Jimmy Casey
Jimmy Casey
Willston Park, New York
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James "Jimmy" Casey was a contestant on Season 1 of Hell's Kitchen. He was in the red team. He ranked in 5th place.


Jimmy is a quiet person who usually doesn't say more then "Yes, chef". However he does sometimes crack jokes that cause his team to laugh, and he seems to get along well with the other contestants. He tries very hard in the kitchen and usually bounces back after he messes up. He has a happy and laid back personality, but if he gets pushed enough, he'll lose his temper and yell. One service he served soup in dirty bowls three different times and he claimed the nickname "Dirty Bowl Jimmy".

Signature dish Edit

Jimmy served a pan-seared chicken breast stuffed with Portobello mushrooms and goat cheese as his signature dish. It was called a « dehydrated cow's terd » by Chef Ramsay. He served with with carrot tops, and after he was asked to taste them, he acknowledged they were quite bitter, so Chef Ramsay refused to taste them and threw them in Jimmy's hands with his fork. When he tasted the chicken breast, he spit it out telling it was dry, overcooked outside and undercooked inside.

Episode 1 Edit

During dinner service, Jimmy was on the meat station. About an hour and a half after opening, he brought what Chef Ramsay called a dog's dinner to the pass. When he asked Jimmy if he would serve that in his restaurant and Jimmy answering that he wouldn't, he smacked the dish into Jimmy's chest and told him to start again. After that, when he went to grab lamb in the oven, he didn't used tongs, only his bare hands, which lead him to burn his left hand and see a medic. After a lot of struggle and a lot of tables walking out, Chef Ramsay shut down both kitchens. His team lost the dinner service and Elsie was named "Best of the Worst".

Episode 2 Edit

Episode 3 Edit

Episode 4 Edit

Episode 5 Edit

Episode 6 Edit

Episode 7 Edit

Episode 10-11 Edit

Challenges wonEdit

Squid cleaning team challenge. Cleaned 2 squid for his team.

Episode 2 dinner service.

Cooking a five-course meal with $100 dollars and ten minutes of shopping team challenge. Jimmy had the responsibility of making the fifth course, desserts. He made a vanilla poached pear with feta cheese on the side. Chef Ramsey said the presentation was simple, but it tasted rather dull.

Episode 3 dinner service.

Episode 4 dinner service. Jimmy sent Ramsey stone cold garnish, but was able to bounce back.

Pasta team challenge. Jimmy sat out to be used as a something to hang the pasta on.

Blind taste test team challenge. Unable to identify chicken, calling it a meat tortellini with onions in the background. The only food he was able to identify was radish.

Episode 6 Dinner service. The only problem on his team. First he undercooked scallops, then he overcooked them.

Fruit flambe individual challenge.

Challenges lostEdit

Signature dish. Jimmy cooked a pan seared chicken breast stuffed with portabella mushroom and goat cheese. Ramsey said it looked like a dehydrated camel turd. On the side was the tops of the carrot. Ramsey told Jimmy to taste the carrot tops and he said they were "quite bitter". Then Ramsey shoved the carrot tops off the plate into Jimmy's hands. When he tasted the chicken, he spit it out and said it was dry, overcooked on the outside, and raw on the inside.

Episode 1 dinner service. Jimmy sent undercooked lamb to chef Ramsey, and when he was pulling another rack of lamb out the oven, he used his bear hands and burnt himself. In turn, he dropped the lamb. When he wasn't nominated for elimination that night, Chef Ramsey said he dodged those bullets well.

Table setting team challenge

Episode 5 dinner service. Jimmy served good starters, but they were served on dirty plates and in dirty bowls.

Episode 7 dinner service. He threw away his completed lobster dish when Ramsay needed it. He didn't realize he threw away his lobster dish and got confused when he couldn't find it. Later in the service he struggled on the risotto which caused Ramsey to yell at him. This causes Jimmy to lose his temper and yell back at Ramsay. Jimmy is nominated for elimination, and Ramsay chooses him to leave. However, Ramsay comments Jimmy on his performance before he goes.

Facts Edit

- He is the first ever contestant with a black jacket to be eliminated.

- He is the first ever contestant to win an individual challenge.

- After his appearance on the show, he returned to his previous career as a purchasing supervisor.


"This man just said thank you to me after he called me a fat fuck god knows how many times. It made me feel so good inside."

"It really busts my hump."

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