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Jeff LaPoff
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Jeff LaPoff was a contestant on Season 1 of Hell's Kitchen, and a minor antagonist. He was in the red team. He ranked in 10th place.

Personality Edit

Jeff was the first antagonist of Hell's Kitchen. He is hot-headed, always giving excuses for his mistakes. His teammates were very annoyed by his attitude towards them. He was always looking to be the center of attention, his kidney stones being the best example. And when he realized that he didn't had the attention that he wanted, he decided to leave the show on-the-spot, making him the first ever contestant to withdraw from the show.

Signature dish Edit

Jeff served a steak with sauce and mushrooms as his signature dish. The sauce was deemed nice, but the mushrooms were salty and the steak was overcooked. Chef Ramsay ranked it 1 out of 10.

Episode 1 Edit

During dinner service, Jeff was a waiter. He was relieved to be out of the kitchen and was confident to work with people because he does that for a living. However, he struggled a lot as he was confused on where the right tables were in the dining room and never knew what to do, and none of his customers liked him, even some of them complained that it was the worst service they ever had. Of all his tables, 2 out of 3 walked out early. His team lost the dinner service and Elsie was named « Best of the Worst ».

He was not nominated for elimination, leading Chef Ramsay to tell him he dodged a bullet.

Episode 2 Edit

During the squid challenge, Jeff cleaned 1 squid to Chef Ramsay's standards. Because his team won the challenge, he was rewarded with a dinner with, and prepared by Chef Ramsay.

The night before dinner service, Jeff didn't slept well because of a kidney stone.

During dinner service, Jeff was on the garnish station. He struggled a lot on that station, especially with the timing as the meat and fish sat on the hot plate, but the vegetables weren't ready. He blamed that mistake on his kidney stone. His team lost the dinner service as very few entrées were served and one of their tables phoned for pizza delivery. Chris was named « Best of the Worst ».

Jeff was Chris' second nominee for elimination, with Dewberry being the first, a decision with which Chef Ramsay agreed 110%. He survived elimination.

Episode 3 Edit

Immediately after elimination, he showed his kidney stone to his teammates, but none of them were impressed, saying it was really small.

During the 5 course meal challenge, he showed his lack of teamwork by shopping by himself. However, his white onion soup garnished with parmesan and roasted garlic crouton was well received by Chef Ramsay and scored for his team. Because his team won the challenge, he was rewarded with a night out with Chef Ramsay.

During the prep for the dinner service, Jeff left a hot sheet on the counter and Elsie picked it up and burned her hand. This results in an argument between him and his teammates, especially Chris, arguing if they would be better without Jeff.

During dinner service, Jeff was on the appetizer station. After poor spaghetti was received at the pass, and Michael helping him redoing the spaghetti, Jeff blamed the fact that he has never been on a line before. This lead to tempers flaring with Sous Chef Maryann, and Chef Ramsay immediately calming the situation down. But, he eventually impressed the critic at the dining room with his lobster spaghetti.

After a lot of struggle on the appetizer station, Jeff has had enough of Chef Ramsay yelling at him, so he called him an asshole, took his jacket off and walked out of Hell's Kitchen for good.

Ramsay's comment : « Jeff, well, I had to laugh at the end when he called me an asshole. I've been called far worse than that. »

Challenges won Edit

Episode 2 - Squid challenge; Each contestant had to clean as many squids as possible in 10 minutes to Chef Ramsay's standards. Red team won 6-5

Episode 3 - 5 course meal challenge; Each contestant had to prepare one dish out of a 5 course meal for Chef Ramsay. Red team won after a tiebreaker.

Facts Edit

- Jeff is the first ever contestant to withdraw from the competition without being eliminated, and the first contestant to do so during dinner service.

- It is believed that after his departure, Chef Ramsay confronted him in the parking lot, that lead Jeff to sprain his ankle. That explains the mention « Jeff LaPoff decided to leave the show due to an injury. » at the beginning of the end credits of that episode.

- After his appearance on the show, he returned to his carrer as an Allstate Insurance agent.

Quotes Edit

Jeff: « I'm not a quitter! »

Ramsay: « Hey, you're not a fucking cook either! »

Jeff: « You're an asshole! »

Sous Chef Maryann: « What was that? What did you say? I want you to say it louder! »

Ramsay: « Come here you, what did you say? »

Jeff: « If you don't like me, I don't know what to tell you. YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE! »

Jeff quits

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