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Jeffery Dewberry
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Jeffery Dewberry was a contestant on Season 1 of Hell's Kitchen. He was in the red team. He ranked in 11th place.

Personality Edit

Dewberry was a big guy, with a big personality, and very funny. In the kitchen, he was slow, confused, and let his emotions get to him.

Signature dish Edit

Dewberry served a baked spaghetti as his signature dish. The pasta was overcooked and was compared to children's food by Chef Ramsay.

Episode 1 Edit

During dinner service, Dewberry was on the garnish station. Because of his lack of energy on his station, he was called a « big fucking overgrown muffin » by Chef Ramsay. His team lost the dinner service and Elsie was named « Best of the Worst ».

Despite Elsie convincing Dewberry that he is « not going anywhere », she made him her second nominee for elimination, with Carolann being the first. He survived elimination.

Episode 2 Edit

Prior to the squid challenge, Dewberry declared that he absolutely hate seafood. Despite this, during the challenge, he cleaned 2 squids by Chef Ramsay's standards. It was the red team's best individual performance. Because his team won the challenge, they were rewarded with a dinner with, and prepared by Chef Ramsay.

During dinner service, Dewberry was on the meat station. He was up to a good start, but when he struggled to get beef wellingtons up to the plate, he claimed that he was confused and didn't know what was happening. This lead him to almost walking off the kitchen after Chef Ramsay called him « useless ». His struggle on the meat station lead one of his team's tables to order pizza to the restaurant and Jean-Philippe being physically assaulted. His team lost the dinner service and Chris was named « Best of the Worst ».

Dewberry was Chris' first nominee for elimination, with Jeff being the second. He was eliminated for one simple reason: « You're a coward! And you turned your back on your team after you screwed them! »

Ramsay's comment: « I'm looking for someone who can weather the storm, inspire individuals, stand as a great leader. That, clearly, is not Dewberry. »

Episodes 10-11 Edit

Dewberry returned for the last dinner service of the season. He was on Ralph's team, being the last pick, after Andrew and Wendy. During the service, he almost passed out because of the heat in the kitchen, but managed to come back in the kitchen after sitting down for a few minutes. When he did, he acknowledged that a kick in the ass was what he needed to complete the service for Ralph, and went on to give a good performance on the fish station. After service, he was given a big kiss by Ralph. However, Ralph eventually ended up losing the final to Michael.

Challenges Won Edit

Episode 2 - Squid Challenge; Both teams had to clean as many squids as possible in 10 minutes by Chef Ramsay's standards. Red team won 6-5.

Trivia Edit

  • He is Hell's Kitchen's first ever male contestant to be eliminated from the show.
  • After his appearance on the show, Dewberry created his very own YouTube channel featuring vegan recipes.
  • Because of his big, funny and likeable personality, he is one of the most memorable Hell's Kitchen contestant ever.

Quotes Edit

« I'm confused, I don't know what I'm doing. »

- Chef Ramsay: « You're useless, you know that? »

- Dewberry: « I am... Goodbye! »

To Elsie:« Look at you, J Lo! »

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