5 Chefs Compete
Season 7, Episode 12
Air date July 20, 2010
Eliminated Jason
Saved Benjamin
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The twelfth episode of Season 7 of Hell's Kitchen aired on FOX, on July 20, 2010, airing as a double feature alongside the eleventh episode. On that episode, the chefs made dishes on a budget, a showmance reached its climax, and an arrogant chef was put back in their place during dinner service.

Intro Edit

Back in the dorms, Jay could not believe that Autumn was still there as he thought she was dead weight, and Jason agreed with him, even stating that they would probably all go home before her. Also, Benjamin did not notice her improvement, adding that she was annoying and staying out of as much work as possible.

On the patio, Autumn told Holli that she was constantly trying her best and to be perfect, and knew that everybody was wrong when they told that she did not have any skills, that she did not deserve to be there, or that she could not win. Finally, she told Holli that she would cuss the men out if she would win the following challenge.

Team challenge Edit

The next morning, the chefs rode in the SUVs to the Owen's Market, where they were greeted by Ramsay, who introduced the Budget Challenge after reminding them that every great chef had to think about the cost and being profitable. After, each of them were given $10, and they had 10 minutes to shop for ingredients to create a stunning dish. When the countdown began, Jay revealed that he was responsible for making the food profitable at his own restaurant, and that he was confident as it was the epidemy of what he was doing. Then, he ordered a lamb chop, and Benjamin ordered a lamb loin, while declaring that he was cooking fresh and simple food. After, Autumn ordered a piece of veal as she knew it was expensive and that it was not being offered to people very often, Holli did not know what she would cook as she just grabbed ingredients to keep under the budget, and Jason thought that buying cheap was better, so he bought some frozen raviolis. When the chefs went to pay, everybody respected the $10 budget, except Holli who passed it by more than two and a half dollars.

When the chefs returned to Hell's Kitchen, they had 30 minutes to cook their dishes, and Holli knew that her dish would have a lot of flavors, but that the tricky part would be to put them all together. Also, Autumn almost bumped into Jason and Benjamin while carrying pans with hot water, Jason revealed that his strategy was to win, believed that he could, but Autumn thought that she would not be last after watching him boil his frozen raviolis. With five minutes remaining, Autumn revealed that she wanted to win so she could prove Benjamin and Jay wrong, and eventually, everybody plated their dishes in time.

Joaquim Splichal, Dana Bowen, and Vern Lakusta were invited as guest judges. When Splichal was introduced, Jay was excited as he knew that he was one of the most amazing chefs, and that his restaurant was one of the best. On the first round, Jay presented his pita bread-crusted lamb with a simple take on a Greek salad, which was appreciated for the great use of the pita bread, and the judges were impressed that he paid $8,95 for a dish that had great spices. Lakusta and Splichal both said they would be happy to pay $28, while Bowen would be happy to pay $30, so Jay scored an average of $28,66. On the second round, Jason served his pan-seared tilapia with shrimp and pre-made eggplant ravioli, but Jay knew that because he did not make the ravioli himself, even though his dish would be tasting good, he was done. None of the judges were impressed by his dish, Lakusta said he would pay $18 for it, and Bowen and Splichal said they would pay $15 each, so he scored an average of $16. Jason knew that buying ravioli was a bad decision, acknowledged his mistake, but knew that he wanted to buy as cheap as possible. On the third round, Benjamin presented his seared lamb loin chop with potatoes, spinach, artichokes and red wine vinegar, and Splichal asked him if it was a ratatouille idea from southern France, which he answered "Oui". The dish was criticized for having undercooked vegetables and for them not being cooked together, and the three guest judges gave it an average of $25, but he did not think his dish was that bad. On the fourth round, Autumn served her veal with saffron crushed-potatoes and roasted corn, which was praised for the presentation, the veal being cooked beautifully, and the fresh herbs coming through. Lakusta would be happy to pay $26 for her dish, Splichal would be happy to pay $27, and Bowen would be happy to pay $29, so she scored an average of $27,33. She was extremely psyched about beating Benjamin, told him to suck on it, and on the final round, Holli served her five spice Ahi tuna with bacon, parsnip purée and cumquat sauce, but Jay was not impressed as it did not sound good. However, the dish was praised for being bold, the brightness of the components, and the good flavors. Lakusta would be happy to pay $27 for the dish, Splichal would be happy to pay $30, and Bowen would be happy to pay $32, so Holli scored an average of $29,66, therefore passing Jay by one dollar and winning the challenge. Holli was feeling on cloud nine, was happy about the fact that she proved she was a strong contender, and the guest judges were dismissed.

