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Nona Sivley was a contestant on Season 8 of Hell's Kitchen. She was the winner of that season, and was rewarded a head chef position at L.A. Market Restaurant, in the J.W. Marriott Hotel, in Los Angeles, with a salary of $250,000. She also became the spokesperson for Rosemount Estate Wines.

Personality Edit

Nona started off quietly, being a decent performer with a few slip ups. But, as the season went on, she gradually improved and became a strong link in the red team. She had one of the best palates of the chefs, which helped her win the competition.

Season 8 Edit

Episode 1Edit

After James introduced himself, all the chefs put blindfolds on, and were taken to the prize restaurant, the LA Market, in Los Angeles. Then, they returned to Hell's Kitchen, and were asked to cook their signature dishes.

During the Signature Dish Challenge, Nona asked if Emily was for real for wearing a revealing shirt in front of Ramsay. She was the second person on the red team to have her dish judged by Ramsay and went up against Vinny. She made a fried chicken with asparagus, but Ramsay found the asparagus undercooked and the chicken too sweet as she used honey. She lost the round to Vinny. When she was forced to taste Antonia's gumbo, she came close to throwing up and could not describe the taste of it in proper words. Her team lost the challenge after Ramsay broke the 3 point tie in favor of the blue team, and was forced to clean both kitchens.

During dinner service, Nona was on the appetizer station with Jillian. She managed to get her first order accepted by Ramsay. Later on, she asked if Sabrina was crazy after the latter sent up her Wellingtons, despite the halibut and garnish not even close to being done. Both teams lost dinner service and was tasked to nominate two people each.

She was not nominated for elimination. During elimination, Sabrina told Ramsay that she believed Nona should go home for her poor signature dish and the fact that she snores, but Ramsay ignored Sabrina.

Episode 2Edit

Back in the dorms, Nona stated that she did care if Sabrina threw her under the bus as Sabrina showed her immaturity that night and called her an infant.

During the Sushi Challenge, Nona was paired with Jillian. Together, they managed to have 8 of their 9 pieces accepted by Ramsay. Despite that, the red team lost the challenge 15-16 and was forced to prep sushi for next night's service and eat a squid dinner. During punishment, she got into an argument with Sabrina after she accused her of not helping out much. When the two were forced to take in deliveries of rice, she was slow-moving and out of breath, much to Sabrina's annoyance.

During dinner service, Nona was on the fish station. She managed to get her first order of scallops accepted, which got the red team off to a strong start. When moving onto entrées, her fish came out perfectly, but Ramsay was forced to trash it due to Emily's poor performance on the meat station. Later, she got angry when Emily revealed that she did not know how to cook meat. Despite that, the red team won dinner service.

Episode 3Edit

During the Paramedic Service Challenge, Nona was determined to have the red team finally win a challenge. She was seen asking Emily for the bacon, but was ignored. Her team won the challenge and went on a trip to Santa Monica where they had lunch at the Viceroy Hotel with Ramsay along with trapeze lessons. During lunch, she accidentally got champagne spilled on her and Ramsay dried her off.

During prep, she noticed that Sabrina was not present at all. During dinner service, she was on the garnish station. She allowed Emily to help her out on garnishes, but got frustrated when Emily did not have the gratin ready in time and called her worthless. That forced her to double her efforts, and managed to send out gratins to Ramsay’s approval. She got later annoyed when Gail did not notice one of her pans catching on fire. Her team lost service as they only managed to get a 50% approval rating compared to the blue team's 54% approval rating.

She was not nominated for elimination.

Episode 4Edit

Before the next challenge, Ramsay asked the chefs if they could refrain from smoking for the next 48 hours.

During the Ravioli Challenge, Nona was the third person from the red team to compete and when up against Russell. She made a bruschetta and quail egg ravioli, and while it was praised for its well cook, she lost the round to Russell. Her team lost the challenge 3-4 and were forced to prep both kitchens for the following night’s service, and make pasta and mozzarella cheese from scratch. During punishment, she was the only women not to have trouble milking her cow and even said that she should work on a farm.

