12 Chefs Compete Part 2
Season 7, Episode 5
Air date June 22, 2010
Eliminated Maria
Saved Scott, Nilka
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The fifth episode of Season 7 of Hell's Kitchen aired on FOX, on June 22, 2010, airing as a double feature alongside the sixth episode. On that episode, pig was the main animal, barbecue was the theme during service, one chef explained to Ramsay why their handwriting was so bad, and another one tried to weasel their way out of elimination.

Intro Edit

While going back to the dorms, the women wanted to give their farewells to Autumn, but she was already hanging out with the men, much to Fran's disappointment, who said that she acted like if she has never been on the red team. Back in the dorms, Autumn was happy to have left the red team, and called them bitches by whispering it to her new teammates.

On the patio, while the women were disappointed that Autumn did not see them before leaving, they gleefully welcomed Scott to their team, and the latter declared that he was shocked to have switched teams, and that his approach would change as he would not help anybody from that moment, only thinking about himself. He still said that they were a team, he and Nilka gave each other a fist pump, and he convinced his new teammates that they would kill it.

Team challenge Edit

The next morning, the chefs were woken up by Sous Chefs Scott and Andi, who gave them butchering outfits to wear, without telling them what they will do. Fran thought they would be butchering, Scott knew that those outfits were given for a reason, and Holli thought that they would go to a waterhouse, but was not worried to kill animals. Then, the chefs went outside, found a pig pen, with some of them commenting on how cute the pigs were, and Ramsay was sharpening a knife, making them think they would be butchering the pigs. Ramsay asked the chefs if anybody ever butchered a pig, which they all answered they did not, and Jason started to feel sorry for the pigs as they did not know they would die. However, Ramsay relieved the chefs by revealing they would not butcher the pigs, and introduced the Pork Challenge, where each chef would go in the pen to grab a pig wearing a collar with an ingredient name on it, with 6 pork cuts and 6 side ingredients.

On the first turn, Jay grabbed a pig that had pork chop on it, while Nilka was having trouble to get one as they were too fast for her. Then, Jason succeeded to grab his pig, but Nilka was still struggling to get the pig with bacon. Holli was dismayed as she thought they would be stuck with pig ass, and meanwhile, Benjamin was already running after his pig for the blue team. He grabbed one that had loin chop, and finally, Nilka succeeded to catch the pig with blood sausage. For the second turn, Siobhan wanted to catch the lost time from Nilka, so she dove in the pen to catch the pig she wanted. She declared that she would have grabbed six pigs if she had to, and Fran went in the pen, grabbed the pig with prunes, but Nilka was not convinced it would work as it did not sound appetizing. After, Holli grabbed tenderloin, and for the blue team, Autumn grabbed cabbage. On the fifth turn, Scott grabbed sweet potatoes, Ed grabbed his pig quickly, and on the last turn, Maria dropped the pig she grabbed, and Salvatore did not want to hurt the pigs as they were still babies. After collecting all the needed pigs, both teams discussed which of their ingredients would create the best combinations. The blue team quickly agreed on their combinations, while the red team divided themselves into pairs, and Fran was not convinced about Scott's idea of mixing blood sausages with prunes. When both teams finished organizing their dishes, the chefs went back in the dorms to change.

After changing, the chefs went to their kitchens, and had 45 minutes to cook their dishes. In the blue kitchen, the pairs were working on their respective dishes, but in the red kitchen, Scott quickly tried to take control of his new team by giving instructions to the women, which annoyed Siobhan, who said that he should stop making sense out of everything. Ramsay asked Scott if he was trying to take over the red team, which the latter responded that he was just suggesting it. In the blue kitchen, Jason asked Autumn if she could get him a spoon by calling her "baby girl", but she did not know where they were, and she acknowledged that she was an outsider in her new team, but added that she just had to get comfortable with them to work well together. Then, she suggested to Jason to add a mustard sauce to their dish, but Jason was not crazy about that idea. In the red kitchen, Fran and Nilka were working on their blood sausage and prunes dish, but they were not confident about it as neither of them worked with blood sausages before. Fran asked if the sausages were supposed to be mushy, which Scott answered they were, and when Nilka took them out of the oven, they were busted, which dismayed her, and Scott told her that she had to click them before baking them. On the last minute, everybody plated their dishes, but only Nilka and Fran were not confident in theirs.

