9 Chefs Compete
Season 7, Episode 8
Air date June 29, 2010
Eliminated Siobhan
Saved Fran, Ed, Autumn
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The eighth episode of Season 7 of Hell's Kitchen aired on FOX, on June 29, 2010, airing as a double feature alongside the seventh episode. On that episode, sandwiches were the main dish, one chef became extremely arrogant, and a fowl customer was put back in their place during service.

Intro Edit

While going back to the dorms, Jason was worried as he wondered what they would do with only four people, and in the red team, Benjamin told Siobhan that she needed to stop talking and just work. But, she was annoyed by that comment, and frustratingly reminded that she would not be there if she did not have passion, while adding that Benjamin could go fuck himself.

On the patio, Benjamin told to his teammates that he did not want to hear them saying that services were easy, and Siobhan added that she was ready to put her balls on the line. Also, she was determined to show Benjamin that she could cook, and told to wait until the following challenge so she would cook his ass under the table. After she left the conversation, Benjamin became extremely negative by saying that Siobhan was lacking technical skills and passion, and that she talked too much. When he added that Siobhan was lucky to be there, Holli was annoyed by his negative attitude, saying that despite being a good cook, he did not have to be rude. Finally, Benjamin said that Siobhan would go down.

Field trip Edit

The next morning, Sous Chef Scott called in the dorms, Benjamin answered, and he was told to get everybody down to go to one of the oldest and most famous French restaurants in Los Angeles. Everybody got up, and while getting ready, Autumn was excited to get out of the restaurant while looking pretty, smelling good, and wearing something that would adapt to any situation she would be facing. The chefs entered the Hell's Kitchen SUV, and rode to the Philippe's restaurant, in Los Angeles. Arrived there, they were greeted by Ramsay, who wondered why they were so well-dressed. Fran acknowledged the restaurant was old and rustic, and understood why Ramsay was wondering that. After, he revealed to the chefs that the restaurant has been opened for more than one hundred years, and that they invented the French dipped sandwich, which surprised Siobhan. Then, he introduced the chefs to Richard Binder, the owner of the restaurant, who explained how the French dipped sandwich was invented, and after that, the chefs sat down with Ramsay to taste that sandwich. Fran was excited as she was sitting next to Ramsay, and the latter started to count to three, but jokingly stopped at two to ask Jason what was wrong with him. Jason answered that he was just waiting to take the bite, and Ramsay counted to three for real, with all of the chefs enjoying their sandwiches, and Nilka even stating that it was melting in her mouth.

After the tasting, Ramsay introduced the Gourmet Sandwich Challenge, where each chef had 30 minutes to create a unique gourmet sandwich, and before returning to Hell's Kitchen, they received the list of ingredients that were available. Ed was excited, but was nervous because of the ingredient list, saying that it would be difficult to make a sandwich tasting as good as the French dipped. On their way back to Hell's Kitchen, Benjamin was psyched to cook his own food, was confident that his sandwich would be awesome, and Siobhan wanted her sandwich to represent her personality as she could enjoy a lot of different tastes.

Team challenge Edit

Arrived at Hell's Kitchen, the countdown began, and the chefs ran into the kitchens to create their sandwiches. They picked their ingredients, and in the red kitchen, Benjamin asked if anybody was looking for the tuna, which Siobhan responded that she had her tuna already. He reminded her to cut the blood line off, she responded that her tuna did not have much blood line anyway, and acknowledged that Benjamin was targeting her, but did not care as she just wanted to prove Ramsay that she could cook. When Fran was looking for the challah bread, Siobhan had it all for herself, and Benjamin told that because of that, Siobhan was driving him nuts. In the blue kitchen, Jay was confident about his Foie gras sandwich, and Ed knew that the latter was his biggest competition as both of them were ready to work hard. After tasting, Siobhan was confident in her sandwich, and everybody plated their dishes in time.

