Hell's Kitchen Craps is a recurring team challenge in Hell's Kitchen.


One by one, each team member roles a 20 sided giant dice onto a board with letters. They then have 5 seconds to name a ingredient based on the letter they landed, and no one can do repeats.

Once both teams go their ingredients, they then have to cook a dish using the ingredients. The team with the best dish judged by Ramsay wins.

The main purpose is to see how creative the chefs can get with random ingredients.

Season 6Edit

The first time this challenge happened was in Season 6 when there were 10 chefs (5 on both teams), but since Robert was still in the hospital, Andy went up twice. The red team got; Garlic, Ham Hock, Haricot Verts (Green Beans), Potato, and Rabbit, while the blue team got; Haddock, Figs, Angel hair pasta, Apples, and Tomato. Despite little confidence, the blue tam managed to win since the red teams garlic puree was too strong. The blue team won a overnight trip in Las Vegas while the red team had to take in deliveries, and clean and prep the kitchens for next service.

Season 7Edit

Season 7 had it when there were 12 chefs (6 on both teams). The blue team got; Halibut, Endives, Salsify, Crab, Peas and Bacon while the red team got; Mango, Duck, Beets, Shallots, Ham, and Turnips. In a close match, the blue team won after Ramsay declared the red teams duck had too much fat. The blue team won a skydiving experience in a vertical wind tunnel, while the red team cleaned the front entrance of Hell's Kitchen and prepped both kitchens.

Season 8 Edit

Season 8 had it when there were 9 chefs (5 on the red team, 4 on the blue team). This season replaced the dice with a roulette table with 18 letters on it. Vinny from the blue team went twice to even the ingredients up. The blue team got; Kale, Yams, Miso, Sea Bass, and Asparagus while the red team got; Rutabaga, Cauliflower, Bok Choy, Fennel and Salmon. The red team won since the blue teams yams and asparagus weren't seasoned properly. The red team won a trip to Las Vegas and saw magicians Penn and Teller, while the blue team had to prepare potatoes for fries.

Season 10 Edit

Season 10 had it when there were 10 chefs (5 on both teams) and returned to the dice format. The blue team got; Heirloom Tomatoes, Daikon, Dragonfruit, Edamae and Chicken while the red team got; Chicory, Lamb, Turnips, Brussels Sprouts, and Truffles. In a close match, the blue team won as the red teams Brussels Sprouts were served undercooked. The blue team won a overnight trip to Las Vegas, while the red team cooked pull pork with an alarm going off every hour.

Season 13 Edit

Season 13 had it when there were 11 chefs (6 on the blue team, 5 on the red team). Frank went twice for the red team to even the ingredients. The red team got; potatoes, duck, lime, lemons, heirloom tomatoes and pine nuts, while the blue team got;  cauliflower, chilean sea bass, leeks, mache, daikon and tomatoes. This time, each team member cooked their own dish based on the their teams ingredients. At the end of 45 minutes, both teams had to choose a representative, the red team going with La Tasha, while the blue team went with Bryant. It was very close, but in the end, La Tasha's dish won out as Bryant's daikon's were underseasoned. Even worse, it was revealed that Sade's dish was the best of the blue team that could have won it. The red team were rewarded with a trip to LAs Vegas and dinner at Ramsay's BurGR, while the blue team had to take in ice packs, replace the ice machines, prepare a king sized halibut, and take in ingredients at 3am.

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