Reward Edit

Holli was rewarded with a day at the Peninsula Hotel, in Beverly Hills, with Jean-Philippe, as well as a $1000 shopping spree at Surfas, for kitchen supplies. Also, she was allowed to choose one person to go on the reward with her, so she picked Jay, making him psyched about spending a day with Holli. Back in the dorms, Holli was thrilled, went to change immediately, declared that she was eager to have a drink with Jay, and the latter jokingly told her he would have been shocked if she would have picked Autumn. Then, he told that he believed she would pick Autumn because of the shopping, before forgetting how annoying Autumn was.

In the dining room, Holli and Jay were greeted by Jean-Philippe, and she immediately noticed that he was not wearing a suit, which he clarified that it was because he would spend the day at the beach with them. She acknowledged that he wanted to make sure both of them would have fun, and they went on the limousine ride. During the ride, Holli claimed that she picked Jay because he finished second during the challenge, and because of his blue hair, but she actually admitted that she wanted to be with him as she found him cool. Then, they started to flirt as each of them told the other's dish was great, and after, Holli jokingly asked if they could turn around so she could pick somebody else.

Arrived at the Peninsula, Jay called it the most prestigious place in Beverly Hills, and the three of them sat down to drink champagne and talk about their backgrounds. Jean-Philippe asked Holli to talk about hers, Jay was wondering why was he still there, and Holli revealed that she went to culinary school, but took a year off to take care of her 4-year-old son, who was living with his dad at that moment. After, Jay revealed he was not married, did not have a girlfriend, leading Holli to jokingly say that he was saving himself for her. Then, executive chef James Overbaugh served them more champagne, Jean-Philippe asked him how much it would cost to stay for a night, and jokingly suggested Holli and Jay to get the nuptial room, before Jay jokingly asked if they could rent by the hour. Overbaugh told they were not that kind of hotel, and Holli added that she was not that kind of person, before getting served their next course.

Later, Holli and Jay went to Surfas, and she was excited as they had everything they could possibly get. Both of them had a great time shopping, even flirting with each other at some points, and when Jay suggested that Holli should buy something for the rest of the team, she categorically refused by saying "fuck the team".

Punishment Edit

Jason, Benjamin, and Autumn were punished by participating in Laundry day. When he learned Holli's reward, Jason was upset as he missed shopping, an activity he enjoyed, for the second time. In the dining room, Autumn was already annoying Benjamin because of her constant chatter, and moments later, Jason was annoyed as well.

Later, the chefs were given spam sandwiches for lunch, and everybody found it disgusting, before Autumn started to talk over and over about her personal life, with Jason being extremely annoyed. Also, he found it amazing that she went on constantly talking for hours.

Before service Edit

When Holli and Jay came back from their reward, the other chefs were still ironing, with Autumn still talking, the latter wondered how much drinks they took, and Jay told that himself and Holli would be on the patio drinking and smoking. Jason believed that there was some chemistry between Jay and Holli, and the two of them changed in their bathing suits and went in the hot tub. Benjamin also knew that there was something going on between Jay and Holli as both of them were single, but Autumn did not think there was something serious between them. Then, in the hot tub, Jay started to touch Holli's ass, but moments later, Autumn broke the mood by coming in the hot tub as well.

The next morning, Jay told Holli that the previous day was his best since the competition started, and everybody went in the kitchen to prep for the next service. All of them were focused on their tasks, but Jay was annoyed by Jason's slowness, and could not believe he could run a kitchen. Holli was annoyed as well because he was asking a lot of questions, and when he asked himself why they were that far behind, everybody else laughed.

When the chefs were lined up, Ramsay declared that they had to come back, so he would test their communication by constantly making them switch stations. Jason knew it would be challenging and that they had to communicate well, and Ramsay revealed that Holli's tuna with cumquats would be featured on the menu. Finally, he asked Jean-Philippe to open Hell's Kitchen.

