4 Chefs Compete
Season 7, Episode 13
Air date July 27, 2010
Eliminated None
Saved Autumn, Benjamin
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5 Chefs Compete
4 Chefs Compete Part 2

The thirteenth episode of Season 7 of Hell's Kitchen aired on FOX, on July 27, 2010. On that episode, teaching skills were tested, dinner service went smoothly despite some bumps, and the chefs received some heartwarming visit.

Intro Edit

After Ramsay reminded that everybody had one in four chance to win the competition, they were dismissed, and back in the dorms, Holli told Benjamin that she was glad he was still there, which Autumn agreed with. On the patio, Jay told Benjamin that even though he liked Jason, he would have been bumped out if he would have left over him, and Benjamin added that he stayed over Jason because he had much more passion. He continued by saying that he was sure he could win the competition as he just had his second win, that he wanted to bury the girls, and he and Jay agreed to make them look bad and have them on their toes. Benjamin was convinced that he was a better cook than Holli and Autumn, and that he was the only one who could beat Jay.

Individual challenge Edit

The next morning, the chefs were greeted by Ramsay in the kitchen, who decided to cook a grilled monkfish dish to them, and Autumn told that Ramsay cooking for them was exciting, but that they had to watch carefully as they did not know what would happen next. Ramsay gave a clear demonstration on how to prepare that dish, Jay knew that monkfish was a difficult fish to work with and that it was not for beginners, and Holli wanted to pay very close attention as she was sure she could use some of the information to her advantage. After Ramsay plated the dish, he asked the chefs to taste it, all of them loved it, and when he asked if they could recreate it, they answered that they could, before Ramsay introduced the Cooking School Challenge, where each chef would have to teach the dish to another person without any cooking experience. Jay was sure that he was screwed as Benjamin was a culinary instructor, and then, the students were introduced, which were young good-looking bachelors. Jay was upset as he expected some beauty queens or strippers, and when Ramsay asked one of the bachelors the last time he was in a kitchen, the latter wondered if it was to actually do something. Holli found them pretty, but knew that they could not cook, and the 30-minute countdown began.

Everybody got ready to cook by putting aprons on, and Jay asked his student to bring his knife kit to his section, but the latter did not know where his section was. Ramsay asked him what he was doing, he explained the situation, but Jay appeared with the tray of ingredients while telling to join him. Then, Autumn's student started to cook, but almost cut her finger with the knife, and Ramsay reminded Holli that despite her student placing the pepper on the grill, it was not on. Then, everybody and their students were focused on their jobs, but Jay was disappointed about his student as he had a diamond in his ear, and took more time to put his apron on than actually cooking. Jay also added that because of that, he knew he was done, and wondered if he should just take his apron off and go home. After, Holli's student started to peel the skin off his monkfish, but was disgusted by it, despite her reminding him that he was a man, and she decided to be a little bit flirtatious to regain his confidence as he seemed like a lost puppy. They started to act like if they were a couple, but Jay was not worried as Holli's student seemed a little bit on the feminine side, and said that watching them was "monkfish the hard way". After that, Autumn ordered her student to take off the sticker from the pepper, and was confident in her teaching abilities as she was verbal and communicating well. Also, her student was happy to just be able to do something, and then, she left the kitchen for a few moments while telling him to watch the fish, but he did not know what he was watching despite watching it very intensely. Then, Benjamin explained to his student what they were doing, told that he liked teaching to new people, but was annoyed by his student's constant questions. Also, when his student revealed that he did not wash his hands, Benjamin ordered him to as he always had to do it. With two minutes left, everybody started to plate their dishes despite some difficulties to cut the fish, and when they were done, Holli and her student hugged each other.

