2 Chefs Compete
Season 7, Episode 15
Air date August 10, 2010
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The fifteenth episode of Season 7 of Hell's Kitchen aired on FOX, on August 10, 2010. On that episode, Holli and Jay created their menus, picked their teams for the final dinner service, and one of them was declared the winner of Hell's Kitchen.

Intro Edit

The episode began with a recap of the first fourteen episodes, mentioning what happened, who got eliminated when and how, and some rivalries.

While being dismissed, Holli and Jay congratulated each other, the latter revealed how bad he wanted to be in the finals and that he thought Benjamin was his biggest competition, and Holli told that she would do anything to get the job at the Savoy. In the dorms, they celebrated with some champagne, and gave each other a big hug while Holli reminded that they were all alone.

Final challenge Edit

The next morning, both finalists went down in their respective kitchens to work on their menus with their respective Sous Chefs, with Jay working with Sous Chef Scott, and Holli with Sous Chef Andi. Jay was confident in his menu as he planned it since the beginning, even revealing that there was some ideas he did not execute to save them for his final menu, and on her side, Holli did not have a clear idea of what she would do for her menu as she never pictured herself at that point. So, she decided to just go with her instinct and create whatever would come in her mind. At the end of the day, both of them were happy with their menu, Holli told that her inspiration were just the things that she loved, and that most of her items were French and California inspired.

Then, Sous Chef Andi gathered Jay and Holli to announce that Ramsay had a surprise for them, before asking them to change into something nice. Both of them agreed to wear jeans, and Jay was worried because he knew that Ramsay would never take them out for a casual evening as there would always be a "by the way". After a limousine ride, they arrived at the London West Hollywood, where they were greeted by Ramsay, who explained that the Savoy was in construction at the moment, and that he wanted to give them an inside out to one of his restaurants. So, the three of them entered the hotel, with Holli founding it beautiful but wondering what was next, and then, they arrived on the roof, where hundreds of people standing in front of a stage cheered for them. Jay found it unbelievable, told that it was the perfect way to accelerate the heart beat, and after, they went down on the stage while some people heckled about how hot Holli was, and the latter found it cool. On the stage, Ramsay introduced the Final Tasting Challenge, where both finalists had one hour to create an amuse-bouche, a cold and a hot appetizers, and a fish and a beef entrées. Also, Ramsay clarified that five of his own executive chefs from London would judge the dishes, and Holli acknowledged how much pressure it was.

When the countdown began, Holli and Jay changed into their black jackets, the latter acknowledged that he had to be perfect as five executive chefs would judge his dishes, and Holli was nervous because cooking all five dishes in one hour would probably blow up in her face. During the challenge, the crowd was cheering both Holli and Jay's names, and eventually, both of them succeeded to plate their dishes in time. On the amuse-bouche round, James Durrant, from the restaurant Maze, was the judge, and Holli served her virgin bloody Mary with tomato consumé and Worcester sauce, which made Ramsay to jokingly ask if she put the sauce because he was English. The combination of the ingredients was praised, and after, Jay presented his crystal clear shot of ice cold tomato water with a bell pepper and a caper berry, and it was deemed refreshing. Jay won the round over Holli, giving him the lead 1-0. On the cold appetizer round, Diego Cardoso, from the restaurant Murano, was the judge, and Holli served her four different types of caviar with beet and fennel salad. The caviar was praised for being refreshing, and then, Jay served his grilled lamb loin over his personal take on a Greek salad, which was deemed great. Holli won the round, tying the score at 1 and relieving her. On the hot appetizer round, Clare Smyth, from Ramsay's restaurant at the Royal Hospital Road, was the judge, and Holli's foie gras was praised for being balanced, while Jay's bacon-wrapped scallops were deemed a great combination. Holli won the round, she took the lead 2-1, and on the fish entrée round, Steve Allen, from the restaurant Claridge's, was the judge. Holli's five spice tuna was deemed nice, Jay's arctic char was praised for the ingredients complimenting each other, and the latter won the round, tying the score at 2. Finally, on the meat entrée round, Stuart Gillies, from the Savoy Grill, was the judge, and Jay felt the pressure as he had to impress his potential future boss. Holli served her seared Wagyu filet with blue cheese and sautéed broccoli, which was deemed delicious and Gillies recognized that she had passion for cooking, and then, Jay presented his grilled Kobe New York strip, which was also deemed delicious. After deliberation, Jay won the round, and therefore, the challenge 3-2. He was pumped about that as he felt he was a step closer to win, both finalists thanked everybody for coming to see them, and Holli knew that even though she lost the challenge, the dinner service was the most important, and declared that she would have the job at the Savoy Grill.

