11 Chefs Compete
Season 7, Episode 6
Air date June 22, 2010
Eliminated Scott
Saved Siobhan, Fran
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12 Chefs Compete Part 2
10 Chefs Compete

The sixth episode of Season 7 of Hell's Kitchen aired on FOX, on June 22, 2010, airing as a double feature alongside the fifth episode. On that episode, the chefs worked with mother sauces, one chef had an allergic reaction to toxic products, and the Family Night service turned out to be very frustrating for Ramsay.

Intro Edit

Back in the dorms, Nilka was furious and told all of her teammates to kiss her fucking ass because Fran never told her she would be nominated, and added that she would do what she had to do in the kitchen. Her teammates tried to calm her down without success, and Siobhan compared her to a bomb exploding. Then, Fran tried to sit next to her, but Nilka aggressively told her not to as she would never do something like that to her. Fran acknowledged it was the wrong decision to nominate Nilka, and stated that if she had to do it again, she would nominate herself before her.

Team challenge Edit

The next morning, everybody went to the dining room, where Ramsay asked them to name the five mother sauces. Jay named the Hollandaise sauce while stating that mother sauces were what he learned his first day at culinary school, Nilka named the tomato sauce, Autumn named the béchamel sauce, Holli named the velouté sauce, and Scott named the demi-glace sauce. All of them answered correctly, and then, Ramsay introduced the Mother Sauce Challenge, where each chef would have 30 minutes to create a dish using one of the mother sauces, with both teams being given 20 ingredients to choose from, but those ingredients could only be used once each.

When the countdown began, both teams went in their respective kitchens, and in the blue kitchen, the chefs were very organized and made their plan very quickly. In the red kitchen, Nilka was still angry about being nominated the previous night, so she chose her ingredients without consulting her teammates before. She said that she did not care, and that she would use her own shit as she wanted to shine as an individual, which annoyed Siobhan because Nilka took all the good things and the others were left with the shit. With 5 minutes already gone, the red team still has not decided what ingredients to use in their respective dishes, while the blue team were already working. Scott was confused on his protein as he could not tell if it was a duck or a chicken, but told that whatever he had, he could make it work. In the blue kitchen, Ed and Autumn were working together because the blue team had one more member, and Ed was happy because Autumn was not trying to interfere or jump in everybody's job like Scott did. Autumn was also happy to be on the blue team because there was not any animosity like there was on the red team, and because men were working better as a team. In the red kitchen, everybody was thinking about themselves, Siobhan wanted to take her chicken out at the last moment, but Scott convinced her that she had to check if it was properly cooked, and Fran refused to drop her pasta because it was not taking ten minutes to cook. Holli was sick of the tension between all the members of the red team, but when Nilka tried to motivate the team, Fran told her to shut up, adding that too much chatter was making her lose focus. Eventually, everybody plated their dishes in time.

After reminding the prize of the season, Ramsay invited his own mother and wife as guest judges, stating that a challenge about mother sauces had to be judged by his mother and the mother of his children. On the first round, Fran served an oyster fettuccine with tomato sauce, lemon and cheese, which was praised for being nice and having a lovely taste. Ramsay added that it was dangerous to add oysters to pasta, but that it worked in that case. Fran was proud when Ramsay called her a smart cook as he used to call her other things before, such as an "old dog". After, Salvatore presented a fettuccine with tomato sauce, eggplant, and red peppers, which was praised having ingredients working together, but was criticized because the pasta was undercooked. Fran won the round over Salvatore, and the red team led 1-0. Jay was dismayed that an Italian could not make pasta properly, and Salvatore was embarrassed. On the second round, which was the Hollandaise sauce round, Siobhan served what she thought was a butterfly Cornish hen, but Ramsay corrected her by saying it was a pigeon. After a few seconds of awkwardness, Siobhan agreed with Ramsay and served her pigeon with Hollandaise sauce, feeling shocked and like a complete moron. When Ramsay took the plate, a lot of blood came running down, Jay thought that he had it in the bag, and Ramsay refused to taste it because it was still raw. After Jay served his pan-seared duck breast with Hollandaise sauce and English peas, which was criticized for the meat being too pink, the sauce being too bland, and the peas being crunchy. Neither of them scored a point, and Jay was pissed because he still thought he had the best dish out of those two. On the third round, which was the velouté sauce round, Holli presented what she thought was a halibut, but Ramsay corrected her by saying she used sea bass, adding it was becoming embarrassing after her mistake and Siobhan's. The sea bass was praised for being cooked perfectly, and Holli explained that she did not know it was sea bass because she barely looked at it before cooking. Then, Ed served his and Autumn's pan-roasted sea bass with mushroom velouté and oysters, which won the round over Holli, tying the score at 1. On the next round, which was the demi-glace sauce round, Nilka served a pan-roasted steak seasoned with salt and pepper, and mushroom in the demi-glace sauce, and it was deemed lovely by Ramsay's mother. After, Jason presented his grilled steak with rosemary demi-glace sauce, which was praised for having a very lovely taste. After much deliberation, Nilka scored a point, making the score 2-1 for the red team, and Jason was very upset about not scoring a point. On the final round, which was the béchamel sauce round, Benjamin served a John Dory with a lemon béchamel sauce and roasted potatoes, which was deemed lovely by Ramsay's mother, but Ramsay's wife deemed the fish dry and under seasoned. Finally, Scott presented his duck breast on a bed of sweet potatoes and eggplant, which was criticized for being bland and undercooked, but Scott gave the excuse that he could only work with what he was given. So, Benjamin won the round over Scott, and Holli considered Scott as the worst cook in Hell's Kitchen at the moment, in addition of being cocky. Because the score was a tie at 2, to break the tie, Ramsay deemed Jason's dish as the best overall despite not scoring, saying that if he went up against anybody other than Nilka, he would have won. So, the blue team won the challenge, and Jason felt fucking great while adding that the blue team could not lose.

