Raj Brandston

Raj was a competitor in the eighth season of Hell's Kitchen. He is widely regarded as the worst and most useless chef on Hell's Kitchen history. Raj's performances were fuckin' horrendous every night. He is so goofy and stupid with a laid-back attitude. hes also gay

Challenges WonEdit

Signature Dish Challenge. Somehow. Whilst eating twinkies.


1st Service

Raj struggle as waiter and when returned to kitchen, he didn't follow Boris instructions to make a pizza and fucked the station.

2nd service

Didn't heared Ramsay's order and stacked up with garnishes that hasn't been ordered by the customers, leading to be expelled out of the kitchen.

3rd service

Disastrous perfomance on the fish; serving a salmon with a sauce which was supposed to be grilled, then a raw. He got berated by Ramsay and his teammates for eating the unacceptable fishes and cooking three dover soles before being ordered. Finally it got worse when he complains with Ramsay about getting out with a dirty jacket and fought also with sous chef Scott


"I'm being targeted, I'm being harassed"

"Trevor, is really not a nice person, and he's also being very mean."

"Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you,"

"You guys are a bunch....of...SNAKES!"

"How can chef Ramsay blame me for eating all this delicious food? It's fantastic."

"Oh, so now you're gonna make fun of my weight?"

"All right Go Go"


"shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

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