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James Lukanik was the Maître d'hôtel of Hells Kitchen, on seasons 8-10.

Biography Edit

Personality Edit

As the Maître d'hôtel, James serves as the front of the house of Hell's Kitchen and would be the person handing out tickets to Ramsay more than often. He is similar to Jean-Philippe as they were both strict but fair to the contestants, and got exasperated with their constant mistakes.

Main highlights per season Edit

Season 8Edit

  • On episode 1, James made his debut and revealed himself to the new chefs when they arrived at Hell's Kitchen. He took the chefs over to see LA Market and was seen during the blue team's reward.
  • On episode 2, James found out that Vinny told a table not to order sides and brought him over to Ramsay.
  • On episode 4, he informed Ramsay about a table that was going to have a proposal and kept tabs on it for the remainder of the night.

Season 9Edit

Season 10Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He was the maître d' who lasted the least amount of time in Hell's Kitchen, with 3 seasons.

Quotes Edit

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