Dinner service Edit

On the first ticket, Jason gave twenty seconds on his scallops, Jay's first capellini was accepted, but Jason's scallops were rejected because only one portions out of two was cooked beautifully, while the other one was overcooked. Jay thought that Jason could only be a home-style barbecue cook instead of somebody who could run the restaurant at the Savoy, and when Jason sent his second attempt on the scallops, they were accepted. Then, Ramsay called the first station switch, with everybody rotating anti-clockwise, they communicated with each other, but when Jason arrived to the meat station, Holli told him that the Wellingtons have been in the oven for eighteen minutes, so he called 45 seconds for them to be ready. However, when Jason sliced the Wellingtons, he discovered that they were still raw, and did not believe that they have been in the oven for eighteen minutes because of it. So, he decided to put them back in the convection oven without telling anybody, while telling that Holli did not time her meat right, and he was berated by Ramsay for not talking as the rest of the table was ready. So, Jay had to take his garnishes back, and Jason blamed Holli for his mistake.

45 minutes into service, entrées were being served at a good pace despite Jason's problems. Also, Benjamin was determined to have a good service, but when he sent the tuna, it was way overcooked, even leading Ramsay to ask Holli if that was how she cooked it for the challenge. She answered not, claimed that Benjamin served a well-done tuna, and told him that it had to be barely seared. After, she questioned his technical abilities, told that he should have known better, and Benjamin was pushed by Ramsay to pull it back. In the dining room, Jean-Philippe tried to reassure some customers by telling that he could not tell when the next entrée would come out, and then, the second station switch occurred. Benjamin communicated with Jay, and Holli called the station switches a learning experience as everybody had to learn how to communicate. After, Jay sent his John Dory to the pass, but it was overcooked, and Ramsay berated him for taking the piss out of him. Jay told that the fish station was a mess when he walked in, told it was difficult for him to work with, and Ramsay urged him to bounce back. Jason asked for a time on the John Dory, but Jay did not answer twice, and Jason thought that even though Jay was his strongest competition, he was crumbling when he was getting yelled at. On the third time, Jay gave one minute, and Ramsay was dismayed because everybody was sinking after switching stations. Then, Jay sent his John Dory to the pass, it was accepted, and Ramsay called the third station switch. Everybody communicated at the same time, but when Ramsay called the following ticket, Jay was confused as he did not listen to it. When Autumn asked him for a time on the tuna, he answered that she had two halibuts, which dismayed her and Ramsay, and she had good communication with Holli, called one minute on the tuna, and felt great about the fact that she was communicating. Because of Autumn's communication, her tuna and Jay's Wellingtons were accepted, and food was being served at a good pace. However, some Wellingtons were being sent back to the kitchen because they were overcooked, and Ramsay asked for a Wellington refire urgently. So, Holli asked Jay for a time on the refire, which he answered fourteen minutes, much to her disbelief. Then, he sent his Wellington refire, but Holli was not ready as he called fourteen minutes, but he clarified that it was fourteen minutes on the following Wellingtons, much to her dismay. Ramsay aggressively asked Holli for the garnishes, but she was still not ready, he asked Jay if he was doing it to sabotage, which Jay answered not, and Holli told that Jay fucked her up as he called the wrong time on the refire.

