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Keith Greene was a contestant on Season 2 of Hell's Kitchen. He ranked in 3rd place. On August 15 2012, he passed away by drowning in a lake during a morning swim.

Personality Edit

Keith was one of the best chefs of that season, and was one of the early favorites to win the competition. With his nickname "K-Grease", he had a funny personality, and was always there to crack jokes. However, during his last dinner service, he gave bad attitude to everybody, and after he was eliminated, he confronted Ramsay by questioning his judgement.

Season 2 Edit

Episode 1Edit

During the introduction, Keith said he wants to win the competition to prove that somebody who has the same personality as him can kill it in the kitchen. When Ramsay took a look at his file picture, he was called "slightly demented" by him.

Keith served a "ching-ching" sesame crusted tuna as his signature dish, which was called "Leaning Tower of Pisa" by Ramsay. When Ramsay asked him what "ching-ching" means, he answered it was his slang for "slamin' and money". Ramsay did not believe him when he said the dish was light, and asked him to take his hat off so he could put the feta cheese on top in it. The sauce was deemed hot. After the challenge, he was placed in the blue team because Ramsay declared that for the first time ever, the teams are divided by gender, men in the blue team, women in the red team.

The blue team finished prep hours after the red team. During dinner service, Keith was on the garnish station. Two hours into service, he received unwelcomed visit from Virginia who tried to borrow him some lamb sauce. He categorically refused to and told her to get back with her team. After that, Ramsay shut down the service after some customers shouted "I want my food!" all over the dining room. The blue team won the dinner service for serving a few entrées out, compared to the red team's zero. But, Ramsay reminded them they did not win.

Episode 2Edit

After a brutal wake up call where the Sous Chefs were playing cowbells, the contestants were asked to get outside immediately. All the contestants had to get in the dumpsters to collect the trash from the last service. During the Steak Challenge, Keith was forced to sit out to even the teams at 5 members each, but was allowed to help his teammates. During the challenge, he tried to help Giacomo. His team lost the challenge 11-12, and were punished by cutting all the steaks for the next dinner service. During the punishment, he was angry about Larry's poor performance and considered him a weak link.

The next morning, after a phone call from a hospitalized Larry, he learned, along with the other contestants, that he would not return to the competition.

During dinner service, Keith was a server. When the doors opened, he was already sweating after walking up the stairs, and his customers noticed it. He took 20 minutes to deliver his first ticket, and it was not accepted by Ramsay because no temperatures were written. Also, Ramsay asked Jean-Philippe to get him a towel as he was sweating a lot. Three hours into service, he was trying his best to buy his team some time, but that did not stop tables from walking out. Ramsay eventually shut down both kitchens. His team lost the dinner service, and Garrett was named "Best of the Worst".

He was not nominated for elimination because he had nothing to do with the meltdown in the blue kitchen.

Episode 3Edit

After Gabe's unexpected elimination, Keith was upset as he would rather have eliminated Tom because Gabe understood the game more than him.

During the Relay Challenge, Keith was the third of his team to go. During his first 15 seconds relay, Giacomo clearly told him the batch of fresh tortellinis was done and ready to be cooked, but he misunderstood him and started a second batch of fresh tortellinis. Because of the blue team's poor communication, they lost the challenge 1-2. They were punished by participating in Laundry Day.

During dinner service, Keith was on the appetizer station. On the first ticket, he tasted the food with his spoon and put it on the plate, and also grabbed rice with his bare hand. Customers saw him do it, and Ramsay told him to not do it in front of customers. He was also told to pull his pants up, because the view of his ass was not appealing for the customers. That is where Keith told he was wearing his underwear up high and his pants low, because that was the way he rocked them. A half-hour later, he asked Tom to make a new batch of fresh tomato sauce as he was running out of. But when Sous Chef Scott told him they do not have time to, and Garrett took out a pot from his station, he said Tom to do not mind as his problem was solved. After Tom was telling Ramsay the problem and pointing at Keith, he answered by saying that he got it. Because of that, he was accused of throwing Tom under the bus by him. Moments later, Ramsay made him switch to the meat station because of Giacomo's lie to Ramsay. When Tom burned his hand, he took a look at it, but remained unsympathetic and told him to take it like a man and move on. Tom reminded him about the sauce incident, and was accused of burying him. After hearing that, he whispered to Garrett that he can not take it anymore. After frustration on both sides, Ramsay shut down the kitchen. The blue team lost the dinner service, and each member of the team was asked to nominate one person for elimination.

