistake, and the service was shut down because the two-hour time limit was over. During the second seating, she was not seen at all.

The red team lost the service, and Fran was named "Best of the Worst". During deliberation, Siobhan acknowledged her short-comings as a lot of her food was sent back, and took full responsibility for her mistakes.

She was not nominated for elimination.

Episode 6Edit

Back in the dorms, Siobhan compared Nilka to a bomb exploding as the latter was angry about being nominated. The next morning, everybody went to the dining room, where Ramsay introduced the Mother Sauce Challenge, and she worked with the Hollandaise sauce. During the cooking, she was annoyed when Nilka took all the good ingredients for herself, and she wanted to take her chicken at the last moment possible, despite Scott warning her to take it off to check if it was cooked properly. She was the second person from the red team to have her dish judged, went up against Jay, and served what she thought was a butterfly Cornish hen, but Ramsay corrected her by saying it was a pigeon. After a few seconds of awkwardness, she agreed with Ramsay and served her pigeon, feeling shocked and like a complete moron, but when Ramsay took the plate, a lot of blood came running down. So, he refused to taste it because it was still raw, and neither her or Jay scored a point.

The red team lost the challenge after a tiebreaker at 2, and they were punished by deep-cleaning both kitchens, and prepping them for the next service, while wearing anti-nuclear combinations. During the punishment, Siobhan started to be concerned as she could be allergic to most of the products they were using, and she revealed that there was a lot of stuff she was allergic to, including body products, perfumes, and cleaners. Moments later, she started to have a couple of hives growing on her arms and neck, her skin started to get pale, so she went to the back hallway to see a medic, and he took her outfit off by cutting it like if she was undergoing surgery. Then, he asked her if she was having trouble breathing, which she answered not yet, she was allowed to be exempt from the deep cleaning, and went back to the patio to smoke. When the red team started prepping for the service, she returned to the kitchen and was ready to help, and when Scott asked if she was okay, she answered that she was racing against the clock. When she learned that the service would be Family Night, she was confident as cooking French fries and fish sticks was very easy, and was ready to win the service as it was a do-or-die situation.

During the Family Night dinner service, Siobhan was on the garnish station. On the first ticket, she did not know who was supposed to cook the spaghetti, so she was pulled to the blue kitchen along with Scott, and she learned that she had to cook it because it was a garnish. She was confused as nobody told her she was cooking pasta, but when she dropped it, the water was not boiling, and Ramsay schooled her for that mistake, which she took responsibility for. Then, Ramsay ordered her to get a grip and wake up, but because of her mistake, no appetizers were served, and customers were growing impatient. Later, she expressed dismay when Fran was struggling to cook scallops, and when the red team was kicked out after a lot of mistakes, she was embarrassed about it because Scott was dragging the team down. When the service was finished, they came back in the kitchen to clean up.

The red team lost the service by a mile, and they were asked to nominate two people for elimination. During deliberation, Siobhan was considered by Scott, but she told that despite her not having the most experience, she was learning from her mistakes and never made them again. Moments later, she was annoyed by Scott's over arrogance, considered him a pain in the ass, and considered him for elimination, while struggling on the second nominee.

Siobhan was not nominated for elimination, but when Fran stated that she should have been, she was called down with the latter and Scott. During her plea, she took pride in her work, acknowledged she was not having a lot of knowledge, but reminded that she had a lot of passion, and asked a lot of question, before being interrupted by Scott. She survived elimination, and moments later, she and her teammates welcomed Benjamin on the red team, as a new teammate.

Episode 7Edit

The next morning, the chefs went to the dining room, where Ramsay introduced the 50th Wedding Anniversary Planning Challenge, where they would update three dishes served at Sal and Marcy's wedding reception 50 years ago. During the challenge, Siobhan was paired with Nilka on the steak Diane dish, but at one point, a fire erupted in their pan, and neither of them was able to blow it out. Moments later, she praised Benjamin's leadership by saying that they were working in calmness rather than chaos.

Siobhan and Nilka were the first pair from the red team to have their dish judged, and went up against Ed and Jason. She did not present their dish, which was a steak Diane with crab, mushroom, red wine and parsley, and they lost the round to Ed and Jason. The red team won the challenge 2-1, and she was very happy to have finally won, while acknowledging that Benjamin saved their day.