Before service began, Nona told Ramsay that she has not smoked since yesterday. During the Italian Night dinner service, she was on the dessert station. She was not seen much that night as she did not commit any major mistakes that night. When the red team finished their tickets, Ramsay had them go over to the blue kitchen and help the men complete their tickets. However, both teams got ticket orders mixed up, and Ramsay ejected both teams from service. Both teams were named joint-losers, and Ramsay asked them to nominate two people for elimination.

Back in the dorms, Nona was not happy that Melissa and Gail were agreed as the red team's nominees and told the two that she thought Sabrina should be up for elimination. When she told the rest of the red team that, Jillian and Sabrina were not happy about it.

Nona was not nominated for elimination. When Ramsay asked her for the red team's nominations, she said that Melissa was the first nominee but struggled on a proper explanation. Then, she said that Gail was the second nominee, but quickly retracted it Sabrina as the real one.

Episode 5Edit

Back in the dorms, Nona, along with EmilyMelissa, and Gail expressed surprise that Sabrina was still around despite her poor attitude and not being worthwhile to the red team.

When Ramsay announced that their next service was a Beverly Hill's Prom, Nona jokingly asked if Brenda and Dylan from 90210 were coming. During the Prom Planning Challenge, she presented the red team's first entrée which was a pan-seared ribeye with tuna ceviche. It received mixed reviews as, while the committee loved the flavors, they felt that the combination of the steak and tuna did not work. Despite that, she won that round and the red team won the challenge 3-0. They went to Knott's Berry Farm for the day.

During prep, Nona got annoyed with Sabrina's slow pace and called her the most annoying person to work with. During the Prom Night dinner service, she helped Ramsay plate the red teams dishes. When Melissa overcooked nearly two dozen filet mignons before entrées, she was shocked and horrified. She also said that Emily was sinking the red team due to her raw halibut. When Ramsay was lecturing Melissa on a mistake, she accidentally interrupted him and got lectured for that. Her team lost service and Sabrina was named the "Best of the Worst". While she visibly disagreed with that decision, she was forced to step down when Ramsay reminded her that Sabrina did not have any dishes returned. Back in the dorms, she continued to disagreed with Sabrina being the “Best of the Worst” that night and called it an insult that she had the power to send someone home.

Nona was not nominated for elimination. After Sabrina announced that Melissa and Emily were her nominees, Ramsay asked Nona if she had anything else to say, but she did not. Later, Ramsay called up her name and asked her who she thought should go home. She said that Emily should go home for being way over her head and being a constant poor performer in services. Ramsay agreed with her and eliminated Emily for that reason. Then, she expressed relief as she thought she was going home that night.

Episode 6Edit

Before the next challenge, the red team said goodbye to Melissa as she was moved to the blue team and said hello to Trev as he was their newest member.

During the Salad Challenge, Nona was the second person from her team to compete and went up against Rob. Her quail salad had a poor presentation as it was compared to road kill, and she lost that round to Rob. Her team lost the challenge after Ramsay broke the 2 point tie in favor of the blue team and was forced to prep both kitchens for that night's service and eat a flower salad. During punishment, she did not mind Trev riding Sabrina's ass as she felt there was someone else who saw what the rest of the red team was trying to tell Ramsay for weeks.

During dinner service, Nona was on the fish station. She struggled with the scallops as they had no color on them but managed to send them over to Jillian. However, Ramsay found out that they were raw and despite trying again, they still came out raw. Both teams were named joint-losers, and Ramsay asked them to nominate one person for elimination.

Nona was not named the red team's nominee despite Trev, Jillian, and Sabrina thinking that she should have been. However, Ramsay nominated her along with Melissa and they joined Sabrina and Boris. She survived elimination.

Episode 7Edit

Back in the dorms, Nona told Gail that she did not believe Sabrina's promise of bettering her attitude and wanted her gone.

During the Hell’s Kitchen Roulette Challenge, Nona landed on an S and chose salmon. During the challenge, she had some struggles on the cauliflower purée and put some more whole butter to taste creamier. While it resulted in purée looking broken, it was the key factor in the red team winning the challenge. They went to The Rio in Las Vegas for an overnight visit and met Penn and Teller.

During the Family Night dinner service, Nona was on the garnish station. When she said that she needed an extra minute on her garnishes, an annoyed Ramsay and Trev pushed her to speed up. While she got annoyed with Trev crowding her station and counting down to 15, she managed to send up perfectly cooked garnishes. Despite the fact that both teams were named joint-winners with a 90% approval rating, Ramsay said that he still wanted two nominees for elimination.

