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New York, NY

Scott is a minor antagonist of season 7. He endlessly brags about his experience before entering Hell's Kitchen. Scott's arrogance ends up being his demise as he is eliminated in Episode 6 for not living up to Ramsay's expectations.

Personality Edit

Scott has a very egotistical and ambitious spirit. This has often led to many of his downfalls in challenges and succeeding on his stations, often followed by an excuse such as "None of you guys work in fine dining restaurants", until Fran made a scathing comeback. Despite his ego, he did seem to want to help his team, however he usually ended up hindering them instead due to his bad preformances.

Challenges Won Edit

  • Episode 2: (team effort) Contributed 2 points
  • Episode 4: (team effort) Contributed Ingredient

Challenges Lost Edit

Quotes Edit

  • You shouldn't be asking such simple fucking questions
  • None of you guys work in fine dining restaurants
  • It'll be a struggle for me to be a cook amongst cooks, because I'm accustomed to being a chef amongst cooks
  • I believe I'm the best cook on the red team
  • I would be embarrassed to finish second place
  • It's difficult to work with people that don't have alot of talent or skills in a fine dining restaurant. It's just impossible.
  • It's not gloating or rubbing it in your face, it's just letting you know the truth.
  • Injure your hand a little bit, and you get treated like a little fucking princess.
  • This team will fucking die if I'm not here.

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