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Scott Commings
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Scott Commings was a contestant on Season 12 of Hell's Kitchen. He was the winner of that season, and was awarded a head chef position at the Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesar's Palace, in Las Vegas, with a salary of $250,000.

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Scott was seen as passionate, determined, a risk taker and he had a great palate and held everyone to very high standards, similar to Ramsay's. He was considered the biggest comeback chef in Hell's Kitchen.

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For the pork challenge, Scott was given pork cheek and made a Pork Cheek Ravioli. While his teammates and Ramsay were concerned by this, it managed to impress Ramsay, and he scored over Kashia. The blue team won 3-2. They were rewarded with a vertical wind tunnel experience and each member received a Vitamix Blender.

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During dinner service, Scott was on the appetizer station. Despite a decent performance, he argued with Ramsay on the final ticket. After Kaisha's failure on fish, he was sent over to help her. However, he had some problems on the station, and later, he talked back to Ramsay.

During deliberation, Scott thought Kaisha was the best choice for the nominee.

Scott was not nominated for elimination, but Ramsay called him down, and he joined Kaisha as he was still angry at him for the confrontation. Even though Ramsay considered eliminating him as he may not listen anymore, he survived elimination.

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During dinner service, Ramsay had everyone up for a turn at the pass. During Rochelle's turn, one of Scott's salads was rejected for poor presentation. When it was his turn, he showed the best leadership out of the group. While his teammates were annoyed with his tendency to nitpick at every tiny detail, Ramsay was impressed by this, and the customers were even more satisfied. He even caught a duck breast and a raw chicken breast instead of two chicken to order.

At elimination, Scott was the first person to go in the finals, and Ramsay praised him for being the biggest comeback chef in Hell's Kitchen history.

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  • He participated in the fourth all-male finals of Hell's Kitchen.
  • He is the twelfth winner, and sixth male winner of Hell's Kitchen. He is also the last male contestant to this date who won Hell's Kitchen.
  • At age 36, he is the oldest winner of Hell's Kitchen.
  • He is the second male contestant to have switched teams and win the competition afterwards, following Michael from Season 1.
  • He holds the record for the most nominations throughout the season for a contestant, with seven. He is tied with Autumn (Season 7), Sabrina (Season 8), Elise (Season 9), and Clemenza (Season 10). He is also the only winner who holds that record.

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  • "It's motivation to win this for a better life for me and my family."