Nona was the red team's second nominee with Sabrina being the first. She was called down by Ramsay and joined Rob from the blue team. She survived elimination as Ramsay decided not to send anyone home that night, but before she left to the dorms, Ramsay reminded her to bounce back.

Episode 8Edit

Back in the dorms, Nona agreed with Jillian that there was no way Sabrina could win Hell's Kitchen and suggested that they let her sink.

During the Budget Challenge, Nona competed against Rob on the beef round and made a pan-seared ribeye with parsnip puree, sautéed broccolini and red wine balsamic reduction. While it was praised for its tender ribeye, it was criticized for the broccolini’s poor presentation and got $32, the most expensive item of that challenge. Her team won the challenge $110 to $101 and was rewarded with a sail boat trip, ate a waterfront dinner at the Maya hotel, and received salsa lessons.

When Nona found out that their next dinner service was the 100th dinner service, she got excited and felt that it would be an honor to cook for that night. During dinner service, she was on the appetizer station. While she got off to a strong start with her initial risottos, she decided to use a recycled one for the next table after asking Gail for her opinion. However, Ramsay noticed that and lectured the red team that his customers deserved better than that, though she blamed Gail for that. Despite that, her fresh refire was accepted and the diners from the red kitchen enjoyed their appetizers. After Trev got ejected from service, she was reassigned to the garnish station and despite jumping into a mess, she was able to serve acceptable garnishes. The red team won dinner service. Back in the dorms, she broke up a fight between Sabrina and Trev as they could not afford to fall apart like the blue team.

During elimination, Nona and the red team said goodbye to Boris as he was eliminated that night.

Episode 9Edit

After Boris' elimination, Nona said goodbye to Trev as he was sent back to the blue team.

During the Blind Taste Test, Nona was the last person from the red team to compete and went up against Trev. She gave the best individual performance as she correctly guessed squash, scallops, and endive. Her team won the challenge 6-5 and Ramsay was heavily impressed with her palate as she was the only one to score three out of four in that challenge. They won a $2000 shopping spree to purchase any clothes at a local boutique and ate lunch with Ramsay at Michelin Star Chef Michael Mina’s XIV. During lunch, she took to heart Ramsay's urging to start asking like a leader.

During dinner service, Nona was on the meat station. Ramsay asked her why the chicken was taking too long, and she revealed that she did not drop it when he called it out earlier before struggling to carve her chicken. Then, she was cooking a beef while having another one resting and when Ramsay accused her of forgetting an order of beef, she argued against it and Ramsay pulled her to the front and accused her of not even listening to him. However, she argued that she was listening to him until Ramsay came over to her station and found out that her pan was not even hot enough for searing. Then, a frustrated Ramsay ordered her to get out of his way before angrily ejecting her from service and when she got back to the dorms, she broke into tears as she believed that she had more to prove to Ramsay. Despite that, the red team won dinner service.

After the post-mortem, Ramsay pulled Nona aside and told her that while he was still impressed by her terrific palate earlier that day, he asked her not to argue with him again as she tearfully apologized for that. Back in the dorms, she was comforted by Gail and Jillian.

After elimination, Nona expressed surprise that Trev nominated Russell and believed that the blue team was crumbling apart.

Episode 10Edit

During the Relay Challenge, Nona was in the third round, but was not seen much. Her team lost the challenge 1-2 and was forced to participate in delivery day and clean up both kitchens. During punishment, she complained that delivery day was the one punishment she did not want to do, and stated that the blue team should have lost the challenge instead of the red team.

For the next dinner service, both teams had control of their own menus. During dinner service, Nona was on the appetizer station. Her first attempt on the risottos was rejected for being undercooked and told her to cook the rice in the sauce longer. Fortunately, she managed to bounce back and appetizers from the red kitchen were leaving. Both teams were named joint-losers and Ramsay asked everybody to name one person who they did not want to see in the final six.

Nona nominated Trev for elimination while receiving no votes herself. She was the third person to receive a black jacket.

