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Kevin Ridlon was a contestant on Season 15 of Hell's Kitchen. He ranked in 14th place.

Personality Edit

Kevin was one of the weakest chefs that season. Despite that, he seemed extremely passionate and hard working, having decent communication skills. However, his poor performances eventually caught up to him, and he got eliminated during service.

Season 15 Edit

Episode 1Edit

During the Signature Dish Challenge, Kevin was the sixth person from the blue team to have his dish judged by Ramsay, and went up against Jackie. He served a chicken Caesar piadina, but Ramsay found the presentation terrible, and was shocked when he revealed that he used packaged pizza dough, as well as packaged Caesar salad dressing. Ramsay even threatened him with on-the-spot elimination, but answered that he could do better, and he only scored 1 out of 5. While going back in line, he motivated himself by declaring the only way was up. Despite his mistake, the blue team won the challenge 24-22, and were rewarded with a view of Las Vegas in the High Roller, as well as being VIP guests at Drai's Nightclub for the night.

The next day, during prep, Kevin was annoyed by Jared's leadership, saying he should let him do his job. During dinner service, he was on the fish station with Alan. The first scallops they sent were cooked beautifully, and both of them gave each other a fist pump. Later, he criticized Mark for being a deer in the headlights after he sent an unacceptable risotto, and told he had to wake up. An hour and a half into service, he sent raw lobster to the pass, which led to be Ramsay's final straw and the entire team getting kicked out of the kitchen.

The blue team lost the dinner service and were asked to nominate two people for elimination. During deliberation, Kevin was considered by Joe, but he stood up for himself, saying that Alan should be nominated as he already seemed to have given up. Then, he became extremely emotional when he talked about his hard work and pride, and was comforted by Eddie, despite Frank being unapologetic.

Kevin was the blue team's second nominee for elimination, with Mark being the first. He survived elimination.

Episode 2Edit

Episode 3Edit

During dinner service, Kevin was on the appetizer station with Jared. At one point, he served a raw vegetarian risotto, and at another point, he almost put already cooked Wellingtons back in the oven, until Eddie and Hassan stopped him. That mistake led Ramsay calling him a space cadet. Finally, the blue team were sent to the red kitchen to finish the red team's service, and were declared the clear winners.

Episode 4Edit

During dinner service, Kevin was on the meat station. On the first ticket, he failed to reply with a time on the chicken, but recovered. Later, the blue team was sent in the red kitchen to help the red team for the second time in a row. The blue team won the dinner service.

At elimination, Kevin and his teammates said goodbye to Hassan, who was transferred to the red team.

Episode 5Edit

During the Family Night dinner service, Kevin was on the fish station. Before service began, he was confident and acknowledged he had to prove himself to his teammates. On the first ticket, he dropped his scallops before his teammates were ready, and Ramsay berated him for that mistake. After, he sent overcooked scallops, much to Frank's dismay, and Ramsay gave him a demonstration. On his second attempt, he sent raw scallops, and a frustrated Ramsay sent the entire team in the pantry room, where he was automatically eliminated. His exit interview was never aired, and he did not receive the coat hanging and burning picture sequence until the following episode, during the recap.

Ramsay's comment: "On a night when the dining room was filled with children, it was Alan who needed a babysitter. He and Kevin should both understand I'm not running a daycare."

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