Maria Torrisi
Scranton, PA
Kitchen Supervisor
Kitchen Experience
Culinary Education
Culinary Inspiration
Scranton, PA

Personality Edit

Maria was well...Quite odd. She often acted childish. Which involves laughing for no reason, breaking down and crying, and acting downright weird and strange.

Challenges Won Edit

Episode 3 - The Team Communication Challenge

A close win for the red team. The teams were ordered to serve lunch to members of the University of Southren California Marching Band and Cheerleaders. The red team got to visit the beach and play soccer with Chef Ramsay's family. Then they lounged and relaxed for the rest of the reward.

Challenges Lost Edit

Episode 1 - The Signature Dish Challenge

While Maria, Siobhan, and Autumn all impressed Chef Ramsay with their dishes, Fran's dish was deemed to bland by Ramsay, Nilka's dish was far too hot because she used half a bottle of Tabasco Sauce. Stacey's fish was badly overcooked. Holli's execution of her Indian dish was disasterious, which caused Ramsay to throw the dish out. Jamie's dish had a toothpick in it and was poorly presented. Which caused the red team to lose. The punishment was the red team had to cook the red team breakfast in bed.

Episode 2 - The Egg Challenge

Each team was put in two pairs to cook four egg dishes in four different styles - soft-boiled, poached, scrambled, and sunnyside up in five minutes. Ramsay made Siobhan work alone, but Autumn decided for Siobhan to work with her and Fran...causing most of their egg dishes to be disqualified and leading to the loss. The punishment was for the team to deliver Tuna and prep for it tomorrows service. Autumn angered her teammates by dictating on what to do.

Episode 4 - Dice Challenge

The teams were given a dice to roll which had letters on its twelve sides. After rolling they had 10 seconds to pick an ingredient that started with the letter it landed on. The red team ended up picking beets, shallots, mangoes, ham, turnips, and duck. The red team's dish was acceptalbe but it had raw fat. Which deemed the red team the losers. Thier punishment was too clean the entryway and prep both kitchens for tonights service.

Episode 5 - Pork Dish Challenge

Each chef had to catch a pig in a pen to get an ingredient listed on the pigs collar, totaling 3 pork items and 3 side items. The teams then had to make up three dishes, each with pork as the primary ingredient and one further ingredient. The red team got ham hock, tenderloin, blood sausage, apple, prunes and sweet potato. The red team got off to a bad start, Ramsay spat out the first dish which was blood sausage and prunes and said it was "disgusting". The red team did earn a point in the next round with their fennel-encrusted pork tenderlion as Ramsay enjoyed it. But on the final round, Maria made a critical error and served up sweet potato soup, only usin ham hock as her garnish, which violated the main rule of the challenge. The red team lost and was forced too go to the pen and give the pigs a bath.

Quotes Edit

"I really didn't show the heart, I didn't show all of my abilites, but based on performance alone, Scott had a worst service than me, plain and simple." - Maria's final word's after being eliminated.


Ramsay sarcastically congratulated Maria on "screwing" her team when she lost the challenge in the fifth episode

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