Episode 11Edit

During the Amuse Bouche Challenge, Nona was the fourth person to present her dish and made shrimp and grits. Not only was the presentation criticized for looking a mess, Suzanne Tracht said that the taste reminded her of body odor. So, she received 34 points for presentation and 33 points for taste, leaving her a score of 67. She lost the challenge to Russell and was forced to clean up the dorms and prep for that night’s service. During punishment, she complained that she hated cleaning and said that she always had her husband do it back home.

During dinner service, Nona served Steak Diane tableside. She was not seen much that night until she was ejected from dinner service due to the constant mistakes from the other chefs.

She was not nominated for elimination.

Episode 12Edit

When Nona found out that their next challenge was the 80 Food Truck Challenge, she got excited. She made a chicken salad and bacon sandwich on a croissant with sweet potato chips, though struggled to understand what her equipment was. While serving her dishes to her customers, she used her southern hospitality. She lost the challenge to Gail as she was 2% behind her, and was forced to clean up the front entrance of Hell’s Kitchen ahead of tomorrow night’s dinner service and wash the food trucks use for that challenge.

During dinner service, Nona was on the appetizer station with Russell. After being forced to start over multiple times due to Jillian's problems on the fish station, she sent up raw pasta, which Ramsay called bullshit and reminded them that they were still on their first table. Despite that, she rebounded and got their first table out. When Ramsay left the kitchen after a frustrating experience, she and Russell took the lead for the chefs and even considered ejecting Trev from service after he was caught flash grilling his beef. She, along with Russell and Trev, were the only chefs left to complete dinner service.

Nona was not nominated for elimination. While announcing who the nominees were, she revealed to Ramsay about Trev's flash grill incident.

Episode 13Edit

During the Taste It Now Make It Challenge, Nona used veal, yams, celery root, cabbage, pancetta, and chicken stock to recreate Ramsay's dish. She won the challenge as she got every component minus the purée correct. She was rewarded with a trip to Beverly Hills at the Hands on Boutique Spa, a new Demeyere pan set, and a Gordon Ramsay cookbook. She picked Russell to come with her to the spa, but revealed that while she wanted to take Jillian with her, she picked Russell as she did not want to be on his bad side.

During dinner service, Nona was on the appetizer station. While she got off to a strong start with her pasta, she later sent up an overly peppered risotto, but recovered. Near the end of the night, she sent up a bland and burnt risotto, but managed to recover. Back in the dorms, she called Russell's threat of slapping the shot out of Trev uncalled for.

Nona was not nominated for elimination. Later that night, she tearfully reunited with her husband and infant son for a bit.

Episode 14Edit

Back in the dorms, Nona was still emotional over seeing her family again.

Before the Fusion Challenge, Ramsay told the final four that after dinner service, two chefs would be eliminated. Nona got Greece and Italy and decided to even out her countries flavors. She was the second person to compete and presented her rustic seafood rago with Greek pasta, roasted tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette, maraschino cherries, and lemon chello. While the mussels and pasta were praised for their execution, the judges felt that it was two dishes instead of one. She lost the challenge to Jillian and was forced to pack up all the unneeded furniture up in the dorms and prep both kitchens for that night’s dinner service. During punishment, she got annoyed at Russell's attempt to carry two mattresses all at once and said that he was acting overly cocky and a prick.

During dinner service, Nona was on the garnish station. She was the second person to be at the pass and knew that it was make or break it for her that night. Despite some initial stage fright, she called out her first ticket strongly and appetizers were leaving the kitchen. Her quality test came next as Sous Chef Scott sent up mashed celery root instead of mashed potatoes. She failed to identify the mistake until Ramsay pointed it out, and she wondered if her palate was jacked up that night. Despite that, she rejected Russell’s chowder for not being seasoned properly and continued to get food out to the dining room.

After Trev's elimination, Ramsay asked the final three on why they deserved to be in the final two and Nona said that that she was an underdog and that it meant a lot to win. She was named the second finalist after Russell who was the first. After Jillian’s exit, Ramsay congratulated them for making it to the final two and said that it would be an amazing finale before dismissing them for the night. She was excited for making it this far and said that she could not be broken.

