6 Chefs Compete
Season 7, Episode 11
Air date July 20, 2010
Eliminated Ed
Saved Autumn
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7 Chefs Compete
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The eleventh episode of Season 7 of Hell's Kitchen aired on FOX, on July 20, 2010, airing as a double feature alongside the twelfth episode. On that episode, one chef received a huge makeover, a showmance began to emerge, and two chefs slowed down the service all by themselves before being kicked out.

Intro Edit

While going back to the dorms, Jason was excited to be in the top six as only the best of the best chefs remained, Benjamin and Ed hugged each other, and the latter acknowledged that his last performance was not the best and that he had to reach for the gold. In the dorms, the chefs found some champagne bottles and glasses on the table, and Autumn acknowledged that after ten people were eliminated, the pressure was definitely on. While the chefs were drinking champagne, Jason told that one of them would become the head chef at the Savoy in London, and Jay wondered if he should start speaking with a British accent as he was close to the most amazing job with the most amazing chef in the most amazing city. After, the chefs clinked their glasses.

Individual challenge Edit

The next morning, the chefs went to the dining room, and Ramsay introduced the Presentation Challenge, where each chef would have 30 minutes to create a dish which would look and taste great. Also, he added that the dishes would be photographed by a renowned food photographer, and Jay was confident as presentation was one of his strongest points, while adding that it was the epidemy of what he was doing.

When the countdown began, the chefs ran to the pantry room, grabbed a tray of ingredients, and started cooking. Benjamin wanted to show that he had good techniques, but Jay informed him that one of his pans was on fire, and he succeeded to take it off. Then, Autumn revealed that her dish was a Ahi tuna with a sweet and sour prosciutto sauce as she liked to take something classic and put a spin on it, and she did it while wanting to show that she was a force to be reckoned with. After, Ed revealed that he would make a striped bass, that he liked to create and get outside of the box, and hoped that his style would be good enough to get him to London. Then, Jay revealed he was making a modern-style beet and goat cheese salad, while being extremely convinced that it was a very good looking dish, and he added that he could only lose that challenge by making himself lose. Eventually, everybody plated their dishes in time.

After the first part, the chefs went upstairs to have their dishes photographed by Alex Vasilescu, and Holli was not happy with her dish as it did not look like a piece of art, while everybody else's looked gorgeous. Then, the chefs went in the entrance hallway to take a look at the pictures, and all of them were impressed, with Jason saying that Ed's dish was making him hungry, and Holli deeming Benjamin's as her favorite. Also, Jay deemed his own dish as his favorite, and stated that he was 99,2% confident he would win the challenge. After, Ramsay introduced the chefs to some culinary students who would judge the pictures by ranking them from the best looking dish to the worst, and when they entered, Jason thought that Ramsay would judge the pictures, while adding that the students did not want to come back in Hell's Kitchen ever. While the students were making their ranking, the chefs had to make their dishes exactly the same way one more time. During the evaluation, Holli's dish was deemed boring by a student, and another one wondered what meat was on Autumn's plate, which Ramsay answered was Ahi tuna, before urging him to polish his glasses. Also, one student did not know what Jay's dish was.

When the chefs were lined up, Ramsay revealed that Holli's dish was deemed the worst, and Jay's ranked in fifth place, which he almost believed was a joke as he was very confident he would win. After, Jason's dish ranked in fourth place, and Autumn's ranked in third, making Benjamin and Ed the two finalists of the challenge. For the second part, Tanya Steele, from Epicurious magazine, was invited as a guest judge, and Benjamin and Ed were called down to have their dishes judged. Steele was very impressed by both presentations, Ed presented his pan-seared striped bass with celery purée, mango and avocado salsa and cilantro oil, and he was not nervous at all as Steele showed non-verbal signs of excitement over his dish. It was praised for being cooked beautifully, and after, Benjamin presented his pan-seared halibut with bouillabaisse, fennel, confit tomatoes, olive oil and basil, and it was praised for the combination of the ingredients and the spectacular colors. After much deliberation, Benjamin was declared the winner, which Jason considered as the same shit on a different day. After, the culinary students were dismissed while being given a standing ovation by the chefs.

Reward Edit

Benjamin was rewarded with a photo shoot for Epicurious, where he and his dish would be featured, and a haircut, facial, manicure and pedicure. He was excited as he called Epicurious another notch of the ladder after he was featured in Bon Appétit, New York Times, and Boston Globe. While getting ready, he knew that winning the challenge would show everybody that the competition was on, and that almost everything on his dish was close to perfect.