Before the judging, Ramsay asked the red team to drop one of their sandwiches as they had one more member, and they quickly agreed on Siobhan, with Benjamin adding that he would be pissed and would like his money back if he would order it in a restaurant. Siobhan was furious because she was being banged down one more time, and on the first round, Ed went up against Benjamin. The latter presented his pan-seared Ahi tuna sandwich with watercress and spicy olives, which was praised for the tuna being cooked perfectly, and after, Ed served a Ahi tuna sandwich with grilled sesame bread, wasabi mayonnaise, fresh mint and chives, which was deemed delicious. Both of them scored a point, tying the score at 1. On the second round, Holli served a smoked duck breast sandwich with pumpernickel bread, caramelized onions and prosciutto, which was labelled as ambitious by Ramsay, but working well. She knew that she made a good sandwich, was glad that Ramsay enjoyed it, and then, Jason presented his lobster Cole-slaw Sloppy Joe sandwich, which was praised for having a nice seasoning. After deliberation, both of them scored a point, tying the score at 2, and Ramsay congratulated the chefs for having a great start. On the third round, Fran served a balsamic chicken sandwich with roasted peppers, and despite Jay not being impressed as those two ingredients reminded him of 1982, the chicken was deemed delicious by Ramsay. After, Jay served his country-pork pâté sandwich with Foie gras fat, Vietnamese influenced slaw and Romaine hearts, which was deemed delicious by Ramsay, and praised for standing up well. Jay won the round over Fran because of the latter's soggy bread, making the score 3-2 for the blue team. Fran acknowledged her mistake, but added that it might be the way the Italians liked it, and on the final round, Nilka served her roasted pork sandwich with red onions and mayonnaise, which was deemed adventurous but delicious by Ramsay. After, Autumn presented a roasted pork loin sandwich with sautéed vegetables and balsamic reduction, but it was not cut properly, and when Ramsay asked if she had problems with her knife, she answered that she thought it was fine. Ramsay criticized the presentation for being shocking, added that it would be the kind of thing a first-year culinary student would make, and Nilka won the round, tying the score at 3. Autumn was feeling like a loser for not scoring a point while all of her teammates did, and Ramsay ordered her to unfold her arms as she did not have to take her frustration on her teammates.

Because the score was tied at 3, Ramsay called down Siobhan to taste her sandwich, which she really appreciated, but Benjamin was angry because he had no fate she could pull it off. Then, she presented her Ahi tuna sandwich with challah bread, cheese, grilled pineapple, oranges and prosciutto, which was deemed better than Fran's by Ramsay. So, because the red team should have made Fran sit out instead of Siobhan, the blue team won the challenge. Siobhan was furious because all of her teammates thought she could not cook, and was happy that it was their fault because they lost.

Reward Edit

The blue team was rewarded with a day at the California Central Wine Country for a wine tasting, and being taken there in a private jet. Ed was excited because he accomplished his two goals, which were to go on the private jet, and to be told he was perfect by Ramsay. When they arrived at the private jet, Ramsay was waiting for them, Jay told that he could not wait to hang out with him as he was psyched about it, all of them toasted their victory, and Ramsay jokingly reminded them to not get drunk before arriving at the vineyard. After, Ramsay noticed that Jason was smiling for the third time, and the latter stated that the people who told that winning was not everything were lying.

During the reward, the chefs got to taste a lot of different wines with Matthew J. Lane, and Ramsay jokingly reminded Autumn to take small sips and not drink her entire glass. Jason noticed that Autumn was really drunk as she was giggling about everything, and at the end, Jay called it the best challenge reward in the history of Hell's Kitchen, while admitting that Autumn was the one that had the most drinks. Autumn admitted that she was drunk, but told that it was the way it was, and everybody toasted to their victory one more time.

Punishment Edit

The red team was punished by making peanut butter and jelly from scratch, by grinding 50,000 peanuts by hand, for an amuse-bouche that would be served during the next service. On the patio, Siobhan was furious about being the underestimated, reminded that her sandwich was better than Fran's, and Nilka noticed that she was lacking a lot of self-confidence, but that her being pissed was what she needed. Siobhan told that her teammates could go fuck themselves, went to the dorms, but there, Benjamin condescendingly told her to work as a team, that her sandwich was not good, and that he would not serve it in his restaurant. Siobhan responded that it was his personal opinion, but Benjamin corrected her by saying it was his professional opinion, and added that she did not have the experience that he had and that she needed to ask for help if needed. He continued by saying that he did not regret his decision, but Siobhan told that he needed to step off his podium, stop being a bossy bastard, and he added that her ingredients were not going well together, despite her reminding that it went well on her sandwich. Siobhan started to leave, told that her teammates could go fuck themselves if they all thought they were better than her, Benjamin concluded that he was brutally honest to her, like Ramsay was, and she went downstairs.

In the kitchen, Sous Chef Andi brought the peanut bags on the counter, Siobhan was still pissed that she had to sit out, but Benjamin gave the excuse that she could not have beaten Jay anyway. Also, she was pissed that Benjamin was going after her sandwich despite Ramsay liking it, and he added that she still sucked. Later, Fran called it the worst punishment ever as she compared it to grinding rock, and added that she did not want to see a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the rest of her life.

Before service Edit

When the blue team came back from their reward, Nilka noticed how drunk they were because Ed was dancing and Jay could not keep his head straight, and when Fran asked if they were happy, Jay answered that he could not talk. Fran told that they could not even speak because of how drunk they were, and wished that they would get hangovers the next morning as it would be an advantage for the red team. While going to the dorms, Jay banged his head on the wall, and in the bedroom, Autumn laid down on her bed, struggled to take her boots off, fell off her bed, and told that even though it was a great bonding experience, she would not take any more drinks.