Episode 15Edit

Back in the dorms, Nona was very happy to make it to the final two and after celebrating with Russell with some champagne. she got to work on creating their own menus and worked until 2:31 am working on it. The next day, she met up with Sous Chef Andi and described her southern menu to her. Later at 4:04 pm, Sous Chef Scott told her and Russell to get changed as Ramsay was waiting for them outside. Later, the two arrived at an airfield where Ramsay was waiting for them and explained that because one of them would being living in Los Angeles after Hell's Kitchen, he wanted to give them a helicopter tour of the city. After seeing some of Los Angeles famous landmarks, they arrived near the J.W. Marriott where Ramsay showed them a crowd of people waiting for them and revealed their final challenge. After landing on the helipad, James gave her and Russell parachutes and Ramsay told them that all they had to do was jump down and the parachutes would automatically open for them. She was willing to do so, but Ramsay revealed that he was joking and they all walked down to the stage.

For the Final Tasting Challenge, Nona made a loaded potato soup with bacon, cheddar, and chives, a beet salad with frichese and grapefruit champagne vinaigrette, a pan-seared chicken breast over orecchiette, a pan-seared salmon with tossed vegetables, and a pan-seared ribeye with cauliflower purée and wild mushrooms. Despite winning the soup and pasta rounds, she ultimately lost to Russell 2-3.

When Nona returned to the dorm, she reunited with her old teammates. While she was happy to see everyone again, she immediately thought about who to pick for him brigade, knowing that while she wanted Jillian and Gail, she did not want Rob and especially Sabrina. Because she lost the challenge, she was forced to be left with the last pick. She picked Gail, Melissa, Trev, and was left with Boris at the end.

The next day, Nona knew that she had to perfect, but her main concern was Boris as she felt he was mentally slow and helped him out on prep. Before service began, she was given a Head Chef's jacket from Ramsay.

Nona's menu featured a baby beet salad, pan seared halibut, and ribeye with red wine. During dinner service, she rejected Trev's beet salad for being overdressed and wanted to get her team motivated as they were on their first ticket. Fortunately, Trev got his redo accepted and she pushed her first few appetizers. Then, when Boris was struggling on the halibut, she reminded him that it had to be in the oven for five minutes. When Boris and Trev were arguing, she defused it by telling the two to shut the fuck up. Later, her next ticket was was for her family and asked Melissa to make sure it was perfect. Despite Melissa's struggles, she got it sent out to her husband and was impressed that her entire kitchen was able to gel quickly.

After service, Nona went back to the dorms was teetering between nausea and hysteria while waiting for the results and hoped that she did well enough. Later that night, Ramsay called her and Russell down to his office and stood in front of a door, knowing it would open only if she was the winner. After waiting nervously for Ramsay's countdown to end, she turned the handle and her door opened, making her the winner of Hell’s Kitchen. She won the Head Chef's position at LA Market with a salary of $250,000 and became the spokesperson for Rosemount Estate Wines. She was extremely happy to have won and knew that all her fight back paid off despite missing both her son’s first birthday and his first steps.

Ramsay's comment: "When Hell's Kitchen first started, I used to say, "No, no, no" to Nona. After every service, she improved dramatically, and I was soon saying "Yes, yes, yes". She has a phenomenal palate and a real passion for cooking. Soon, all of America will be saying "yes" with me when they see her excel as the head chef of LA Market."

Nomination historyEdit

Week 1 Safe
Week 2 Win
Week 3 Safe
Week 4 Safe
Week 5 Safe
Week 6 Nominated
Week 7 Nominated
Week 8 Win
Week 9 Win
Week 10 Safe
Week 11 Safe
Week 12 Safe
Week 13 Safe
Week 14 Safe
Week 15 Winner

Season 9 Edit

Episode 1Edit

Season 11 Edit

Episode 17/18Edit

When Nona came back to compete against that season's final five, she lost weight and had a very diva attitude.

Trivia Edit

  • She participated in the fifth different-gender finals of Hell's Kitchen.
  • She is the eighth winner, and fourth female winner of Hell's Kitchen.
  • After her appearance on the show, she took up the Head Chef position at LA Market, with her winning menu added to the restaurant menu. She left after three years to help her mentor Kerry Simon open his first restaurant Pork & Beans. After the restaurant opened, she started her own catering business called Fizzy Peach.


  • (Impersonating Emily) "Hi! These are my boobs! Let's cook! Are you for real?"
  • (After tasting Antonia's gumbo) "Oh, my God. I don't even know how to explain that!"