On the first round, Autumn and her student presented their dish, but he struggled to explain what it was to Ramsay, and the latter was disappointed when he found out that there was not enough monkfish on the plate. He asked both of them where the monkfish was, and they explained that they had a hard time cutting it as it shredded, but the tasting was deemed nice despite not having enough fish. Autumn regretted her decision of not plating the shredded portion, and she comforted her student who was feeling bad about the situation. On the second round, Jay and his student presented their dish, and Ramsay was immediately impressed by the great presentation. He asked the student if he ever sliced monkfish before, which he answered never, believed that Jay could have sliced it, and the student did not have any difficulty to describe the dish. It was deemed delicious, the monkfish was cooked beautifully, and Jay was proud as his student was the perfect example of not judging a book by its cover, while adding that he was surprised as he thought he would have had a rough day. On the third round, Benjamin and his student presented their dish, and he was confident as he thought his student did a good job. However, the dish was criticized for having raw pepper and overcooked pancetta, Ramsay reminded that Benjamin was a culinary teacher, and when Ramsay asked his student how Benjamin came across, he told that he just followed his directions. Benjamin did not appreciate as he felt he was thrown under the bus, and told that he did not fuck his student, but that his student fucked him. On the last round, Holli and her student presented their dish, and while describing the dish, he told it was made with love. Moments later, he suggested Ramsay to take his time while tasting, but Holli told that he should not tell a chef how to eat and that Ramsay would have thrown the plate at him if he was in the competition. The dish was deemed delicious, with the student being surprised, and despite the monkfish being slightly gashed, it was there in its entirety. After, Ramsay congratulated everybody for being good teachers despite all the students having no experience in cooking, and after deliberating, Jay was declared the winner of the challenge. He was happy and psyched, knew that it made him climb another step of the ladder, and that it was another positive thing he could show to Ramsay. The latter claimed their dish almost perfect, and gave every bachelor a copy each of his latest book, before dismissing them.

Reward Edit

Jay was rewarded with an airship ride over Los Angeles, and was allowed to pick another person to go on the reward with him, so he picked Holli. On the patio, Jay felt bad for Benjamin, Holli suggested him to change his mind, and when Autumn and Benjamin joined them, he told Benjamin how bad he felt as they were good friends, but added that Holli was attractive.

During the ride to their reward, Holli told Jay how glad she was about being picked by him, and wondered what the reward would be as it could be anything. Then, they arrived at the runway, where they noticed the Goodyear balloon, they entered the cart who rode them to the balloon, and it was showing a sign where the message "Congratulations Jay and Holli" could be read. Holli compared that to a marriage proposal, they entered the balloon, and it took off, with both of them being really excited.

During the airship ride, Jay told it was the most amazing thing ever, and Holli was excited as despite being from the area, seeing it from there was giving her a different feeling. Moments later, they rode above Hell's Kitchen, and laughed while sarcastically feeling sorry for Autumn and Benjamin, while knowing that they must hate them at the moment.

Punishment Edit

Benjamin and Autumn were punished by participating in Maintenance day, cleaning and sweeping the parking lot, and prepping for the next service. Holli was not worried as she was a handy woman, but was annoyed about the dinner service, before being relieved about being chosen by Jay. Autumn knew that she would not have been picked if she would lose the challenge as she did not have any friends, and she and Benjamin were given maintenance outfits by Sous Chef Andi. When they joined Holli and Jay on the patio, Benjamin told that he was bumped about not being picked by Jay, but added that he would never sleep with him.

In the dining room, Autumn and Benjamin started to work, and the latter told that being with Autumn was the biggest punishment as he did not think she had passion or wanted the job at the Savoy, and that she only wanted to be on the show because she was pretty. On her side, Autumn thought that Benjamin was cracking under the pressure as he was on a downward spiral, and knew that it was difficult to recover.

Later, they started to work outside of the restaurant, with Jean-Philippe urging them to hurry up, and then, the airship containing Jay and Holli was seen above them, with the sign showing "Losers, hope you're enjoying your punishment!". Autumn was jealous, Jean-Philippe told that Jay and Holli must be laughing to death, but Benjamin did not think they were a mile high, and thought they were only a half-mile high.