Keith nominated Tom, and received no votes for elimination.

Episode 4Edit

Back in the dorms, Tom confronted Keith, along with Garrett, for nominating him.

The next morning, Keith and the blue team welcomed Heather as a new teammate. He was relieved, thinking despite he does not need a leader, he was tired of constantly telling Tom what to do. During the trip to Los Angeles where the contestants went to Pink's Hot Dogs, he stated that Tom belonged behind the counter of that hot dog stand, and revealed his nickname "K-Grease" for the first time. After that, they got back at the restaurant to prep the kitchen for the first lunch service of Hell's Kitchen. He was the slowest to run because of his stature, so he decided to jog instead.

His team won the Lunch Service Challenge for getting all their tickets out in time, and getting a 9,85 out of 10 rate from the children, compared to the red team's 9,84. They were rewarded with a day at the amusement park at Santa Monica Beach, where he and Heather became friends and joked that they would be the perfect final two as their initials were the same as Hell's Kitchen. Both of them also complotted, along with Garrett, to get rid of Tom because he was more of a hindrance than a help.

During prep, Keith was feeling confident because of his newly acquired teammate Heather, who helped him lifting his pants up.

During dinner service, Keith was on the fish station. After 45 minutes, Tom did not communicate well with him, and when he sent undercooked Wellingtons, Keith reassured Ramsay by giving 4 minutes to refire. Later, Ramsay put him on the meat station because Tom could not deliver properly, and asked him to show Tom how to properly cook. After a lot of frustration in both kitchens and only half of the dining room served, Ramsay declared both teams losers, and told them to nominate one member each.

He was not nominated for elimination, and was praised by Ramsay for being the one bright star in the blue kitchen that night.

Episode 5Edit

After Tom's elimination, Keith now felt the blue team was strong and that he could smell the prize.

The next morning, Keith tasted some fine-dining dishes, which included caviar, cheese fondue, pâté, and chicken kebab. After a few minutes, Ramsay revealed all those dishes were fake, and introduced the Blind Taste Test. Keith declared he enjoyed the pâté as it was made of hot dogs, and added that hot dogs are "slamin'". During the challenge, he scored 2 points for his team as he correctly identified potato and pear chutney. He also managed to make everybody laugh when Ramsay was struggling to get food in his mouth. His team lost the challenge 6-7, and were punished by cleaning both kitchens that were left as they were after the previous dinner service. When Garrett came back from getting champagne bottles to the reward, Keith became envious as he stated anything was better than doing the dishes.

During prep, Sous Chef Scott was nervous as the blue team was a man down compared to the red team.

During dinner service, Keith was on the fish and garnish stations. When Ramsay called the first ticket, he was the only one who answered back, and Ramsay told the team he was already nervous and they have not even sent anything yet. But, he had a great communication, running around making sure everybody was in control of their station, and helped sending out many appetizers. When Jean-Philippe brought an entrée back in the kitchen, Ramsay told him it was too cold. Keith started to give him attitude and did not show any care. Ramsay schooled him on that, as he was not listening nor looking him in the eyes, and compared his behavior to a 5-year-old. He then told him to lead Heather and Garrett, who Ramsay said were cooking like donkeys. An hour later, when Ramsay came for the last entrées of the blue kitchen, nothing came together and Ramsay schooled him and Garrett about the communication and teamwork problems. After Ramsay shut down both kitchens, he was complimented by him about his great cooking abilities, and told him if he could only lose the attitude, he would shine. When both teams were lined up, Heather did a speech about how she did not perform at her best and all the team should be up for elimination, but do not deserve to go home. Keith thought that speech was a tactic to get rid of any responsibility. His team won the dinner service for serving more entrées than the red team.

