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Mary Ellen Daniels
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Mary Ellen Daniels was a contestant on Season 1 of Hell's Kitchen. She was on the blue team. She ranked in 8th place.

Personality Edit

Mary Ellen arrived in Hell's Kitchen as the sweet and innocent girl with a dream. But, she is very inconsistent in the kitchen, giving mixed performances.

Signature dish Edit

Mary Ellen served an endive salad as her signature dish. It was deemed boring.

Episode 1 Edit

During dinner service, Mary Ellen was on the meat station. She was very unnoticed during that service, which was incomplete because Chef Ramsay shut down both kitchens after many tables left. Her team won the service, but Chef Ramsay added they didn't win, they're just safe.

Episode 2 Edit

During the squid challenge, despite giving one of the best individual performances of her team with 2 perfect squids, Mary Ellen's team lost the challenge. Because of this lost, they were punished by cleaning all the squids for the next dinner service.

During dinner service, as the second part of their punishment, her team cooked without air conditioning. On the appetizer station, Mary Ellen managed to get Caesar salads quickly, which lead to a good start for her team. Later, when she got on the meat station, her and Andrew had an argument after she brought undercooked wellingtons to the pass. But, she quickly redeemed herself after she managed to get half of the entrées out of the blue kitchen despite Andrew trying to give all the credits to himself for her success on the meat station. After Jean-Philippe was physically assaulted, Chef Ramsay shut down both kitchens. Her team won the service.

Episode 3 Edit

During the 5 course meal challenge, Mary Ellen made a trio of crème brulée for dessert. It was deemed delicious by Chef Ramsay, and scored for her team. However, her team lost the challenge, and were punished by cleaning the dorms.

During dinner service, Mary Ellen was on the fish station. She was unnoticed during this service, as she didn't made the most mistakes. Her team lost the service, and Ralph was named « Best of the Worst ».

She was not nominated for elimination.

Episode 4 Edit

Mary Ellen and the blue team won the perfect table challenge. They were rewarded with a day of relaxation and spa treatment.

During dinner service, Mary Ellen got her team to a great start with her appetizers. However, she later got risottos returned because of blandness, and struggled to keep up with the orders and got an entire table sent back to her. Her team lost the service as the red team succeeded to serve all their tables before the blue team. Jessica was named « Best of the Worst ».

Mary Ellen was Jessica's second nominee for elimination, with Andrew being the first. She was eliminated because of her inconsistency during four services, and the fact she sunk the kitchen for her team. Jessica took her elimination very hard emotionally.

Ramsay's comment: « Mary Ellen has left Hell's Kitchen because of her inconsistency. What the rest of the team should understand, is that it is very crucial to get better and more consistent. That didn't happen with Mary Ellen. »

Challenges won Edit

Episode 4 - Perfect table challenge; Each team had to arrange the perfect six-cover table in 5 minutes with the fewest mistakes possible. Blue team won with only 1 overall mistake, against 4 mistakes for the red team.

Challenges lost Edit

Episode 2 - Squid challenge; Each contestant had to clean as many squids as possible in 10 minutes to Chef Ramsay's standards. Blue team lost 6-5.

Episode 3 - 5 course meal challenge; Each contestant had to prepare one dish out of a 5 course meal to Chef Ramsay. Blue team lost after a tiebreaker.

Facts Edit

- She is one of the most attractive female contestants of season 1.

- She did not come back for the last dinner service of the season as supposed to, so Dewberry took her place.

- Jessica and her developed a great friendship, while Andrew and her developed a great rivalry.

- After her appearance on the show, she married in 2013 and returned to her previous career in hospitality.

Quotes Edit

« I love endives. »

To Andrew: « Continue trash talking about me, I love it. »

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