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Maribel Miller was a contestant on Season 2 of Hell's Kitchen. She ranked in 6th place.

Personality Edit

Maribel was very quiet and shy. She was very unnoticed in the first half of her run because she was never the worst, and never the best. Her downfall was that she was feeling home-sick during the second half of her run.

Season 2 Edit

Episode 1Edit

Maribel served an Argentine plantain soup as her signature dish. Ramsay found it garlicky, too hot, and said it looks like baby vomit. After the challenge, she was placed in the red team because Ramsay declared that for the first time ever, the teams are divided by gender, men in the blue team, women in the red team.

During dinner service, Maribel was on the dessert station. When the first ticket arrived, she helped Polly who was already struggling on appetizers. Apart from that, she was unnoticed during that service, as she did not make the most mistakes. Three hours into service, Ramsay shut down the service after some customers shouted "I want my food!" all over the dining room. The red team lost the dinner service, and Heather was named "Best of the Worst".

Although being considered by Heather, she was not nominated for elimination.

Episode 2Edit

After a brutal wake up call where the Sous Chefs were playing cowbells, the contestants were asked to get outside immediately. All the contestants had to get in the dumpsters to collect the trash from the last service. During the Steak Challenge, Maribel managed to score two points for her team. The red team won the challenge 12-11, and were rewarded with a helicopter ride to have lunch at The Saddle Peak Lodge with Ramsay. When the red team came back, she got in the hot tub along with her team.

The next morning, after a phone call from a hospitalized Larry, she learned, along with the other contestants, that he would not return to the competition.

During dinner service, Maribel was on the appetizer station. 45 minutes into service, Heather helped her to get appetizers out. After Heather left because of an injury, she dropped some spaghetti to the floor, and Ramsay told her to get a restaurant with only one table in it, because with more, she would be fucked. Three hours into service, despite the red team rallying to get the main courses out, Ramsay made her and her team stand in front of the pass to have a look in the dining room. When almost every customer left, Ramsay shut down both kitchens. Her team won the dinner service.

Episode 3Edit

Back in the dorms, Maribel was shocked about Gabe's unexpected elimination, and thought that Tom would have been eliminated over him, referring to him as "fat fuck".

During the Relay Challenge, Maribel was the third on her team to go. During her first 15 seconds relay, Rachel failed to tell her the third dish was the tortellinis, so she never worked on it, and was working only on the chicken and salmon. She tried to find out what was the third dish herself, but never succeeded. During the final relay, she never told Sara what was the third entrée, which were the tortellini. The red team won the challenge 2-1, ans were awarded a day on a yacht with Ramsay.

During prep, Maribel was feeling home-sick as she was missing her daughter and husband. She was crying and Heather tried to confort her.

During dinner service, she was on the meat station. Two hours into service, the red team served many entrées out, with the lamb Wellingtons being the most popular item. That put more pressure on her. When she declared she only had 6 Wellingtons when 8 were on order, she told Ramsay about the situation but told her to stop panicking. Ramsay then told her to get lamb and pastry to make fresh Wellingtons. After that, Jean-Philippe came to the kitchen to tell Ramsay that one of the red tables was about to walk out. When she heard that, she declared she needed seven minutes, but when she sent raw Wellingtons, which were supposed to be rare, Ramsay told her to get them in the oven. Later, the lady from that table came to the kitchen to speak to Ramsay, and she told them her Wellington was coming in 45 seconds, and the countdown began. Unfortunately, the Wellingtons she brought were undercooked, and because of that, the table walked out. Because of that incident, Ramsay shut down both kitchens.

When the teams were lined up, he reminded her she was the reason why her team did not complete their tickets. Despite this, her team won the dinner service for being able to serve more entrées out than the blue team.

Episode 4Edit

The next morning, Maribel and the red team said goodbye to Heather, who was just transferred to the blue team. After a trip to Los Angeles where the contestants went to Pink's Hot Dogs, they got back at the restaurant to prep the kitchen for the first lunch service of Hell's Kitchen.

During the Lunch Service Challenge, at one point, Maribel came to help Sara, who was struggling on the pizza station, along with Rachel. It was not appreciated by Sara as she felt she does not need help. Despite this, the team finished all their tickets in time, and celebrated along with the children in the dining room. However, the red team lost the challenge as their food was rated 9,84 out of 10, compared to the blue team's 9,85. They were punished by cleaning the messy dining room after the children left.

During prep, the red kitchen was too silent because of the animosity between Rachel and Sara.

