Nilka Hendricks
Glen Cove, NY
Line Cook
Kitchen Experience
Culinary Education
Culinary Inspiration
West Hempstead, NY

Personality Edit

Nilka is usually quiet and calm, but when angered she breaks down and yells. Nilka had a lot of passion for cooking and confidence in her ability to win the show.

Challenges Won Edit

Challenges Lost Edit

Fired during serviceEdit

After Nilka committed numerous mistakes on the fish station, Chef Ramsay ordered Nilka out of the kitchen, and told her to take off her jacket and leave Hell's Kitchen. Nilka then went back into the kitchen and pleaded to be given a second chance, and despite Chef Ramsay again telling her to leave Hell's Kitchen, Nilka refused to do so and even tried to get back on the fish station. This eventually led to Benjamin, who had taken over her station, being forced to usher Nilka out of the kitchen. Before the actual elimination, Chef Ramsay waited at the back exit to talk to Nilka with calmer heads prevailing. Chef Ramsay urged Nilka not to give up her dream and to leave with her head held high, before saying goodbye to her, taking her jacket, and sending her home via taxi which made her the tenth chef to leave Hell's Kitchen. Like J from Season 5, Nilka did receive her full elimination sequence after being thrown out of mid-service at the end of the episode as she was the only one eliminated this episode.


"NO CHEF!!!!!! DONT SAY THAT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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