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Jason Underwood
Youngstown, OH
Sous Chef
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Background Edit

Jason has been called one of the most hated chefs in Hell's Kitchen. His overt sexism & lack of teamwork/cooking ability led to him becoming a minor antagonist of Season 4 before he was eliminated in the third episode.

Season 4 Edit

Episode 1Edit

Signature dish

Ramsay announced his dish wouldn't pass as something tinned in a can.

Dinner service

Jason was on the appetizer station that service. He struggled with it, and could not serve an acceptable plate of risotto (even burning one in the process). When he finally served an acceptable dish, the table that ordered it left already. His team lost as they could not serve any dishes before Ramsay shut down the restaurant.

Jason was not nominated by Louross for elimination.

Episode 2Edit

Team challenge

Dinner service

Jason was on the fish station that service. He struggled on communicating with his teammates, and even sent up a raw fish that got sent back by Jean Phillipe although he refused to accept the blame. His team still won however as they served more entrees before Ramsay shut the restaurant down.

Episode 3Edit

Team challenge

In the chicken cutting challenge, Jason boasted that the blue team should be able to complete this no problem as they were men. He ended up scoring 6 out of 8 pieces. His team lost the challenge thanks to Craig butchering almost all of his pieces with a final score of 44-16. The blue team's punishment was to pick peppers at the countryside.

Dinner service

Jason was on desserts. Before service began, Ramsay asked him what the desserts for service will be, but Jason failed to answer, causing Ramsay to kick him out until he reviews the menu properly. When Jason came back down, he still couldn't remember the items, even wanting to quit because of it, but managed to remember when Ramsay prompted him. Jason did not know what he was doing when prepping the desserts, and even his souffle's were not coming out right. When Ramsay asked how he will fix them, Jason said: <I'm going to take some sugar and rub it around the rim, and try to get that... and... that's what I'm trying to do right now.> , which shocked Ramsay to the point where he repeatedly slammed his head against the hotplate. Ramsay eventually closed service and named both teams the losers.

Jason was nominated by Petrozza as the blue team's nominee. Jason was eliminated by Ramsay, with him stating, <You gave up before we started tonight. I call you back in the kitchen and you haven't got the balls to stand there and put yourself back there, Game Over!>

Ramsay's Comment: < I kept waiting for Jason to show me some energy, to wake up, but he never did. And that's why I'm putting him to sleep.>

Quotes Edit

"We're gonna win cause we're men."

"I don't think the girls have a clue what they're doing. What do you expect without a man over there to lead them?"

"A room full of girls - that's useless. What, are they having a Tupperware party over there?"

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