After, the fourth station switch was called, Autumn clearly told Holli what was going on fish, and so did Jay with Autumn. But, she was not satisfied with the information that Jay gave her as she did not know where the Wellingtons were, and what temperatures were her meat. However, the Wellingtons that she sent to the pass were cooked beautifully, and Holli's scallops were beautifully cooked as well. But all of a sudden, Benjamin came on the fish station and tried to steal Holli's job by cooking some scallops, and she was extremely annoyed by that as she thought he just wanted to be the hero. Then, Benjamin sent his scallops to the pass, but they were rejected for not being seared properly, and Ramsay urged him to properly cook them with respect and care, which Benjamin did. After the latter sent acceptable scallops to the pass, the last station switch was called, entrées were being served to the dining room, but a halibut dish came back in the kitchen for being overcooked. Ramsay berated Jason as he was the one who cooked it, did not order a halibut refire because the customer did not want it anymore, and Holli was convinced that Jason was lacking culinary skills, before the latter sustained a minor burn. Then, Jason sent his tuna to the pass, but Benjamin did not send the tuna garnish, and was not communicating at all, dismaying Ramsay. Benjamin was convinced that he was trying hard to communicate, but added that he was hustling on garnish, and Ramsay was still angry at his lack of communication. When Ramsay asked for the halibut garnish, Autumn acknowledged that Benjamin was tanking and did not meet anybody's standards, and moments later, Benjamin finally sent his halibut garnish to the pass. After that, Ramsay dedicated the hot plate to Sous Chef Scott as he had to leave the kitchen for a few minutes, and Jason and Benjamin sent their tuna and garnishes respectively. Then, Benjamin tried once again to steal somebody's job by calling out the next ticket, much to Sous Chef Scott's annoyance, who aggressively told him that despite being a good cook, he was a shitty leader. Sous Chef Scott became more and more furious by asking Benjamin if he should leave and let him run the hot plate, which Benjamin answered not, and finally, he came two inches away from Benjamin's face, and yelled at him to never try to steal his job ever again. Autumn acknowledged that Benjamin was not having a good night, Sous Chef Scott ordered Benjamin to get back to his station, and the latter told that Sous Chef Scott ripped his asshole very big, while adding that it sucked. After that, the last ticket was called, Jason communicated with everybody, but when Holli suggested to wait for the garnish, Ramsay came back in the kitchen, and Jason gestured her to not say that. So, Jason called two minutes for the garnish, and after, everybody sent their food to the pass at the same time. Everything was accepted, Jay sent out the desserts, and the service was completed, with Jason calling it a wrap.

Post-mortem Edit

When the chefs were lined up, Ramsay reminded that every great chef had to multitask, and that they all switched off when they were switching stations. Then, Jason thought that switching stations were making some people reset their minds and fall for the loop, before throwing Benjamin and Jay under the bus for those reasons. After, Ramsay called the chefs five line cooks, before asking them to nominate two people for elimination.

While going back to the dorms, Jay was upset about being thrown under the bus by Jason, and declared that he would go at him for doing that. During deliberation, Jay asked Jason if he was a good cook only because he called out two tunas, Jason did not understand the question as he found it dumb, and Jay started to confront him over the fact that he was called out. Jason told that he only said what he was thinking about what happened, but Jay reminded that he fucked up as much as himself, and Jay found it pathetic that Jason would only call him out for his lack of communication. Then, Jason told Jay that he only told what he thought of the situation, and Jay responded that he did not like it. After, Benjamin told that he got fucked up on appetizers because they were not pulled, and also called the garnish station a mess. But, Jason started to lose his temper and confronted Benjamin for being nit-picky, and still thought that the latter and Jay were the most quiet. Then, Benjamin considered Autumn for no apparent reason, which annoyed her as she was sure that she was Benjamin's scapegoat, but knew that she was getting better and he was getting worse. After, Autumn reminded that she was following Jay, and that all of her stations were messes when she was getting to them, leading Jay to interpret it as she considered him, which she confirmed, while also considering Benjamin. Then, Jay considered Autumn as he thought she was on borrowed time, and Jason for being a good cook but nothing impressive. However, Jason knew that Jay only considered him for being called out, and after, Holli considered Benjamin for completely shutting down, but was struggling between Jay and Jason for her second vote, while adding that she wished Autumn would have fucked up so she could consider her.

Elimination Edit

Holli announced Benjamin as the first nominee for elimination, and Jason as the second. During their pleas, Jason thought that he did not have a chance to show his total leadership qualities yet, and that his teammates nominated him for personal reasons, while calling it bullshit. After, Benjamin admitted that he was over thinking cooking when he was getting busy, and when Ramsay reminded him that he clammed up when he was under pressure, he still thought that he did a good service, which Ramsay did not believe. After deliberation, Jason was eliminated for lacking leadership qualities, but before he left, Ramsay told him that he was not done in the cooking industry, and he received a retrospective montage of his run during his exit interview.

After Jason left, Ramsay revealed that the chefs would be tested in a completely different way the following day, and while being dismissed, Benjamin was relieved, but determined to kill the next service. Also, Holli was happy to still be there and about the fact that she was safe for the moment, and Jay declared that failure was no longer an option as he needed to win the competition.

Ramsay's comment: "Jason was good enough to make it to the final five, but he just didn't instill the confidence I needed to see to be my head chef."