Reward Edit

The blue team was rewarded with a day at the British pub Ye Olde King's Head, in Santa Monica, and being taken there in a double-decker bus. During the bus ride, Jay stood and simulated that he was flying, which amused his teammates. Arrived at the pub, they met the owner Peter, drank beers, and joked when they saw a picture of Ramsay during a professional soccer match.

Later, they played a darts competition, where each of them would throw one dart and the closest to the bulls-eye would win. Benjamin's, Jay's, Jason's, and Ed's darts fell on the floor, with the latter wondering if they were the worst dart throwers in the United States, but Autumn's dart landed almost perfectly in the bulls-eye. Jay added that they all sucked ass, and that the most unlikely person from the team to win actually won. Autumn received a gift of cookware, but when she read the card, it was revealed that everybody received their own cookware, which excited everybody. Finally, Autumn was feeling good and really thought she was part of the blue team.

Punishment Edit

The red team was punished by deep-cleaning both kitchens, and prepping them for the next service, while wearing anti-nuclear combinations. While going back to the dorms, Ramsay reminded Nilka that her dish was delicious, but Scott still thought that if she had listen to the team and not said "fuck you" to everybody, they would have won. Fran was annoyed by Scott's constant excuses, and said that if he was not happy, he should have said something. While going back to the kitchen, Nilka was pissed that they lost again, and just wanted to visit California while feeling the air in her hair.

When they received their suits and goggles, Holli told that she did not want to look ridiculous in those kind of outfits, and Nilka declared that the ovens were disgusting, before adding that she could not take the punishments anymore, while struggling to take off her goggles. Later, Siobhan started to be concerned as she could be allergic to most of the products they were using, and she revealed that there was a lot of stuff she was allergic to, including body products, perfumes, and cleaners. However, Nilka was unapologetic, and said that she should just get her shit done. But, moments later, Siobhan started to have a couple of hives growing on her arms and neck, her skin started to get pale, and Fran compared her to a ghost. So, she went to the back hallway to see a medic, and he took her outfit off by cutting it like if she was undergoing surgery. Then, he asked her if she was having trouble breathing, which she answered not yet, she was allowed to be exempt from the deep cleaning, and went back to the patio to smoke.

When the red team started prepping for the service, Siobhan returned to the kitchen and was ready to help. Scott asked her if she was okay, she answered that she was racing against the clock, and when Scott thought that they had enough potatoes, Fran told that she had more, before calling him very annoying because he was not as good as he thought he was. Also, she added that the red team was worse because of him, and Nilka was annoyed because all of her teammates were getting on her nerves and because they could not get it together.

Before service Edit

The blue team came back from their reward, with each of them holding their set of cookware, but when they entered the red kitchen, they noticed that the mood was very tense, and Benjamin added that he wanted a very strong service and kill the red team as they were a bunch of losers.

When both teams were lined up, Ramsay announced that it would be Family Night, introduced the children's menu, and ordered the chefs to not make him swear as there would be a lot of children in the dining room. Siobhan was confident as cooking French fries and fish sticks was very easy, and was ready to win the service as it was a do-or-die situation. After, Ramsay asked Jean-Philippe to open Hell's Kitchen.

