Joy Parham-Thomas was a contestant on Season 12 of Hell's Kitchen. Despite a rocky start, Joy quickly became the most consistent and strong member on the red team, and earned a black jacket during an individual challenge. Unfortunately, she crumbled during the second black jacket service and quit while the service was still going on.
Joy Parham-Thomas
Philadelphia, PA
Kitchen Supervisor
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In the Leftovers Challenge, she had problems with her chicken protein as she found it raw, but tried to bounce back. Her dish was a Coriander Crusted Chicken. It was criticized for not being crispy enough, and her salad aside was badly prepared. She lost the challenge and was forced to prep pumpkin and Squash.

In the service, she was on fish. Despite acknowedging Rochelle's timing on the meat, she made a rare mistake by bringing up the halibut before Rochelle and Jason were ready with their dishes, and even forgetting mussels in one of the orders. She then shut down, and didn't communicate with anyone when Ramsay told her to talk. The same mistake would happen again when she sent up the halibut early again despite Jason saying he has a minute left on his garnishes.

Ramsay pulled her aside and told her he needed the garnish first before the halibut, be she got confused and frustrated by this and left mid-argument. When Ramsay retorted "If your in the mood, don't take it out on my food", she declared "I'm done" and left the kitchen much to the shock of everyone. As she left the kitchen, throwing her jacket off in the process, Ramsay followed her and called her out on her selfish attitude. Joy however yelled at him back and went upstairs, with Ramsay saying "I know you're done, it shows in your cooking".

Joy was later seen packing up her things, when Sous Chef Andi came up to try and talk some sense into her. Joy felt remorse for her actions, and while she wanted to go apologize to Ramsay and see if she could come back, she ultimately decided against it, believing it was too late to apologize.

Ramsay's Comment: <<Joy's quitting was one of the most shocking things I've ever experienced in Hell's Kitchen. But her lack of maturity tonight proved that she is not ready to be a head chef because leaders never quit.>>

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  • Joy is the first person to receive a black jacket during a challenge.
  • Joy is the second black jacket chef to withdraw, the first being Robert from season 5.
  • Joy is the third person to quit during service. The first being Jeff from Season 1, and Andrew from Season 7.
    • She is the first female to do so.
    • First one to quit as a black jacket chef.
  • As she quit during service, she lost her position in the finale, being replaced by Bev.
    • She is the fourth black jacket contestant to not return for the finale following Robert from Season 5, Teneille from Season 6 and Ed from Season 7.

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