Episode 6Edit

Back in the dorms, on the patio, Keith talked with Garrett about how Heather is not as strong as she thinks.

The next morning, Keith woke up, along with the other contestants, by Sous Chef Scott and Maryann, who were holding megaphones, shouting all over the dorms, and telling them to get outside immediately with their jackets on. They were taken to the Grand Central Public Market in Los Angeles, where Ramsay explained the Three Course Meal Challenge. During the shopping part, Heather struggled to find what she wanted to serve, leading him to realize she could be a little flustered. During the cooking part, the blue team was well organized as each of them chose a station, but he did not want to let to much responsibilities to Garrett, as he had the least amount of kitchen knowledge in the team.

During the judging, Keith went second for his team, on the entrées round. He served a pan-roasted rib-eye with smocked chili. Ramsay said the steak was cooked perfectly, and even the vegetables presented as a mess were delicious. The blue team eventually lost the challenge, and were punished by taking part of Delivery Day. He took that defeat very ungraciously as he felt his team should have won.

The next morning, Ramsay told both teams to come up with their own menus. On the blue team, Keith, along with Heather, completely ignored Garrett's inputs.

During dinner service, Keith was on the appetizer station. He got his team off to a strong start with perfect risottos and Ramsay praised his work. He managed to send all his appetizers after an hour. After that, he had to help Garrett, who has just sent a raw duck salad. But before he could do it, the truck horn was heard, and he, along with his teammates, was forced to do one more task of the punishment. All three of them raced outside and took in orders of wine. Hours later, he managed to help his team complete their side of the dining room for the first time, prompting Ramsay to order him and his teammates to take the red kitchen over, and finish service for them.

His team won the dinner service, and Ramsay told Keith it was his best performance so far.

Episode 7Edit

Back in the dorms, Keith and his two teammates were talking about what was in store for them the next day. When Heather left the patio table, him and Garrett promised that they would pick each other if one of them was to win an individual challenge. The next morning, he and Heather were hugging each other on the couch, when Heather declared she formed a great bond with him, as his prediction was both of them in the finals.

Before the next challenge, Ramsay announced the remaining five contestants would become one team, which was the black team. Keith was the third one to receive his black jacket. After that, he went back to the dorms to change, along with his teammates. When they came down in the blue kitchen, Ramsay introduced the 10 Ingredient Challenge. For this challenge, he served a veal chop stuffed with wild mushrooms and spinach, with prawn salad on the side. Ramsay praised the color of the veal chop as he said it was making people wanting to eat it. Because of that, Ramsay declared him the winner of the challenge, and was rewarded with a trip to Las Vegas to visit the Red Rock Resort & Spa, where one of the remaining contestants would win their own restaurant. Despite promising Garrett he would pick him, he chose Virginia because of her second place, breaking his promise.

Before Keith left for the airport with Virginia, Garrett confronted him in the dorms, where he called him a liar. He did told Garrett that he was feeling like shit, and apologized to him. Arrived in Las Vegas, he drove in a pink limousine, along with Virginia, and they were welcomed by Ramsay at the Red Rock Resort. They began a tour of the resort, and were greeted by Albie Colotto, the architect of the restaurant project in the resort. Both of them visualized their dream restaurant, and after that, they were left to enjoy a tour of Las Vegas. The next morning, he and Virginia arrived from their reward, but while Virginia told more about the trip, he did not want to rub it in Garrett's face too much as he still felt bad about his decision.

During prep, Jean-Philippe met Keith to tell him Ramsay would like his veal chop to be on the menu during that service. While Sous Chef Scott referred to his "ching-ching" signature dish, he said it could only been called "veal chop". During dinner service, he was on the fish station. His "pan-roasted veal chop" was a big success in the dining room as many customers ordered it. After an hour, he and Garrett sent many entrées out to the dining room. After Garrett sent raw chicken to the pass, he switched stations with him. With Keith now on meat and cooking his own veal chop special, the kitchen went back on a roll when he sent perfectly cooked Wellingtons to the pass. At the end, the team rallied to complete service for the first time, and a proud Ramsay exclaimed "Alleluia!".