When Benjamin walked by the dining room to go on his reward, he jokingly told Jay that he would think about him the whole day after the latter wished him luck on his fang day. Arrived at the photo shoot, he was greeted by Tanya Steele, who introduced him to the stylists, he jokingly told them they had a lot of work to do, and was excited about getting a haircut despite his wife liking his hair long. After having his haircut, he was excited and enjoyed his new look as he told it was time for him to have short sexy hair. Then, some hair from his eyebrows got removed, but he did not like it as it hurt, and even admitted that he cried. When he revealed his new look, Steele told that he looked like a rock star, and they moved on to the photo shoot, with Benjamin telling that it would help him to open more doors for being on Epicurious, and acknowledging that some people would kill to be there.

Punishment Edit

The remaining chefs were punished by cleaning the dining room under Jean-Philippe's supervision. Autumn was very jealous about Benjamin's haircut and facial, and Jason was dismayed because he knew Jean-Philippe wanted perfection and would not settle for less. While being dismissed, Jason whispered to Autumn that Jay was pissed, and on the patio, Jay expressed a lot of disappointment about ranking in fifth place, and knew that he had to snap out of it. Also, Jason told that Benjamin's dish was one of the most incredible things he ever saw on a plate.

In the dining room, the chefs were greeted by Jean-Philippe, who gleefully told them that they would spend the whole day cleaning together, and Holli knew that he wanted perfect, so they would have to give him that whether they wanted to or not. Autumn admitted that Benjamin needed a haircut, and when the latter walked by to go on his reward, Jay wished him good luck on his fang day.

Later, Jean-Philippe dedicated the chefs to polish the wood, Jay suggested that Holli should do it, and she jokingly flipped him the bird. Then, she asked him if she should polish after he sprayed, and everybody understood the innuendo. After, Jay revealed his two goals, which were to win Hell's Kitchen and to sleep with Holli, and he also told Holli that she should polish on her knees. Finally, Holli revealed that they joked around sex all punishment long because it was very boring. Moments later, Jay was squirting some product on the floor to wash it, but Jason told him he was doing it wrong, so he showed him how to do it, and Jay added that he did not have any family, which Jason realized. So, the latter jokingly told him to go find Holli, and Autumn acknowledged that there might be a love connection between Jay and Holli. Then, Ed asked Jean-Philippe if he should keep the utensils sideways or straight, which Jean-Philippe answered straight, before understanding the innuendo.

Before service Edit

When Benjamin came back from his reward, everybody was impressed by his new look, with Jason saying that he needed it because the Shaggy hair from Scooby-doo was outdated. Also, Holli told that despite his new hair and new clothes, he was still the same dork, and when Benjamin told that he would head upstairs while saying that he felt great in his skin, Jay told that he should get his money back.

The next morning, the chefs went to the kitchen to begin prepping, and Sous Chefs Scott and Andi revealed the new menu, and that Benjamin's dish would be featured on the menu. During prep, Benjamin gave clear instructions on how to make his dish, but Holli was annoyed because there was too much of little components. Benjamin knew that his dish was difficult, but believed that everybody could do it. However, Autumn thought it was the most complicated dish with the most components, and Jay was worried because Benjamin's dish was very aggressive, while fearing it would become a major issue.

When the chefs were lined up, Ramsay announced that they would be looked at more than ever because he wanted to see leaders emerging, and that there would be a special VIP guest at the chefs table. After reminding that they should step up to the mark, Ed knew that the competition was very stiff and that Ramsay would be looking at every single detail, Benjamin felt that he knew what Ramsay was looking for without sounding arrogant or cocky, and Ramsay asked Jean-Philippe to open Hell's Kitchen.

Dinner service Edit

When the first customers entered, a lot of halibut was ordered because of Benjamin's dish, and when the first ticket was called, the chefs did not give any answers, much to Ramsay's annoyance. Then, Holli allowed Ed to fire his John Dory, Autumn reminded him that he also had to fire his scallops, and Ed was psyched about working on the fish station, while knowing that he had to keep his cool and calm. However, when he sent his scallops and John Dory to the pass, they were all raw, Ramsay ordered him to get them back in the pan, and Ed acknowledged that it added more pressure. Then, Ramsay urged him to stop panicking and show some composure, Ed was determined to not mess up, and after, Jason sent his capellini to the pass, but it was under seasoned. Jason acknowledged that with only six chefs remaining, Ramsay would be on everybody's ass and that there was no way to get out from that. When Ramsay asked Jason for a time, the latter did not answer, much to Ramsay's annoyance, and after, he gave twenty seconds. Ramsay reminded the chefs that it was a great opportunity for them to emerge as leaders, but was disappointed because nobody was jumping on that opportunity. Then, Holli asked for a time on the scallops, Ed answered that he was ready to send them, Jason sent his capellini to the pass, which was accepted, and Holli was not sure who would be eliminated next as with not too many people left, she could not count on them to fuck up. Her potatoes were accepted, Ed's scallops were accepted as well, and appetizers were being served at a good pace, with customers being satisfied.