They were rewarded with a day at the World Famous Frisco's Carhops diner, while wearing red shirts from the 1950s, and being driven there in 1950s style convertibles. During the reward, Siobhan won the hula-hoop competition hands down as she was a ballerina for most of her life, and claimed that it was perfect for her. She won a huge trophy, which she was really excited about, and said that she would put it next to her other dance trophies. When the red team came back from their reward, she taunted the blue team, who was still working, by asking if she should get her hula-hoop on the dance floor.

During the 50th Wedding Anniversary dinner service, Siobhan was on the appetizer station. She was not seen much, but on the first ticket, she received help from Holli to plate the salads, Ramsay was angry about her slow pace as they were for the hosts, and she finally succeeded to serve them. When Benjamin overcooked some crab cakes, she was dismayed because she knew they were one of the easiest things to do. She served all of her appetizers after an hour, and when the service was completed, she was very proud because no food came back, which she called a successful night for the red team.

After both teams went in the dining room to give a standing ovation to Sal and Marcy, the red team lost the service, and they were asked to nominate two people. During deliberation, Siobhan considered Holli and Fran, while being considered by Nilka, and later, when she went in the dorms to talk with her teammates, she was targeted by Benjamin for being nervous and unsure of herself because he thought she did not have the technique nor passion. However, she was furious because Benjamin has been her teammate since the previous day only, told that he could fuck off, called it fucking bullshit, and reminded him that she did not have a bad service, which he agreed.

Siobhan was the red team's second nominee for elimination, with Fran being the first, and when Ramsay asked why, Benjamin told that it was because she was lacking technical experience and passion. During her plea, she told that she was young, ambitious, having a lot of passion and heart, and that she would not be there at that moment if she had not. Ramsay asked her if she was in over her head, which she answered she was not, and added that she was happy to take risks because if she did not, she would not know what would have happen. Then, she was accused of being in over her head by Fran, but she survived elimination, and while being dismissed, she was furious to be nominated and was determined to show her teammates what she was made of during the next challenge.

Episode 8Edit

While going back to the dorms, Siobhan was told by Benjamin that she needed to stop talking and just work, but she was annoyed by that comment, and frustratingly reminded that she would not be there if she did not have passion, while adding that Benjamin could go fuck himself. On the patio, she added that she was ready to put her balls on the line, was determined to show Benjamin that she could cook, told to wait until the following challenge so she would cook his ass under the table, and left the conversation.

The next morning, the chefs went on a field trip to the Philippe's restaurant, in Los Angeles, where they tasted the classic French dipped sandwich with Ramsay. Siobhan was surprised to know that sandwich originated from that place, and after the tasting, Ramsay introduced the Gourmet Sandwich Challenge. While going back to Hell's Kitchen, she wanted her sandwich to represent her personality as she could enjoy a lot of different tastes, and during the challenge, Benjamin reminded her to cut the blood line off, which she responded that her tuna did not have much blood line anyway. Also, she acknowledged that the latter was targeting her, but did not care as she just wanted to prove Ramsay that she could cook. When she tasted her sandwich, she was confident in it, but when Ramsay asked the red team to drop one of their members, she was quickly chosen by her teammates, much to her frustration as she was being banged down one more time. After a tie at 3, her sandwich was used as the tiebreaker, which she really appreciated, she presented her Ahi tuna sandwich with challah bread, cheese, grilled pineapple, oranges and prosciutto, and it was deemed better than Fran's by Ramsay.

The red team lost the challenge because Siobhan should have competed instead of Fran, and they were punished by making peanut butter and jelly from scratch, by grinding 50,000 peanuts by hand, for an amuse-bouche that would be served during the next service. She was furious because all of her teammates thought she could not cook, and was happy that it was their fault because they lost. On the patio, she was furious about being the underestimated, reminded that her sandwich was better than Fran's, and told that her teammates could go fuck themselves. She went to the dorms, but there, Benjamin condescendingly told her to work as a team, that her sandwich was not good, and that he would not serve it in his restaurant. She responded that it was his personal opinion, but Benjamin corrected her by saying it was his professional opinion, and told that he needed to step off his podium and stop being a bossy bastard. When he told that her ingredients were not going well together, she reminded that it went well on her sandwich, told that her teammates could go fuck themselves if they all thought they were better than her, and she went downstairs.

During the punishment, Siobhan was still pissed that she had to sit out, and that Benjamin was going after her sandwich despite Ramsay liking it. Later that night, she joined Holli and Ed in the hot tub thinking they were making out, and when Ed started to dance, she told that he just turned into a wild animal. After, he showed her and Holli his penis, and she was shocked that he actually ripped his bathing suit when he was challenged to.