When the final five were lined up, Ramsay reminded the lack of teamwork, despite the completed service. However, he told Keith his performance was the best, named him "Best of the Worst", and asked him to nominate two of his teammates for elimination.

Keith nominated Virginia as his first nominee, and Garrett as his second. When Ramsay said he thought Garrett was his friend, he told that it does not matter who his friends were, and that he would nominate the worst performers despite his friendships.

Episode 8Edit

Back in the dorms, Keith joked with Heather about the fact he was the last man standing, declaring that "K-Grease" had to get rid of the dudes as he was a pimp. Heather said to him that he had to pick her if he was to win the next challenge, or she would punch him in the throat.

The next morning, when Ramsay asked the final four who they think was the strongest chef, Keith, along with Sara and Heather, answered himself. Ramsay declared they were all strong chefs, and named the reward of the next challenge before explaining it, which was a guaranteed spot in the final three. After that, he put blindfolds on, along with his teammates, and they were taken to a secret location where they would run their own individual restaurants.

During the 100 Portions Construction Workers Challenge, Keith served a poached lobster and greens. He eventually lost the challenge to Virginia, and had to prep crab for the next dinner service. During the punishment, when Heather told him that she felt Virginia rubbed them the victory, he agreed saying that she won only because she is the hottest and was flirting with them, saying things like "I'll take you home". Both of them plotted against her, where they agreed to leave her on the side if she would need help during service. Sara later joined that conspiracy. When Virginia came back from her reward, he received a very cheap present from her, and gave her cold shoulder because he did not want to be friend with her any longer.

During prep, Keith was feeling confident, and when all the chefs were lined up, Ramsay told them that three master chefs would be eating in the dining room. That gave them extra pressure as Ramsay reminded them that was not the time to mess up.

During dinner service, Keith was on the appetizer station. He and Sara took the kitchen off to a great start by sending many appetizers out, serving them in a record time of 30 minutes. When the master chefs arrived, he chose to serve them lobster spaghetti. When a minor fire erupted on his station, he reassured Ramsay telling him he was in control, and the fire disappeared. When he realized his pasta was undercooked, he took a chance and put it back in the boiling pot. When the master chefs finished their appetizers, he realized that gamble did not pay off as the pasta was still too watery, and Ramsay told him to not give up on him, as Ramsay did not give up on him. Then, another minor fire erupted on his station, but disappeared as quickly as the first one. At one point, he categorically refused to help Virginia who asked him to get her cream at the back as fast as he could. This was one of his most hilarious moment. Two and a half hours into service, the last ticket came out and for the second time in a row, the team completed all their tickets. Heather was named "Best of the Worst".

Keith was not nominated for elimination, and was shocked when Virginia announced that she wanted to stay despite her telling she wanted to leave, eliminating Sara in the process.

Episode 9Edit

Back in the dorms, Keith was feeling secure against Virginia as he felt he could easily beat her in the kitchen. When she asked him and Heather if she was better than Sara, both of them yawned in her face, as it was not important.

During the Taste It, Now Make It Challenge, Keith used Chilean sea bass, mashed potatoes for the purée, couscous, which he tried to hide from Virginia, for the sauce, and cilantro for the sides. He lost the challenge to Virginia, which he accused of cheating later, and was punished by polishing all the glasses and silverware of the restaurant, under Jean-Philippe's supervision. During the punishment, he and Heather tried to listen to what Ramsay was saying to Virginia in the kitchen. Back in the dorms that night, he gave cold shoulder to Virginia stating that he does not want to be friend with her any longer. When Heather went to sleep, he joined her in her bed, and both of them were laughing and having fun.

During prep the next morning, Keith and Heather were annoying Virginia with their behavior, as both of them thought they already won.

