Children Edit

Best QuotesEdit

"Anyone would love to hire me in their kitchen"

"Yeah, watch the step bitch"

You guys are a bunch of snakes yes raj is actually Joseph

"Gordon Ramsgay"

"I am chef not bitch"

Bitch boi faka u bitch boi BIGABOY

"I ain't no bitch".

"I'm not no bitch"

"Let's take it outside, dawg"

"Fuck you, fucking bitch. Fuck all yall... ya herd"

Fuck that shit dawg I ain't needed for that

"I defrosted hash brown rectangles and chopped ham into little cubes so someone better than me could mix them into eggs for omelettes - I was a Marine Corps cook. I served real Marines their orange juice and spent three years as a coward pretending to serve my country - that is why I have this chip on my shoulder, because I feel guilty I scored so low on the ASVAB to begin with. "

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