During dinner service, Maribel was on the garnish station. The team was about to complete their first entrées, but her mashed potatoes were overcooked and looked like glue. Ramsay asked her to make some fresh ones, and told her if it was the last thing to eat in the country, he would rather starve. While Rachel was gone to get ice at the supermarket, she, along with Virginia and Sara, succeeded to send out many entrées, and she acknowledged that Rachel gone made the kitchen run smoother as Ramsay was not constantly yelling at them. After a lot of frustration in both kitchens and only half of the dining room served, Ramsay pulled the red team aside telling them "Fuck the lot of you!". He declared both teams losers, and told them to nominate one member each for elimination.

She was not nominated for elimination, although being considered by Virginia.

Episode 5Edit

The next morning, Maribel tasted some fine-dining dishes, which included caviar, cheese fondue, pâté, and chicken kebab. After a few minutes, Ramsay revealed all those dishes were fake, and introduced the Blind Taste Test. During the challenge, she scored 2 points for her team by identifying potato and seared tuna. Her team eventually won the challenge 7-6, and were rewarded with a photo shoot for TV Guide. However, the reward was spoiled by Sara's "gas blowing". When she came back from the reward, it did not take her too long to feel home-sick again, as she was missing her daughter and husband very much.

During prep, the red team was very confident, and did not seem to have much animosity going on.

During dinner service, Maribel was on the appetizer station. When a starter came back in the kitchen for having a hair on the plate, she admitted she has black hair, but Ramsay did not care what color it was. After three hours, Ramsay shut down both kitchens because of Rachel's problems on the meat station. When the teams were lined up, Ramsay reminded the hair incident, and said she made a stupid mistake by admitting she has black hair. Her team lost the dinner service, and Virginia was named "Best of the Worst".

Maribel was Virginia's second nominee for elimination, with Rachel being the first. She survived elimination.

Episode 6Edit

Following Rachel's elimination, Maribel talked with Heather, who was already crying and missing her. Heather said she did not think this would happen, but Maribel understood it as she wanted her to be eliminated. She did not care about it, saying Heather could say whatever she wants.

The next morning, Maribel woke up, along with the other contestants, by Sous Chef Scott and Maryann, who were holding megaphones, shouting all over the dorms, and telling them to get outside immediately with their jackets on. They were taken to the Grand Central Public Market in Los Angeles, where Ramsay explained the Three Course Meal Challenge. During the shopping part, Virginia assumed the leadership roles for her team, much to her annoyance and Sara's, as both of them felt she did not has what it takes. During the cooking part, she did not feel her two teammates had confidence in her.

During the judging, Maribel was the last of her team to go, and served a strawberry short cake as a dessert, and received praise from Ramsay for the taste, but he said it could be more inspirational. Her team won the challenge, and were rewarded with a day of sunbathing on the patio, and a night out, in Hollywood, with Ramsay, at three different restaurants. The first restaurant they went was Providence, before going to Nick & Stef's Steakhouse. Arrived there, Virginia annoyed her and Sara for not being able to properly ask a question to the owner of the restaurant. The last restaurant they went to is unknown.

Before dinner service, both teams were asked to come up with their own menus. During the making of the menu, Maribel was completely ignored by Sara and Virginia.

During prep, Maribel was moving slowly because of her lack of contributions on her team's menu. During dinner service, she was on the garnish station. When Virginia was struggling with her sashimi, she reached over and helped her. It worked, but they were way behind as it had been an hour into service. Much later, a lukewarm salmon returned to the pass because of her, and Ramsay said he could not believe the first thing she touched all night went out poorly. Because of the red team continued struggle, Ramsay ordered the blue team, who has just finished their service, to take the red kitchen over to finish service for them, before he left the kitchen. Her team was declared the losers big time, and Ramsay asked each member of the team to nominate one person for elimination.

At elimination, Ramsay changed his mind and nominated all three members of the red team. Maribel was eliminated for her lack of leadership, and the fact she did not accomplished anything during service.

Ramsay's comment: "I'm trying to find someone that deserves a restaurant. Now to run that restaurant properly, you need a leader, and Maribel clearly can't lead a section, let alone a kitchen."

Nomination historyEdit

Week 1 Safe
Week 2 Win
Week 3 Win
Week 4 Safe
Week 5 Nominated
Week 6 Nominated

Trivia Edit

  • She is the last person of that season eliminated before the black jackets were given.
  • She did not come back for the last dinner service of the season as supposed to, so Giacomo took her place.
  • After her appearance on the show, she became a novelty cake decorator at Nibbles Cakes, in Delaware, and is still working there today.

Quotes Edit

  • "I love you too, man... I love you too."