When the chefs moved on to entrées, Autumn was ready to help Ed with the halibut as she knew that she had to help people while being on desserts. However, when she tried to help Benjamin on meat, he did not communicate at all, and Ramsay was furious because Autumn was doing nothing, and berated Benjamin for being about to sink his night, before urging him to open up and start talking. When he sent his beef to the pass, the gratin was missing, and he was furious with himself as he knew he was getting flustered, while being upset about disappointing his idol. Ramsay told Benjamin that having a haircut did not mean losing his brain, sent an incomplete order, and after, Benjamin slipped on the floor while dropping his chicken, which Autumn found funny. Everybody asked him if he was fine, Ramsay urged him to slow down, and when Ed sent his John Dory to the pass, it was raw. So, Ramsay asked him what was wrong with him cooking John Dory, which Ed did not give any excuse, and he acknowledged that it was hard to keep up with the appetizers and entrées being fired at the same time. When he sent his halibut to the pass, it was raw as well, and Ramsay was dismayed that he had to tell him at that stage of the game, which Ed agreed with. After Autumn acknowledged that Ed had a few rough services already and wondered if she would have done a better job on fish, he got pushed by Ramsay, sent his halibut, was told by Autumn that he got fourteen more on order, and his halibut was returned for being raw one more time, much to Ramsay's dismay. Ed was berated by Ramsay for trying to serve raw fish, and Jason told that Ed should calm down, get some ice and water and just cook. Because of Ed's mistake, Ramsay was forced once again to serve an incomplete order, and Ed was seen panicking a lot because of the large amount of halibut orders, which caused Jay to fall behind as well on garnish. When Ramsay asked him what was happening to him as Benjamin's Wellingtons were being served, he was lost, and he put the blame on Ed as one order of halibut meant seven garnish items he had to redo, while calling it ridiculous.

Two hours into service, customers started to lose their patience, and Ed struggled to keep up with the halibut as he wondered why they were not cooking, which Ramsay answered that it was because they were not in the pan. When Ed attempted to put a piece of halibut back in the pan, he busted it, and Ramsay angrily told him that he was killing him, with Ed being disappointed in himself. Because he had thirty-eight orders of halibut still to go, Ed acknowledged that it was hard to keep up with as it was a thick fish, and Ramsay asked for somebody to help him, which Benjamin agreed to do. He told Ed that he had to sear them, and believed that he would have handle it better than Ed if he was cooking fish, while wondering what was going through Ed's head. Then, Jean-Philippe revealed to Ramsay that the person waiting for the halibut was a pregnant woman with two men who already finished their duck, and Ramsay berated Ed for that, while adding that the woman was about to give birth. But, when Ed sent his halibut to the pass, it was still raw, Ramsay ordered everybody to pass it amongst them, and Jay was convinced that Ed was having an issue after making that many mistakes, while adding that he was not curing cancer. Ed asked for five halibuts to fire, Holli wanted to help him as she acknowledged that they might all be kicked out if they would not serve the entrées, and Ramsay was dismayed because Autumn was cooking halibut on appetizers. Autumn responded that she was doing it to make some space, but Benjamin was annoyed as he thought Autumn was trying to do as most little work as possible, and added that he did not trust her. Then, everybody started to talk at the same time about how much halibut they needed, Ramsay called what they were working on, and asked Ed where was his fight back, which Ed answered that he was fighting back at the moment. Ed told that even though he tried to stay focused, he was behind, but added that when he was behind, he was trying to battle back, and when he sent his halibut to the pass, it was finally accepted. Then, Benjamin sent his beef to the pass, but it was not hot enough, he was ordered to put them back in the oven, and he put the blame on Ed for making them rest waiting for the halibut. Benjamin was berated by Ramsay for not taking the lead while supposed to, he acknowledged that he had to talk more, but also, he found it difficult to talk while focusing on his food, and compared it to talk while painting. Then, Ramsay confirmed that Benjamin could not lead despite being able to cook, the latter acknowledged it, and declared that he almost cried because he knew they were fucked. Ramsay urged Benjamin to lead, and the latter started to communicate to Jay and Ed.

