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Paul Niedermann was a contestant on Season 9 of Hell's Kitchen. He was the winner of that season and was awarded a head chef position at BLT Steak in New York City, with a salary of $250,000.

Personality Edit

Paul was a great chef, but could be considered cocky and annoying at some points. He won the competition because of his passion, honesty, and the fact that he always admitted his mistakes. He had a short-lived running feud with Brendan.

Season 9 Edit

Episode 1Edit

When the chefs arrived in Los Angeles, they were greeted by James on the bus ride, and then, it pulled over to the Orpheum Theatre, where they would be given a standing ovation by a live audience. However, when the curtain was pulled up, they discovered that the room was completely empty, much to their disappointment, before Ramsay revealed himself applauding very slowly. After the latter revealed the grand prize of the season, the chefs were asked to get back to Hell's Kitchen and cook their signature dishes.

During the Signature Dish Challenge, Paul was the fourth person from the blue team to have his dish judged by Ramsay, and went up against Krupa. He served his eggplant involtini with mascarpone and ricotta, which was deemed nice, and he won the round over Krupa, which he called a slam dunk.

The blue team won the challenge 6-5, and they were rewarded with a dinner at the LA Market, in downtown Los Angeles, along with Season 8 winner Nona. Arrived there, they were greeted by Nona, and during the dinner, she gave them advice on how to compete. After she left, the men toasted to their victory. The next day, both teams went to the kitchens to begin prepping for the opening night, and they were given their ankle knives set. When both teams were lined up, Paul was disappointed that Jason was gone, but was still convinced that the blue team would beat the red team despite having one less member.

During dinner service, Paul was on the meat station with Jonathon. At one point, he was dismayed when Steven sent rubbery scallops to the pass, stating that everything he was touching was destroyed, before reminding the saying that nobody could teach an old dog new tricks. Later, he was seen rallying his teammates so they could send the first table of entrées, asking a time to Monterray, and because of the latter's mistake, he had to take his Wellingtons back, much to his frustration. He was dismayed because his perfect Wellingtons were being held by potatoes, yelled at Brendan in frustration, but the latter did not appreciate. Eventually, some customers walked out, and the service was shut down.

When both teams were lined up, Paul was asked how he felt after being fucked every second along with Jonathon, and he answered that he was irate as he sent the same table four times while waiting for potatoes and carrots. After, Brendan was asked if he was bothered, he answered that he was, but arrogantly told that he would not let him down next time as he finally learned how to cook proteins, and he challenged Brendan to a fight on the table, before reminding him that he just called it as he saw it. The blue team lost the service, and they were asked to nominate two people. While being dismissed, he was furious at Brendan for calling him out, and compared the situation to a third strike in baseball before hitting yourself in the nuts with a bat. During deliberation, he angrily threatened Brendan to slap him across the room if he would call him out like he did, but Brendan told him to shut up as he would say whatever he wanted, and told him to not act like a tough guy. That led to an argument between those two, where he was called a meatball and a dumpling by Brendan.

He was not nominated for elimination.

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Trivia Edit

  • He participated in the third all-male finals of Hell's Kitchen.
  • He is the ninth winner, and fifth male winner of Hell's Kitchen.
  • He is one of the most controversial winners in the show's history, due to Will, his competition, being stronger in many aspects.

Quotes Edit

  • "Slam dunk."
  • "Know how they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks?"
  • "All the past contestants... and Tommy's ass."
  • "I guess she doesn't like me anymore..."