Moments later, Ed struggled to get inside the hot tub, he was joined by Holli, who encouraged him to drink even more, and he drank three more beers. Eventually, Siobhan joined them thinking they were making out, and Ed started to dance, making the two women laugh. Siobhan told that the normally quiet and reserved Ed turned into a wild animal, Jay and Benjamin went on the patio, and then, Holli ripped a part of Ed's bathing suit. Because of that, Ed was challenged by everybody to get naked, which he did, Holli found it awkward, and Siobhan was shocked that he actually did it.

The next morning, because the red team was rested, they were ready to prep for the next service, while the blue team was still hungover, with Ed feeling like hell. In the red kitchen, Fran was confident to finally kick the blue team's ass during services as the red team took more beating than anybody else, and in the dorms, the blue team was still in bed. Ed wondered what was he thinking the previous night, declared that he was still tired, Jay told that he could puke on command, which Jason acknowledged that he could as well, and Autumn knew that she was still hungover after waking up. They went in the blue kitchen to being prepping for the next service while being helped by Sous Chef Scott, and Fran was excited about the fact that they were still hungover as it could go in their favor. During the day, Jason knew that prep was going slowly because some of his teammates were having a bigger hangover than others, Siobhan was amused because the blue team kept fucking up their prep, and Benjamin knew that they had an advantage over the blue team, while wanting to send the message that they were not untouchable. After the prep was done, Ramsay asked Jean-Philippe to open Hell's Kitchen.

Dinner service Edit

When Ramsay called the first order in the red kitchen, Fran declared that she never made a risotto, but that she was fine with the rest of the station, and Holli was worried as she knew they would be screwed if they were not having a good start. The first risotto that she sent to the pass was deemed very nice, Siobhan congratulated her for her good timing, and in the blue kitchen, Jay gave four minutes for his appetizers, but Jason was worried because his scallops were ready at that moment. Jay hoped that they could come as a team, communicate well and not screw up, but he served an undercooked and under seasoned risotto, while Jason served overcooked scallops, which Ramsay compared to ping pong balls. Ramsay was dismayed because they were making elementary mistakes, told them to set the tone for the evening on the first few tables, and Jason acknowledged his mistake with the scallops. Also, Ramsay wondered if the blue team really got rid of their weakest links, and reminded that there reward at the Vineyard was done. In the red kitchen, Fran served a raw risotto, she was schooled by Ramsay for forgetting a lot of things while cooking it, and Siobhan was dismayed as well. After Fran said that she was aggravated, Ramsay told her that she was as consistent as pigeon shit on Trafalgar Square. In the blue kitchen, Jay served his appetizers at a good pace, customers were satisfied, but when Ramsay asked for the potatoes, Autumn was not ready yet, much to his dismay. Jay knew that she still had a hangover, Ramsay told her that she was slow after spending a day at the Vineyard, and Jason told that she dropped the ball. When she sent her mashed potatoes, they were too salty, but she was not sure if they really were, so Ramsay told her to cut the bullshit and taste her stuff as she might be on her last 90 minutes in Hell's Kitchen.

In the red kitchen, Siobhan told that she had to refire an order of scallops, and then, he discovered an entire order of boiled scallops, but she talked back saying that she thought they looked fine. Even Holli knew they were black, but after putting the scallops on a plate, Siobhan continued to think that they were fine, infuriating Ramsay, and Nilka told that she should shut the fuck up as he would just put his foot deeper in her ass. Ramsay told Siobhan exactly what was wrong with the scallops, called her a donkey, and kicked her out of the kitchen into the dining room to eat her mistakes. Meanwhile, Benjamin was relocated to the fish station for a few minutes, he declared that he just wanted to get the food out while Siobhan fucked up the fish station, and after, the latter came back in the kitchen and acknowledged she fucked up the scallops. On the next order, Benjamin was working on the scallops, but Siobhan wanted to get her station back, and Benjamin ordered her to stay on desserts, which she reluctantly accepted. Then, she wanted to help, but he became rude, pushed her away while taking the scallops she had in her hand, and after a few seconds, he aggressively told her to fuck off his station. Siobhan was furious as Benjamin did not have any heart or respect for anybody. In the dining room, a customer was not happy with his entrée because it was undercooked, so he went to the hot plate himself while bringing the plate. Arrived there, Ramsay asked him what was the matter, he pointed the plate without saying anything, and Ramsay schooled him for acting like some little bunny to the hot plate, told him to fuck off as it was Jean-Philippe's job, but the man responded by asking if Ramsay was trying to poison him. Ramsay responded by calling him a dick, added that he could eat beef tartar, the customer told that it was low-grade dog food at best, and when he was going back to his table, Ramsay told him to stand nice and strong as he looked like a quail. In the red kitchen, Nilka sliced her chicken, brought it to the pass along with Holli's garnish, but the chicken was raw, and she was berated by Ramsay, who smashed the chicken with his hand. Holli told that she could see that it was raw as she sliced it, added that they could not serve raw chicken no matter what, and Ramsay berated Nilka for not telling it was raw, and the latter was mad at herself as she did not want to fuck up.

