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Kalen Morgenstern
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Kalen Morgenstern was a contestant on Season 13 of Hell's Kitchen. She ranked in 14th place.

Personality Edit

Kalen was lazy and pretty poor chef. She was also delusional that she was a strong cook, even when she got eliminated.

Season 13 Edit

Episode 1Edit

While the chefs were on their way to Hell's Kitchen, the bus pulled over to Pacific’s Cinerama Theatre as Ramsay wanted to show them an inspirational video before going there. Kalen was one of the eight chefs shown receiving their acceptance invitation. After, Ramsay revealed that the winner of that season would become the Head Chef at Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill at Caesar's Palace, in Atlantic City, and told the chefs to cook their signature dish.

During the Signature Dish Challenge, Kalen was the final person from the red team to compete and went up against Santos. She made a pan-seared scallops with sweet corn puree. Ramsay praised it for its sear and the flavors for working well. She scored a 4 out of 5 and the red team won the challenge 24-23. They were rewarded with dinner at the Hotel Bel-Air cooked by Wolfgang Puck.

During dinner service, Kalen was on the appetizer station with La Tasha. She was not seen much, but the red team won dinner service.

Episode 2Edit

During the Geoduck Challenge, Kalen was not seen participating during the first part, but during the second part, she was paired up with Roe. Together, they got two of their dishes accepted, with their second one being the winning point for the red team. They won the challenge 15-14 and were rewarded with a day on an 80-foot luxury yacht with Ramsay.

During dinner service, Kalen served geoduck chowder tableside. At one point, she was seen distracting the red diners as the red kitchen was struggling on their first order of appetizers. Both teams were named joint-losers and Ramsay asked both teams to nominate two people for elimination.

She was not nominated for elimination.

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Episode 5Edit

Ramsay's comment: "In Kalen's mind, her performance was flawless and every dish she cooked was perfect. Unfortunately for her, I live in reality. Dream on, Kalen."

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