Team selection Edit

Back at Hell's Kitchen, Ramsay congratulated Jay and Holli for representing the competition well, before introducing the returning chefs who would participate in the final dinner service, who were Siobhan, Fran, Nilka, Jason, Benjamin, and Autumn. Jay was upset as he wanted to sleep with Holli, and then, Ramsay complimented Nilka, Fran, and Siobhan on their appearances. After, Jay was given the first pick as a reward for winning the challenge, and he immediately chose Benjamin, who was still upset about losing to Holli as he still thought he was a better chef than her, and adding that he would do all it would take to make sure that Jay would win. After, Holli picked Autumn, which did not surprise the latter as she knew she would have been picked first or second, comparing herself as the popular kid in school, and then, Jay picked Jason despite acknowledging his quick temper, but also that he was a good cook. Jason was happy as it was the blue team being together again, Holli picked Nilka as her second brigade member, who told she would do her thing and blow Jay's ass, before giving a high-five to Ramsay. After, Ramsay reminded Jay that he was picking for both teams, and the latter decided to pick Fran because he knew she would try hard. She was happy, declared that she would kill herself to make sure Jay would win, and Siobhan, despite being upset about being picked last, was glad that she was not on the same team as Benjamin, who she called "damn fucking disrespectful low-life fucking prick Ben".

Before service Edit

After the selection, both teams were dismissed to have a look at the menus, and on the patio, Holli felt good about her team as she thought they would try their best. Also, she revealed that she designed her menu to be simple and easy to execute for everybody, but Autumn did not pay a lot of attention as she felt she would have to carry Siobhan a lot on almost all the stations because of her lack of food knowledge. On Jay's side, Benjamin was writing the items on the board, Jay was confident that his team could cook his menu, and Fran praised it as she told it was worthy of Hell's Kitchen.

During the night, the dining room was separated in two houses to differentiate both menus, and the next morning, both teams went down in their respective kitchens to begin prep. In the red kitchen, Holli was nervous as there was a lot of things to do, and was annoyed by Siobhan's slowness, even stating that she was driving her crazy. Autumn acknowledged that Siobhan did not have the proper training to work in a fine-dining restaurant, hoped that she would save enough money one day to go to culinary school, and then, Siobhan was using two knives to prep, leading Sous Chef Andi to tell her that she would drive her insane. In the blue kitchen, Benjamin was very vocal, Fran acknowledged that he wanted to help Jay win, but was also worried that he might overpower the latter, and Benjamin told that despite not being able to compete against Jay, he would at least compete with him. Then, Sous Chef Andi asked both finalists to go to Ramsay's office, with Jay being stressed as he still had a lot of stuff to do, and Holli wondering what was going on and thinking something bad would happen. Arrived there, Ramsay surprised them by offering a trip to Australia, where they would visit the Rosemount Winery State to taste food and wine, and Holli was excited about that as she would hang out with Jay. They thanked Ramsay for the gift, and after, they received their chefs jackets, before Ramsay wished them good luck. Jay was confident that he would mop the floor with Holli's face despite her being attractive, and after changing, both of them gathered their brigades for a last-minute pep talk, with Jay being confident that he would win as Siobhan would be Holli's demise. But, Holli was confident as well that she would be the head chef at the Savoy, and warned her team that she might be a bitch. Then, Ramsay gathered Holli and Jay, asked them if they were ready, which they answered they were, they gave each other a kiss when they were asked to shake hands, and Ramsay asked Jean-Philippe to open Hell's Kitchen.

Dinner service Edit

The finalists' families were in attendance in their respective dining rooms, and Holli received her first ticket before Jay. She had a little bit of struggle to call it out, but Jay called his first ticket with confidence, and he knew that it was the biggest moment of his life as it was the most he had to gain, but the most he had to lose at the same time. Benjamin plated the first amuse-bouche, and in the red kitchen, Holli pushed Siobhan to serve the amuse-bouche quickly. The latter told that she took control of the appetizer station, but wanted to keep her calm despite having a lot of stuff going on, and she was pushed by Holli and Ramsay to go faster. When she brought her amuse-bouche to Holli, the latter was not satisfied because she filled them up too much, so Holli asked Siobhan for another batch of amuse-bouche, and was dismayed by the latter's problems that early into the service. Moments later, Siobhan brought an acceptable batch of amuse-bouche, and Ramsay warned Holli that she should not get behind with the amuse-bouche. In the blue kitchen, Fran was determined to help Jay win, but was pushed by him and Benjamin to beautifully cook the scallops, and when she was asked for a time, she revealed that she burned them and asked four more minutes. Jay was afraid of her as despite knowing that she wanted to do good, she did not seem to know what was going on, and Fran revealed that she did not have her truffle sauce, as expected. In the red kitchen, Siobhan sent her lobster to the pass, but the vegetables were missing, so Autumn decided to jump on her station to cook them as she thought she was the best. Siobhan apologized for her mistake, Ramsay was dismayed because they were still on the first table, and Holli asked for the zucchini urgently. In the blue kitchen, Fran's scallops were accepted, Jay motivated his brigade by telling them that they were doing awesome, acknowledged that the pressure was on with Ramsay standing beside him, and his customers were satisfied.