Dinner service Edit

When the first customers and children entered the dining room, Ramsay called the first ticket in the red kitchen while calling it comeback night for the red team. Nilka acknowledged they did not win one single service yet, was ready to kick that shit out, but when Ramsay asked where was the spaghetti, nobody answered. Then, he answered who was cooking it, which Scott did not know, but that answer dismayed him as the red team never discussed it. Then, Siobhan thought that the appetizers was cooking it, but Ramsay pulled her and Scott to the blue kitchen, and asked the blue team who was cooking pasta. Benjamin answered that he was because spaghetti was a garnish, told it to Scott and Siobhan, and the latter was confused as nobody told her she was cooking pasta. However, when she dropped her pasta, the water was not boiling, and Ramsay schooled her for that mistake, which she took responsibility for. Fran was dismayed because pasta was not difficult, even asking if it was brain surgery, Ramsay asked to the red team what they were doing, and ordered Siobhan to get a grip and wake up. Because of her mistake, no appetizers were served, and customers were growing impatient. In the blue kitchen, Caesar salads were served quickly, but Salvatore was already lost and wondering if there was one or two risottos on order. Sous Chef Scott told him exactly what was on order, and because there was two risottos ordered, Salvatore put more rice in his pan, dismaying Ramsay. He was asked if he did it because he discovered there was two risottos ordered, which Salvatore answered not, but Ramsay was dismayed by that answer as it was a lie, called the whole team down to explain the situation, and Salvatore apologized for lying. Then, Ramsay told him that he lost his trust because of that, ordered Benjamin to keep an eye on Salvatore as he was a liability, and Benjamin acknowledged that he should not lie to his chef and fellow cooks. Because of Salvatore's lie, the blue team had to start the table over, and in the red kitchen, Nilka sent a risotto without any lobster in it. After saying a curse word, Ramsay ordered her not to in front of children, to wake up, and just cook. In the dining room, Jean-Philippe was talking with a young female child who drew a picture of Ramsay saying "You donkey". He told her to not repeat what Ramsay was saying, and to tell him not to say the things he was saying, which amused the table.

In the red kitchen, Fran thought her scallops were ready to be delivered, but when she sent them to the pass, Ramsay berated her because they were overcooked, ordered her to touch them, Siobhan was dismayed because she could not cook scallops, and Ramsay called it shambolic and a disaster to the red team, before threatening them to be kicked out and having himself and Sous Chef Andi finish the service for them. Also, he was dismayed by Nilka continuing to swear, and in the blue kitchen, Salvatore sent three orders of chicken from Jason when four were ordered, much to Ramsay's annoyance. The fourth piece of chicken was raw, Salvatore convinced Jason to put it back in the oven, which he did, and Ramsay berated Jason for making him look stupid. Then, he urged Jason to communicate, and Jay was annoyed because Jason was frazzled, and shutting down when he was. In the red kitchen, appetizers were finally being served to the customers, and the red team moved on to entrées. However, Scott was not ready with the beef, and gave eight minutes to Ramsay when he gave four. Ramsay asked him why his second beef was not on yet, which Scott answered that he was told one beef all day, and when Ramsay asked him who told him that, he put the blame on his teammates. Holli was insulted and told that he just had to listen to the ticket, Scott sent his Wellingtons to the pass, and blamed his teammates one more time saying that it was impossible to work with people that were not having a lot of skill in a fine dining restaurant. However, his Wellingtons were raw, Ramsay was exhausted about the number of mistakes, ordered Scott to touch the Wellingtons, asked him if he was color-blind, which he answered not, and told him to put them back in the oven. Then, Ramsay pulled Scott in the pantry room, asked him what he was doing, which he answered he was doing nothing, and Ramsay reminded him that his Wellingtons were stone cold in the middle. Scott promised him it would not happen again, both of them went back to the kitchen, and Scott declared that even though he knew they were undercooked, he thought they were not that bad, and wanted to get them out. On the next ticket, Ramsay asked everybody to tell Scott he had a beef on, which they did.