Before service Edit

Later, Autumn and Benjamin were prepping half an hour before the next service, Jay and Holli arrived in the kitchen, but they were not greeted very well. Holli knew that Autumn and Benjamin were upset, and she asked what she could do, but Benjamin was still thinking that he was a better cook than her, while not noticing her passion, and thinking that she was lucky to still be there. Then, Ramsay entered the kitchen, and when he did, the sound of his voice made Holli flinch, and he wondered why she jumped like that.

When the chefs were lined up, Ramsay asked Jay and Holli how their reward was, which both of them answered it was great. Also, he asked if they spotted a house together, which they answered not, Holli added that she preferred to live in London, and Benjamin was annoyed by her and called her a tramp. Then, Ramsay expected the service to be a lot smoother than the previous ones, and because the previous services were disappointing, none of the chefs were qualified to take the job at the Savoy. So, he announced that everybody would be allowed to pick their own station, and Holli knew that opportunity was huge because they were never allowed to do so, and that it was their moment to shine or to fail. After they decided, Jay revealed that they all picked the stations where each were the best at, and knew that it would not be a difficult service if they would all communicate well. Then, Ramsay asked Jean-Philippe to open Hell's Kitchen by calling him the Belgian twat.

Dinner service Edit

When Ramsay called the first ticket, he was dismayed because nobody answered back, and he ordered everybody to find their energy, while reminding that he was looking for a leader. Autumn acknowledged that Ramsay was looking for a good leader, so she was determined to show her leadership qualities, and tried to help Holli on fish, but despite the latter telling her not to send the John Dory, she sent it anyway. The John Dory was sent back for having one raw piece out of four, Holli told Ramsay that Autumn sent it, Ramsay asked the latter if she was trying to sabotage Holli, which she answered not, and Holli started over. Then, Jay sent his first risotto to the pass, but it was bland, and Ramsay asked him to season it more, but he did not think it was bland as he thought it was only under-seasoned. Jay gave one minute on his second attempt, Ramsay urged him to step up his game as he was putting him in the shit, and after, Holli delivered perfectly sautéed scallops, and she was euphoric as she never had a compliment being yelled at her. Customers were enjoying their appetizers, and Jay sent another perfectly cooked risotto, before Holli sent raw John Dory. She was berated by Ramsay, who ordered a refire urgently, she was angry at herself as she knew that at this stage, every little mistake could eliminate somebody, and Ramsay reminded her to come back down to Earth after the reward. Meanwhile, Jay sent potatoes that were not ordered, he added that he was going too fast while rather sending too much food than not enough, and Ramsay ordered him to clean down his station so he could be more focused.

45 minutes into service, customers were enjoying their appetizers, and the kitchen moved on to entrées. Benjamin was determined to perform well as he knew his last service was bad, but he failed to communicate with Holli on several occasions, dismaying Ramsay, who urged him to talk, and then, he asked Ramsay to repeat the order as he did not understand it. Autumn recalled the order, Ramsay urged Benjamin to talk to his teammates while telling that time was running out for him, but despite that, he was still not communicating with Holli. Benjamin wanted to communicate, but clarified that it was hard with Ramsay yelling at him as he knew he had to do it, and Ramsay urged him to open up. Then, Autumn sent her garnishes to the pass, but the spinach was cold and greasy, Holli told that her job must not be that hard as she only had to reheat stuff, and her second attempt at the spinach was still cold. Ramsay told Autumn that she would be history if she would send cold spinach one more time, and after, he went to Holli's station to show her how to sauté the John Dory. Benjamin believed that Holli was in over her head for thinking that she was better than himself or Jay, and Ramsay reminded her that she should not scorch something instead of sauté something.