The next day, during prep, Siobhan was amused because the blue team kept fucking up their prep. During dinner service, she was on the fish station. On the first order of appetizers, she congratulated Fran, who sent an acceptable risotto, for her good timing, but later, she was dismayed when Fran sent an undercooked risotto. After that, she was working on her order of scallops, but told that she had to refire one order, and then, Ramsay discovered an entire order of boiled scallops. She talked back saying that she thought they looked fine, but even Holli knew they were black. After putting the scallops on a plate, she continued to think that they were fine, infuriating Ramsay, who told her exactly what was wrong with them, called her a donkey, and kicked her out of the kitchen into the dining room to eat her mistakes. When she came back in the kitchen, she acknowledged that she fucked up the scallops, and on the next order, she wanted to get her station back, before being rudely pushed away by Benjamin, who ordered her to stay on desserts, which she reluctantly accepted. Then, she wanted to help, but he pushed her away one more time while taking the scallops she had in her hand, and after a few seconds, he aggressively told her to fuck off his station. She was furious as Benjamin did not have any heart or respect for anybody, and later, after a lot of mistakes, the red team was kicked out of the kitchen.

When both teams were lined up, Siobhan took full responsibility for her mistakes, saying she was trying to do too many things at once. Both teams were named joint-losers, and were asked to nominate two people each. During deliberation, she was considered by Benjamin, but she was annoyed because he was classically French-trained, while saying fuck the French, and moments later, she was also considered by Nilka and Fran.

Siobhan was the red team's first nominee for elimination, with Fran being the second, and they joined Autumn and Ed from the blue team. During her plea, she was reminded by Ramsay that she allowed somebody on her team to take control of her station, and she responded that she thought it was for the good of the team, but acknowledged that there was no excuse for doing that. However, Ramsay interrupted her by saying he could not take it anymore, and she was eliminated for lacking the experience to compete any further. During her exit interview, she was proud to have made it that far, declared that she was leaving with more confidence, and that the experience she took from the competition was priceless.

Ramsay's comment: "Siobhan got pushed around a lot in Hell's Kitchen. So it was up to me to finally push her out."

Episode 15Edit

Siobhan came back for the final dinner service because Ed did not. She was the first person who entered the kitchen, and when she did, she asked Ramsay if he missed her, which he answered he did. She was Holli's last pick, following Autumn and Nilka, and the last pick overall, which she was not surprised about, but was glad that she was not on the same team as Benjamin, who she called "damn fucking disrespectful low-life fucking prick Ben". The next day, during prep, she proved to be much slower than everybody else, annoying Holli, and when she was using two knives to prep, Sous Chef Andi told her that she would drive her insane.

During dinner service, Siobhan was on the appetizer station. On the first ticket, she was pushed by Holli to get the amuse-bouche out quickly, and she told that she took control of the appetizers, but wanted to keep her calm despite having a lot of stuff going on. When she brought her amuse-bouche to Holli, the latter was not satisfied because she filled them up too much, so she was asked for another batch of amuse-bouche immediately, and her second batch of amuse-bouche was accepted. Later, she sent her lobster to the pass, but the vegetables were missing, so she received help from Autumn. She apologized for her mistake, and Ramsay was dismayed because they were still on the first table. After that, she was asked to help Autumn on garnish, but the latter refused it. Eventually, she helped Holli to complete the service, and when her four-year-old son went to the hot plate to visit her, she found him cute.

When both teams were lined up, Siobhan was thanked and hugged by Holli for the great service, and she was dismissed, along with the other returning chefs. Eventually, Holli won the finals over Jay.

Nomination historyEdit

Week 1 Safe
Week 2 Safe
Week 3 Safe
Week 4 Win
Week 5 Safe
Week 6 Nominated
Week 7 Nominated
Week 8 Nominated

Trivia Edit

  • After her appearance on the show, she went to work at West Side Gravy, owned by Chef Alex Capasso, before working in a variety of restaurants, and launching her own catering business. After, she decided to switch industries and become a fashion designer in Los Angeles, but she did not succeed, lost everything she had, and now, she is apparently homeless.

Quotes Edit

  • "People think of me, when they first see my dreads as some dirty, hippie girl."
  • "Yes, I know I'm a smoke show and look like a hippie."
  • "You can go fuck off, Chef Ramsay!"