The Final Service is the last service of each Season of Hell's Kitchen for the final two contestants.


The final service serves as the final test for the final 2 contestants in Hell's Kitchen. It serves to test how well the two can manage a birgade and their leadership skills.

Menu CreationEdit

The final 2 contestants have their own say in how their own menu can work. No matter what they decided on, they have to meet with Ramsay's expectations and quality control when being served. The Final 2 can also get feedback from Ramsay and their own birgade on how each menu item could be improved upon.

Final Tasting ChallengeEdit

The final challenge before the final service is a tasting challenge on their own menu items. They were to cook each item up and be judge by guest chefs Ramsay invited. For each dish liked, they would score a point. The person with the most points at the end was named the winner with a special advantage to gain first pick on who they wanted on their brigade. The brigade in general consists of former Hell's Kitchen contestants from that season.

In Season 16, the rules were changed up that the winner of every round can pick who they wanted on their team first.

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