An hour and a half into service, entrées were slowed down because of Holli's mistake, and Jean-Philippe had to calm down some customers who were starting to lose their patience. Then, Ramsay called the following ticket, but Autumn was not listening, and she failed to repeat it correctly when he asked for it. Autumn admitted that she had no idea and that her guessing were always wrong, Ramsay urged her not to panic, and Benjamin struggled to slice his Wellingtons, until it fell apart. Ramsay reminded him to slice them with a carving knife, Autumn told that Benjamin could not hold it together, and when the latter sent his Wellingtons to the pass, they were raw, with Ramsay reminding him that he should not send them if they were not ready. Benjamin put his Wellingtons back in the oven, and then, Jay came over while Benjamin was pushed by Ramsay, before being informed that the Wellingtons were not done. After, Benjamin asked Jay to keep an eye on the beef while he went to the convection oven, which the latter did while wanting to show Ramsay he could emerge as a leader, and Jay called the following ticket, which Benjamin appreciated, and Holli started to communicate, much to Ramsay's praise, who said they finally sounded like a proper kitchen. Ramsay urged everybody to keep going, the chefs were communicating properly, food was being sent out at a good pace, and after a lot of orders were being sent out with everybody having good communication, Ramsay congratulated the chefs for not having any food coming back. Holli was proud of that, and on the last ticket, despite a minor fire erupting on Benjamin's station, Autumn told that they had a good service despite a bumpy start. When the service was completed, Ramsay congratulated the chefs for having a great service, gave high-fives to everybody, Jay felt that he had as much chance as everybody else to be eliminated, and Holli knew that nobody was safe and that the stakes were very high.

Post-mortem Edit

When the chefs were lined up, Ramsay congratulated them for having their best service at that moment, and noticed that they bounced back despite having some issues. After, he reminded that he was only looking for one chef, before Jay was singled out as he took control and lead. He was named "Best of the Worst", and asked to nominate two people for elimination.

While going back to the dorms, Jay acknowledged that he went from zero to hero, but that it was a tough decision as nobody really had a bad service. During deliberation, everybody told that they did not want to go home, and Autumn was immediately considered by Jay, which did not surprise her. For his second nominee, Jay knew that it was a hard decision as he did not want to break his relationship with Holli, as well as his friendship with Benjamin. Then, the latter targeted Holli by saying that he was a better cook and leader than her, that he did not have respect for her, and that he did not believe she could run the restaurant at the Savoy. Holli was annoyed by those comments as she wondered where that confidence from him suddenly emerged, because she knew his performance sucked. After, Autumn called it unfair to nominate Holli as she did not have a very bad service at that moment, and because she won many challenges, and despite Benjamin reminding that she had not won the most challenges, Holli reminded that she won most of the latter ones. Jay was still torn between the two of them, he acknowledged that Benjamin was a strong cook, that Holli had a better service than him, and when he asked for somebody to tell him what to do, Holli reminded it was his choice.

Elimination Edit

Jay announced Autumn as his first nominee, and Benjamin as his second. During their pleas, Benjamin recalled his experience, his passion, and knew that his performance was not showing what he could do, before asking for another chance to improve his communication. After, Autumn told that despite being called a princess, told that she was not passionate, she fought through all of this, and felt that she was able to run the Savoy. After deliberation, both of them were sent back in line, with Autumn being in tears, and Ramsay told that nobody deserved to be eliminated as they had a good service. Then, Autumn received the visit from her boyfriend and best friend, Jay received the visit from his mother and step-father, Holli received the visit from her son and his father, and Benjamin was visited by his wife and one-year-old daughter. Autumn was extremely happy to be visited by her family, told them that the competition has been hard because of her numerous nominations, and Benjamin was holding up tears as he missed his family and thought about them all the time between challenges and services. After, Jay told his family that the competition was the hardest and best thing he ever done, and Holli was very emotional about thinking of moving to London with her son.

Finally, the chefs said goodbye to their families, with Holli being very sad about the fact that it was the longest she has ever been separated from her son, and after they left, Ramsay announced that he would turn the competition up a notch, before the chefs were dismissed. Benjamin was determined to push himself to win as the success was lying between himself, Autumn was happy about seeing her family while calling it a big boost, Jay wanted to work harder to make his parents proud, and Holli wanted to win as she thought her son would be very proud of her.

Ramsay's comment: "I decided to let all the chefs enjoy tonight's successful dinner service, but what they don't know is after the next dinner service, I'll be cutting the field in half."