In the blue kitchen, Benjamin took vocal leadership of the team, saying that he was a natural born leader and that he liked to lead by example. His mashed potatoes were deemed very nice, and he continued to motivate the team by telling Jason what was on order for him. Jay told that Benjamin was aggressive, but did not want to argue with him, so he let him continue leading the way he was. Because of Benjamin's strong leadership, entrées were being served at a good pace to the blue diners, but in the red kitchen, the beef and the chicken that were sent to the pass were raw, which infuriated Ramsay, who ordered the red team to touch it, and after all of them talked over everybody, he was fed up and kicked everybody out, even Nilka, who asked if she could stay. Also, he added that Sous Chefs Scott and Andi would finish their service, and back in the dorms, Holli called it embarrassing. Sous Chefs Scott and Andi went in the red kitchen, and started working on the next ticket, but Sous Chef Scott was dismayed about the disorganization and the mess in the kitchen, which Sous Chef Andi also found bad. Back in the dorms, everybody was looking for excuses, with Fran blaming the communication, Scott blaming the techniques that the women were using compared to the men's, and Siobhan was embarrassed about being kicked out because of Scott dragging the team down. In the red kitchen, Sous Chefs Scott and Andi served the remaining entrées for the red team, and in the blue kitchen, under Benjamin's leadership, the blue team succeeded to serve their remaining entrées, with everything being cooked perfectly. Jason praised the teamwork, said "fuck the red team", and Jay served the desserts. When the service was completed, the red team came back in the kitchen, and Ramsay ordered them to clean, which was the only thing they could do as a team.

Post-mortem Edit

When both teams were lined up, Ramsay declared the red team clear losers, while adding that it was the most disastrous service he ever seen in his life, as it was the most disorganized service ever. Then, he asked them to nominate two people for elimination, before dismissing them.

While going back to the dorms, Nilka wondered what was happening with the red team, did not want to feel like that as she had it, and called it very bad. During deliberation, Scott considered Siobhan and Nilka, but Siobhan told that despite her not having the most experience, she was learning from her mistakes and never made them again, and Nilka reminded that the risotto without lobster only came back once. After, Scott considered Fran, but she did not think her service was that bad, and he reminded that she got scattered at some points, while adding that at least, his shit was getting done. Also, Scott added that he was the only one working in a fine dining restaurant and that nobody else in the team was having experience like he was, and Siobhan was annoyed by his over arrogance, considered him a pain in the ass, and Scott considered Fran as the worst cook on the red team. After, Siobhan considered Scott, struggled on the second nomination, and Nilka could not decide because her mind was blown.

Elimination Edit

Fran announced Scott as the first nominee, and herself as the second. But, she was not sure why, and told that she thought Siobhan should be the second nominee instead for always second-guessing herself. Then, Ramsay asked Nilka why Fran was nominated over Siobhan, and she answered that it was because the latter was moving faster, showed more progress and more teamwork, but Fran argued against it, and then, Ramsay asked the red team who was their best chef. Scott quickly answered that he was, but Nilka quickly disagreed by saying he was talking more than cooking, and Fran told that he did not impress anybody at that moment, but Scott retorted that she was treated like a princess after burning her hand. Ramsay sarcastically praised the teamwork, and called Scott and Fran down, along with Siobhan.

During their pleas, Fran told that she had the guts to stay, that she was learning from her mistakes and that she was never doing them twice, Siobhan took pride in her work, acknowledged she was not having a lot of knowledge, but reminded that she had a lot of passion, and asked a lot of question. Then, Scott interrupted her by saying that she should not be asking simple questions as it should take care of itself, and added that it was not culinary school and that the common sense was driving the red team down. After, Scott still wondered why he was nominated, and reminded that he was a hard worker despite having a couple of rough services. Also, he added that he was the best leader and best cook on the red team, but as he said that, Ramsay interrupted him, and Fran and Siobhan were sent back in line. After stating that the red team would die if he was not there, Scott was eliminated for his arrogance and failure to live up to his position as an executive chef. During his exit interview, Scott still thought that he was the best chef on the red team, and blamed his teammates for his elimination as he thought they were not enough qualified to be there as he was.

Team switch Edit

After Scott left, Ramsay announced that he was not finished, called Benjamin down, and the latter was transferred to the red team, with Ramsay saying that the red team desperately needed leadership, and urging Benjamin to step up. The chefs were dismissed, and Fran hoped that things would get better with Benjamin as a new teammate because she did not want the whole red team to suck. After, Jay declared that he was happy to see Benjamin go to the red team as he felt it would be their own respective teams going up against, added that he would step up for sure, and Benjamin was determined to bust his ass for the red team, while declaring that he would whip the blue team's asses in the kitchen.

Ramsay's comment: "If Scott could cook as well as he talks, he'd be the winner of Hell's Kitchen. Unfortunately for him, he can't."