In the red kitchen, Nilka sent her Foie gras and brioche, but Holli sent the brioche back because it was not enough toasted, Ramsay motivated her brigade, and despite all of their problems, food was being sent out at a good pace. In the blue kitchen, Jason sent his lamb, but it was undercooked, and Jay asked him to fire it more, with Benjamin telling that if he was Jay, he would cuss at him and call him an idiot. Jay sent an incomplete table hoping that Jason's refire would be accepted, but when the latter sent his lamb refire, it was still undercooked, and Ramsay was dismayed, with Jay telling that he would fuck him. Jason received help from Benjamin, was told by Jay to cook the lamb medium-rare, and the latter told that he would send anything that was not perfect back as it would be his fault if Ramsay would see him send something like that. Jason sent his third attempt at the lamb, it was accepted, and in the red kitchen, Holli's brigade completed the appetizers, with the customers being very satisfied, and they moved on to entrées. Holli asked Nilka for the venison, which she admitted to have never cooked before, but was willing to try hard for her first time, and when she sent it up, it was overcooked. Holli was angry that Nilka brought shit that she would not eat herself, berated her for her mistake by comparing the venison to beef jerky, and Nilka was pushed by her and Ramsay for her refire. Holli told that Nilka was killing her, added that it was her restaurant so she would not serve shit, and Ramsay told that it started to be embarrassing. In the blue kitchen, a dish was returned because the lamb was not sliced properly, so Jay asked Jason to slice it a little thinner, which the latter took notice of. Then, Ramsay started to push Jason by yelling at him, but Jay noticed that he was reacting badly to yelling, so he decided to talk to him calmly, which he called babying him, and the lamb that Jason brought to the hot plate was accepted. After, Jay ordered Fran to dress the salads, but Benjamin was already doing them, and acknowledged that Jay was not being as vocal as she should have been, so he decided to lead himself by calling out the next ticket. Jay revealed that Benjamin was his Sous Chef as he did a good job and had his back, and the latter was leading Jason and Fran by asking them for a time on their entrées. Then, he went to the appetizer station to help Fran dress her salads, and because of his help, food was being served at a good pace to some very satisfied customers. In the red kitchen, Holli rallied her team as she wanted to finish strong, told Nilka that her meat was gorgeous despite the latter not understanding the first time, but when she asked for the garnish, Autumn was behind as she had a lot of stuff to do, but refused help from Nilka and Siobhan as she thought they did not know what they were doing. Nilka was insulted by that statement, and added that if she was as good as she thought, she would be in the finals instead of Holli. The latter ordered Nilka and Siobhan to help Autumn despite the latter refusing their help, and Holli was dismayed as she had twelve pans in front of her and nothing was coming out, while adding that it was not the time to argue. Ramsay ordered Autumn to send her garnishes, and she still believed that Nilka and Siobhan did not know what they were doing, but when Nilka sent her meat to the pass, it was accepted.

Two hours into service, both kitchens had three tickets remaining, and Jay urged his brigade to pick up the speed as it became a race at that point. Both finalists rallied their respective brigades to finish the service strong, Holli rejected Autumn's tuna as it was too cold, and eventually, Jay served his last ticket before Holli, but she told it was a matter of quality and not speed. After she sent out her last ticket, Ramsay congratulated her, as well as Jay, and both finalists were visited by their loved ones at the hot plate. When Holli's son greeted her, Nilka, Siobhan, and Autumn found him cute.

Post-mortem Edit

When both teams were lined up, Ramsay congratulated the returning chefs for doing a good job, both finalists hugged and thanked them, Jay hoped that his good job would pay off, and Holli was glad that the service was over, but acknowledged that her fate was in somebody else's hands at that moment. After the returning chefs were dismissed, Ramsay told Jay and Holli that he would study the customer comment cards, so they were told to relax while waiting in the dorms.

While going back to the dorms, Jay was feeling a little bit insecure for no particular reason, and admitted that he did not even know how he felt at that moment. On the patio, both of them were really nervous, Jay acknowledged that they would face a decision that would change one of their lives forever, and they drank more wine, with Jay burping and Holli being disgusted by that.

Winner announced Edit

After reading the customer comment cards and making his decision, Ramsay welcomed Jay and Holli in his office, and told them that despite one of them would become the Head Chef at the Savoy, both of them would have bright careers in the culinary industry. Then, both finalists stood in front of a door each, knowing that it would open only if they were the winner, and waited nervously for Ramsay's countdown to end. Jay called it monumentally life-changing as one of them would move to another continent to work for the most amazing chef, and Holli acknowledged that while it would change her life, it would mostly change her son's and best friend's lives for the better. After Ramsay finished counting to three, both finalists turned their handles, but only Holli's door opened.

Holli became the winner of Hell's Kitchen, and she was excited about that while wanting Jay to win if she was not in the finals against him. On his side, Jay became the runner-up, and took his defeat graciously by acknowledging that it was close and Holli deserved to win. During the celebration, Holli was hugged by her son, crying over seeing him, told that she missed him very much, and called him her little chef. After, Ramsay spilled some champagne on everybody, and when he did on Jean-Philippe, the latter was annoyed. Then, everybody congratulated Holli, and when Jay did, he hoped to take her pants off afterwards.

Ramsay's comment: "Holli won because she has grown as a chef more than any other chef in Hell's Kitchen. At the start, she was barely noticeable, but then, she got her confidence. She emerged and there was no holding her back. I'm absolutely thrilled she'll be working with me at the Savoy Grill in London."