Less than three hours into service, the customers were still waiting for their entrées, and Benjamin brought the entrées for the next table, which dismayed Ramsay as nobody was focused. Then, Ramsay told Benjamin that he ruined the night, Autumn knew that it was crazy and off because everybody needed to take a step back and cook, and Ramsay berated Jay, Ed and Benjamin because nobody was giving a fuck about what was going on. Then, Benjamin started to communicate with Ed, but when the latter sent his scallops to the pass, they were overcooked, much to Jason's dismay, and Ramsay was fed up about the numerous mistakes, before Ed and Benjamin were kicked out of the kitchen. After, Jason was relocated to the fish station, Autumn to the meat station, and back in the dorms, Benjamin knew that he had a bad service as he told that even though Ed was flustered, he could have carried him through but did not. Ed called it pathetic, was disappointed in himself as he knew he could have done 100% better, and was sure he would be nominated. Back in the kitchen, Ramsay asked for the scallops, Jason communicated with Holli, and when he sent his scallops to the pass, they were beautifully cooked. Then, everybody had great communication, Jay told that it was less chaotic after Benjamin and Ed were kicked out, even comparing to a weight being lifted off his back, and the remaining chefs sent entrées out at a good pace. Moments later, Whoopi Goldberg arrived at the chefs table, and when she entered the kitchen, Jason was floored, and Holli could not believe she was in Hell, but was not nervous as she was very friendly. When Goldberg noticed that the chefs were quiet, Jean-Philippe responded that it was not earlier, and the chefs table's order was taken and called. The remaining chefs succeeded to send the order quickly, they rallied to complete their last ticket, customers were satisfied, and Jay told that it was awesome to cook for Whoopi Goldberg as everybody knew who she was. Finally, Autumn was proud as they succeeded to finish on a positive note despite a rough start, desserts were sent out, and service was completed.

Post-mortem Edit

When the chefs were lined up, Ramsay called it pathetic, and reminded them that they were put on the same team because he believed in them, but that they let the customers and themselves down. After, he told Ed that he should know how to cook halibut at that point, and Benjamin that he confirmed he could not lead. Then, Ramsay asked the chefs to nominate two people based on overall performance, and they were dismissed.

While going back to the dorms, Jay told that because Ramsay asked them to nominate based on overall performance, it was changing everything even though Ed and Benjamin were kicked out. During deliberation, Holli had no idea who to nominate, and Benjamin quickly considered Autumn because he felt she was not working during prep, was not passionate and did not want the head chef job. She disagreed with him as she knew she was prepping a lot of stuff, but Jay also considered her, which dismayed her as she told that she hated people. Jay added that it was because she was the one nominated the most, which Holli agreed with, but Autumn did not understand as she was busting her ass and helping everybody, and she called it unfair, while adding that it sucked. After, Jay hesitated between Ed and Jason for his second vote, because Ed was getting frazzled easily despite being a strong cook, but Ed declared that he would fight back despite all of his bad services. Then, he told Jason that he was afraid of his temper, but the latter wondered what was Ramsay doing to him if he was scaring him, and added that Jay should stop acting like a girl. Also, Jason reminded that he never got kicked out of his station, and Jay concluded that picking between Ed and Jason was very hard.

Elimination Edit

Autumn announced herself as the first nominee for elimination, and Ed as the second. During their pleas, Ed thought that he was a better chef than Autumn because he could multitask better, and had better communication and knowledge, which did not convince Ramsay. After, Autumn believed that she would be nominated no matter how good she would get, and believed she was a stronger chef than Ed because she was more consistent than him overall. After deliberation, Ramsay told that Autumn was getting better, and Ed was eliminated for his downward spiral. Ed received a retrospective montage during his exit interview.

After Ed left, Ramsay reminded that at this stage of the game, the stronger would get stronger, and the weaker would get exposed. Then, he urged everybody to show that they were worthy of being in the final five, and he dismissed the chefs while telling that he was not impressed with anybody. While being dismissed, Autumn was laughing over the fact that nobody could get rid of her despite how hard they were trying, Benjamin was not happy as he knew he did not do a good job, was determined to show Ramsay what he was made of, and declared that he would just cook and stop over thinking. Finally, Jason noticed that there were four more asses for him to get rid of, declared that he was not there to play, and that he was ready to move his family to London.

Ramsay's comment: "Ed was one of the favorites because of his strong start. Unfortunately, in cooking, it's not how you start, it's how you finish."