In the blue kitchen, Ramsay urged Ed to pick it up as Autumn was still slow, and because nobody was sending their food to the pass despite being ready. When he tried to communicate with Autumn, she did not answer, Ramsay was angry because of the lack of teamwork, and Ed was upset as well because of Autumn's lack of communication. Then, Jason brought his salmon to the pass, but Ed was still slicing his duck, which Ramsay was furious about as the food was not coming together. However, the duck was raw, Ramsay was angry as it was not good enough, gave the entire order to Ed, and kicked the blue team out of the kitchen. Back in the dorms, Jason wondered why they were kicked out as he thought they were doing fine, but Jay reminded that the communication and timing was off, while adding that he was upset that his teammates were not understanding that. In the red kitchen, Fran served a salad that was not dressed, which Ramsay compared to rabbit food, and Benjamin thought that Fran was talking a lot despite being a shit cook. Ramsay told her to properly dress the salad, and when she sent her risotto, it was still raw, and a frustrated Ramsay kicked the garbage bin to the side, while kicking the red team out of the kitchen as well. Back in the dorms, Fran acknowledged it was ridiculous and a disaster, and on the patio, Holli asked the blue team why they were kicked out. Benjamin threw his apron in anger, and was dismayed that they got kicked out because there was losers on his team. Fran thought that they were communicating well, but Holli knew that they were not doing as good as they thought.

Post-mortem Edit

When both teams were lined up, Ramsay asked what was going on, and in the red team, Siobhan, Nilka, and Fran acknowledged their mistakes and apologized. In the blue team, Ed admitted that he was not listening, and Ramsay asked him if he drank too much white wine supposed to go in the risotto, which he answered not. Both teams were declared joint-losers, and were asked to nominate two people each.

While being dismissed, Jay told that the blue team losing did not happen very often, so they were taking twice as hard, and on the patio, Jay considered Autumn and Ed, which Jason agreed with, but Autumn did not agree to be nominated only because she made a few little mistakes. Ed acknowledged that he had a bad service, but reminded that at this stage, a bad service could mean everything, and Autumn declared that she would fight. In the red team, Benjamin quickly considered Siobhan as he would have thrown her out of the kitchen himself, but she was annoyed because he was classically French-trained, while saying fuck the French. After, Nilka considered Siobhan and Fran, much to the latter's annoyance, while explaining that Fran was too slow, but Fran knew that Nilka also fucked up, and added that she would fight as she knew she deserved to be there. Then, Fran considered Siobhan and Nilka, but the latter retorted that she only had one raw chicken incident, and she was convinced that she did not have to be nominated because of that.

Elimination Edit

Jay announced Autumn as the blue team's first nominee and Ed as the second, while Benjamin announced Siobhan as the red team's first nominee and Fran as the second. During their pleas, Ed was asked why he could not cook a duck breast, and he acknowledged that he should have waited a little bit more and that he was rushing, but Ramsay reminded that only the feathers and the beak were missing because the duck was so raw. Then, Autumn convinced Ramsay that she could come back despite being labelled as the weakest on the blue team but he told her that he did not have the time to wait any longer, and Fran said that she was taking everything Ramsay said to her despite being nominated a lot of times, but Ramsay reminded her that she spent more time on the chopping block than she had on her station. Finally, Siobhan was reminded that she allowed somebody on her team to take control of her station, she responded that she thought it was for the good of the team, but acknowledged that there was no excuse for doing that. However, Ramsay interrupted her by saying he could not take it anymore, and she was eliminated for lacking the experience to compete any further. During her exit interview, Siobhan was proud to have made it that far, declared that she was leaving with more confidence, and that the experience she took from the competition was priceless.

After Siobhan left, Ramsay reminded the chefs that they were at the halfway point of the competition, which meant that the best half was remaining. He urged the chefs to prove that they were part of the best half, before dismissing them, and while going back to the dorms, Fran thought that she was fighting for her life every day at that moment, but knew that she had what it took to stay in the competition. Then, Autumn wanted to show Ramsay that there was a fire in her and that she wanted to be there, and Ed was nervous as the competition turned up a notch, but was ready to be more careful in his cooking.

Ramsay's comment: "Siobhan got pushed around a lot in Hell's Kitchen. So it was up to me to finally push her out."