During dinner service, Keith was on the appetizer station. He was the first one to run the hot plate. On his first ticket, Sous Chef Scott sent an overcooked lobster spaghetti, but he managed to spot the mistake. However, Ramsay told him to show some energy in running the brigade and be more assertive to what was going on. When he called his second ticket, Virginia did not answer, and Ramsay had to tell him that she had to answer him. She was unable to give him a proper time, which he did not gave himself, leading Heather to take most of the control during his pass because of his lack of authority. She acknowledged he had to take the reins himself, and not let everybody take the reins for him. During Heather's turn at the pass, he sent an unacceptable risotto, and when Ramsay was telling him the problem, he refused to look at him in the eyes and talked back to him. Ramsay told him his attitude was stinking, and asked him to give a beautiful risotto. Ramsay also told him, who seemed to have a careless attitude, that he does not have to wait until the end of service to kick him out. During Heather's turn at the pass, when she asked him a time on his risotto, he gave her seven minutes, but she gave him six. When it was Virginia's turn at the hot plate, he did not take her seriously as he thought he sounded like a cartoon character when she was shouting. When there were three tickets left and Ramsay took control of the hot plate, despite some struggle from all the chefs, the team rallied to send the last tables and complete dinner service for a third time in a row.

When the teams were lined up, Ramsay told each of them to name one person who they think do not deserve to advance in the finals. At elimination, Keith and Virginia nominated each other. After Ramsay heard from both of them, he eliminated him for lacking leadership skills. After he gave his jacket to Ramsay, he stood in front of Ramsay, and started to question his judgement, telling him how he was a better leader than anybody since the beginning of the competition, with people who did not knew much about working in a kitchen. When Ramsay told him he did not think he was ready to lead, he accused Ramsay of dropping him in favor of Virginia because he was having a hard-on for her. Ramsay schooled him on his rudeness, and told him this proved he made the right decision, and that his attitude was indeed stinking. He hugged Heather on his way out, ignoring Virginia, and received a retrospective montage of his run during his exit interview. However, he did not receive the coat hanging and burning picture sequence.

Ramsay's comment: "You got two choices. You run the team, or the team runs you. And sadly, the team ran Keith. If Keith could only lose the attitude, underneath all that, there's one talented, talented cook."

Episode 10Edit

When he returned for the last dinner service of the season, Keith was holding a breakfast food platter when he entered the dorms. During the selection, he was Virginia's first pick, before Tom and Giacomo, and first pick overall. He was not too happy about this decision as he would have preferred to be on Heather's team. During briefing, Virginia told him that because Tom and Giacomo were considered weak links, he had to carry both of them over. He also told Virginia that her menu was designed for him, and that she must promise a little reward of her own if she was to win. She eventually agreed to give $1000, which satisfied him.

During dinner service, Keith was on the appetizer station. At some point, he was pushed away by Virginia, who was struggling to plate her dishes. An hour into service, Virginia finally accepted his help on the plating station. Despite him giving her attitude, entrées started to come out of the kitchen, and the blue team was catching up to the red team. Three hours into service, when Virginia asked for a reorder of snapper, he declared they ran out of. When she started to panic, he was seen eating some of the food. Despite this, customers asked for their desserts, and he helped getting them out of the kitchen, along with Giacomo and Tom. Once service ended, he declared he worked hard, only to get the $1000 promised before service.

When both teams were lined up, Ramsay congratulated them and gave a big round of applause. Virginia eventually lost the finals to Heather, and Keith did not receive his $1000.

Nomination historyEdit

Week 1 Win
Week 2 Safe
Week 3 Safe
Week 4 BoW
Week 5 Win
Week 6 Win
Week 7 BoW
Week 8 Safe
Week 9 Nominated

Trivia Edit

  • He is the first contestant to confront Ramsay at elimination.
  • After his appearance on the show, he worked at JLX along with Heather, and later, became Executive Chef at Schmidt's Food Market. He also married, had a son and daughter, before passing away in 2012.
  • He is the third contestant to have passed away after his appearance on the show, following Rachel, also from Season 2, and Aaron from Season 3.

Quotes Edit

  • "I wear my underwear up high and my pants low, 'cause that's how I rock 'hem!"
  • "I'm a pimp, son, what can you expect? I had to get rid of the dudes!"
  • "I personally think that you have a hard-on for Virginia."