Personal life and careerEdit

Birth in 1999: Tinnelly's parentsEdit

Joseph BitchTits-JerseyBoy Tinnelly was born in Mexico City, Mexico. His American parents, Condaleeza Tinnelly (1993-2006) and Fook Neebatch (née Batch) (2001-2006), were both born in Houston, Texas. They were high school sweethearts and impregnated each other's orficies on April 1, 1999. For a strange reason, Joseph was born only 3 minutes after NeeBatch's ear was impregnated.

2005: Abandonment from parentsEdit

On January 16, 2005, at the age of 6, Tinnelly's parents reportedly disowned him after discovering that he was a bitch. Joseph realizing his nature, tried to join the street gang, "The Bitches of Southside" As a young man, growing up in New Jersey, Joseph fought hard on the streets to gain respect from his fellow gang members. But despite his attempt to fit in, the rest of the gang eventually kicked him out due to his close resemblance to another gang, called "The DoucheTits", known for their bravado and smelling of their own armpits. Joseph left reluctantly, but never got over this rejection. Thus, began his lifelong mission to never be associated with "The Bitches" and to loudly proclaim his separation from the gang, regardless of whether it is relevant or even asked about. Currently, he holds the record for the longest time for not being a bitch. Quite ironically, he is also holding the record for the highest bitch level,[nb 1] which is around 9,000. Despite the level not being fully revealed to the public, the highest known bitch level is only 0.02, far away from Tinnelly's reported level.

2008: Burger King careerEdit

In 2008, Tinnelly was offered a cleaning job at Burger King, but was fired 4 days into service. Through his cleaning career, he would peek at the chefs to learn from them; but he was fired after drinking 13.8 litres of oil from the fryer as he thought they were pre-made burgers.

2013: Marine career and dog controversyEdit

Tinnelly became a marine in 2007, four years after he was disowned, just at the age of 5. However, just two hours into his career, he was kicked out after caught performing oral sex on a dog and swallowing 400 litres of its semen. Tinnelly subsequently claimed that he needed medical help as he had severe stomach pain, but hospitals refused to help him after discovering his bitch level.

On May 3, 2008, Tinnelly found the dog he met and had oral sex back in his marine career. The next day on May 4, he found out that the dog received AIDS from him, despite this to be considered not possible at all in any way.

2009: Hell's Kitchen contestantEdit

Tinnelly joined Hell's Kitchen in 2009, the show's sixth season.

Gordon Ramsay was not aware of Tinnelly's bitch level, but he had shown suspicion in the first episode after noticing Tinnelly's faggotness. This was first observed when Joey insisted he was "No animal" and demanded a fork when asked by Gordon Ramsay to taste his brussel sprouts in Episode 1. In a never before seen interview with Joe-Joe, it was discovered that he was insulted that Gordon Ramsay had dared to insult his "Testicle special". This rarely seen level of faggotry is one of the most common traits of a person with a very high bitch level.

In the second episode, upon being asked about the two nominees for elimination, he claimed that he was no bitch. He was immediately eliminated for his anti-bitchness, though some believe that he was eliminated for just being an uptight asshole.

However, some claimed that the 9/11 attacks were caused by Tinnelly's elimination, despite 9/11 happening eight years before his elimination.

Further information: Joseph Tinnelly elimination conspiracy theories

2009-present: Current situationEdit

His whereabouts have been unknown since he left the show, but according to a 2011 report on Fox news, he had a sex change operation and was last seen in Las Vegas as a prostitute. However, since he was no bitch, he did not get any customers. He is currently homeless, due to being a fucking idiot, and has a warrant for being a complete pussy. Complete bullshit btw.

Conspiracies say that he is in Area 51 being kept away from civilization because he is so much of a bitch that the United States government thinks he is not human. Therefore is most likely kept in Area 51.

He is currently living off of alien semen and feces

Children Edit

Best QuotesEdit

"Anyone would love to hire me in their kitchen"

"Yeah, watch the step bitch"

You guys are a bunch of snakes yes raj is actually Joseph

"Gordon Ramsgay"

"I am chef not bitch"

Bitch boi faka u bitch boi BIGABOY

"I ain't no bitch".

"I'm not no bitch"

"Let's take it outside, dawg"

"Fuck you, fucking bitch. Fuck all yall... ya herd"

"I was always left behind and sucked a dick you fucking bitches

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