On the first round, Nilka presented her and Fran's blood sausage with a prune purée, but Ramsay noticed that she was not looking very happy from the start, and she revealed that she was not happy with the plate. When Ramsay tasted the dish, he was disgusted, spat it out, and asked who had that terrible idea of mixing prunes with blood sausage to the red team. Nilka and Fran were waiting for Scott to take responsibility as he had the idea, but he never spoke, much to Fran's annoyance. Nilka stated that she would have rather served an empty plate, and Ramsay called the dish a fucking disaster, and after, Benjamin presented his and Ed's pan-roasted pork loin with thyme and baby bok choy, while being very happy about it and even stating that he would have make love to it on-the-spot. The dish was deemed absolutely delicious by Ramsay, and Benjamin and Ed won the round over Nilka and Fran, making the score 1-0 for the blue team. On the second round, Jason served his and Autumn's honey-glazed bacon, which was deemed nice but too sweet by Ramsay because of the honey sauce. When Ramsay suggested that they should have used mustard to balance the dish, Autumn was angry because she suggested it to Jason but got shut down. After, Holli presented her and Siobhan's fennel-crusted pork tenderloin with a sweet and sour apple and mustard sauce, which was praised by Ramsay for being cooked perfectly. So, Holli and Siobhan won the round over Jason and Autumn, and the score was tied at 1. On the final round, Jay served his and Salvatore's Latin-rubbed loin chop with pinto beans, which the tasting was deemed nice, and Maria served her and Scott's sweet potato soup with ham hock, but Maria annoyed everybody when she could not stop talking and describing the dish, even herself. Ramsay told her to breath, and congratulated her for screwing her team as she broke the rules, because the ham hock had to be the main ingredient, and not a simple garnish. Because of that, Jay and Salvatore won the round, and the blue team won the challenge 2-1, embarrassing Maria, who called herself an idiot.

Reward Edit

The blue team was rewarded with a spa day at the Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa, in Corona, while wearing brown bath robes. Arrived at the spa, Jason called it straight-up beautiful, and considered it a place where only the celebrities were going at. During the reward, Autumn revealed how eager she was to get a massage as all of her muscles were killing her and aching, and on the other side, the men went to the grotto, where Jay described it as the gayest thing he ever done in his life. All of them were painted in a substance crusted with seaweed by four women, and then, they sat down, rubbed themselves, and took a shower together. Meanwhile, Autumn declared to Jason that they picked the good challenge to win, which the latter agreed with.

Later, when everybody was in the mud bath, the men were very excited to watch Autumn rubbing herself in her yellow bikini. She was very excited to be on the blue team, Ed was convinced that she would be a nice addition as she would bond just fine, Jason was sure that his wife would be jealous after seeing Autumn in the bath, and Jay told that he would rather have her than Scott, while jokingly asking her to start rubbing herself again as it was a religious experience. After that, the team went out and clinked their champagne glasses to Autumn's arrival on the team.

Punishment Edit

The red team was punished by cleaning the pig pen outside and giving the pigs a bath, while wearing farming clothes. While going back to the dorms, Nilka told Fran how mad and embarrassed she was about serving the dish they served, and the latter told that losing that challenge was the one hurting the most than any other because she thought the red team was making a comeback. Arrived outside, Sous Chef Andi ordered everybody to get the pigs out of the pen to wash them, and they all struggled to catch the pigs as they were running fast. Later, when they were washing them, they were still struggling as the pigs were agitated and moving around a lot.

Before service Edit

When the blue team came back from their reward, the chefs gathered around on the patio to talk about their personal lives outside the competition. Fran told that people liked talking with Salvatore and compared him to an Italian Dr. Phil as he was making people reveal things about themselves that anybody would have thought in a million years, and then, Holli revealed that she had the biggest porn collection of all the people she knew. Salvatore asked her if she made her own porn, which she answered not, but she quickly corrected herself by saying that she made porn with significant others, but that it was never aired anywhere. Jay was lost for words hearing that, and after, Siobhan revealed that she used to work at a place where she was doing fetish and SNM porn under the nickname Shannon, which Salvatore jokingly retorted that he liked SNM. Everybody laughed, and Fran was happy as they learned a lot of things about everybody, while adding that it would not be the most expected as chefs did not have the typical personality. Siobhan concluded by adding that during her time making fetish porn, she would be nude and have her body fully painted, and Jay joked that she would have pastry rock and barbecue sauce over her.

The next day, both teams went in the dining room, and Ramsay revealed that the restaurant would serve barbecue food during the next service. Jay was excited about cooking barbecue as he loved it, was excited about serving barbecue food in a fine dining restaurant, and both teams went in their respective kitchens to begin prepping. In the blue kitchen, the mood was very light as Benjamin joked about the fact that he would open a barbecue place after the competition, and in the red kitchen, Nilka already fried an entire tray of chicken, much to Ramsay's dismay. He schooled the red team by saying they were a fine dining restaurant and not a fast food chain, and said that they were fucking themselves before the service even started. Nilka was annoyed at Ramsay's yelling over chicken, declared that she could not take it, Ramsay told her that she was soaking like a teenager, but Nilka reassured him that she was good.

When both teams were lined up, Ramsay revealed that the restaurant was overbooked, and announced that they would do a double seating, with the blue team cooking and the red team serving during the first one, and the other way around during the second. After, Ramsay asked Jean-Philippe to open Hell's Kitchen for barbecue night.

Dinner service Edit

The special menu included smoked ribs, a Kobe beef burger, and crab hush puppies.

First seatingEdit

Benjamin sent his first ticket to the kitchen, it was accepted and called out by Ramsay, and Salvatore was already joking with some customers in the dining room, with one of them finding him cute. The first hush puppies that Maria sent to the pass were raw, and she was berated and ordered to start over. Fran tried to help her, was dismayed that the kitchen stalled for only one hush puppy, Ramsay was furious that Maria was not giving any answer, and when Holli asked her for a time, Maria became aggressive while telling her to snap down, and mimicked her gesture of going faster while telling that she needed to talk. In the dining room, Salvatore told some customers that it was his second time as a waiter, remembered that his first night was a bad experience, but when he sent his first ticket, it was the same story for him as Ramsay did not understand what was written on the ticket. Then, Ramsay asked him if he went to school, which Salvatore answered that he did not, and that answer surprised Ramsay because he did not expect it. Ramsay asked Salvatore why he did not go to school, and Salvatore answered that it was because he had to work to help his family which was struggling financially. Ramsay thanked him for his honesty, and in the kitchen, Fran was trying to communicate with Nilka, but the latter did not answer. She asked Nilka twice if the crab was ready, and on the second time, the latter aggressively answered that they were, leading to a little argument where Nilka told Fran that she did not hear her. Nilka was angry as she did not like to be talked to like that, and Scott was dismayed as it was like the women were stopping during service to fight. He tried to convince his teammates to refocus on their job, but at that moment, everybody started arguing, dismaying him. When Ramsay called the next ticket, the arguing was still going, and he berated them for not listening by calling them fucking idiots. After, Fran delivered beautifully cooked appetizers to the pass, which made Holli proud as Fran never gave up, nor stopped trying.

The customers were enjoying their appetizers, and entrées were also being served, but Autumn wanted to sabotage the red team by convincing her customers to send their dishes back to the kitchen. When a customer said that the burger was a little bit undercooked, she took the dish back to the kitchen while being very happy about it, and she declared that she made herself pretty to charm the tables and would send back anything just for the fun of sending dishes back. Arrived to the hot plate, Autumn explained the situation to Ramsay, and he, dismayed, berated Siobhan and smashed the plates to the ground. While she started to work on her refires, in the dining room, Autumn insisted to a customer to take back his dish because it was not done the way he wanted, but the customer was fine with it, despite Autumn asking him twice if he was sure. Then, he requested his main course, which Autumn accepted, and in the red kitchen, Scott sent his fried chicken to the pass, but they were way overcooked, which Ramsay compared to something that came from outer space. Siobhan was also dismayed because Scott was screwing up the whole chicken station despite having the most experience. After, Scott started to work on his refire, but left the oven door open while working with a pan. Ramsay caught him, schooled him about potential injuries he could have caused to his teammates and about safety procedures, Fran was dismayed by saying that he should have known better, Scott felt miserable about his mistake and thanked God that nobody was hurt, and Ramsay called it the most dangerous kitchen in the country. During the last minute, the red team rallied to push their remaining entrées, but Siobhan sent a burger that was raw in the middle. Ramsay was angry, smashed the burger with his hand four times, Siobhan took responsibility for her mistake, and the service was shut down because the two-hour time limit was over. Scott was embarrassed and called their performance a fucking joke. While the customers were leaving, the blue team went in their kitchen to prepare for the second part, and Ramsay asked Jean-Philippe to open Hell's Kitchen for the second barbecue.

Second seatingEdit

When the customers entered, the blue team was extremely confident, while in the dining room, the red team was disorganized. Ramsay asked them for some tickets, but Nilka acknowledged that being a waitress was not an easy job as there was too much shit to do at once. Ramsay reminded Jean-Philippe that the clock was ticking, Scott brought his first ticket to the pass while Ramsay asked him what took so long, and it was called in the blue kitchen. In the dining room, Nilka was already having fun with a table of customers when one of them told her they were having more fun than she had, which she agreed. In the blue kitchen, Jay sent his appetizers out quickly, he was congratulated by Ramsay, and the blue team moved on to entrées. However, Salvatore did not bring his corn in time, and did not answer when Ramsay asked him for it. Jay was annoyed by Salvatore shutting down in the kitchen, and added that his downward spiral was getting on his nerves. Jason, Jay, and Benjamin tried to communicate with Salvatore, but the latter did not give any answers to anybody by saying there were too many people talking to him at the same time. Ramsay was angry, pulled Salvatore aside, and ordered him to open up, which Salvatore agreed. After, Ramsay asked Maria for her ticket, but she was not listening, was called weird by Ramsay, and on the second time, she was reminded that the order was already taken by Holli earlier. She explained the situation to Ramsay, he asked her if she was trying to sabotage, which she answered not, and Holli was called by Ramsay. Holli explained that Maria took an order from one of her tables, Maria acknowledged her mistake, and Holli acknowledged that the latter was extremely stressed out, lost, and not there. After, Autumn sent her order of ribs to the pass, but they were raw in the center. Ramsay called the whole team down to touch it, called out Autumn's laid-back behavior as he compared her as somebody shopping, but she convinced that she was rushing, and he added that he did not want to see her slow.

An hour and a half into the second seating, all the customers received their appetizers, but one of them did not receive the right one. Maria was ordered by Jean-Philippe to bring the dishes back to the kitchen, and when she did, she acknowledged that she wrote the wrong thing on the ticket, Ramsay asked if she was lying, and she answered not intentionally. That angered Ramsay, he called her in the kitchen, she was dismayed about herself, explained the situation to Jay and Benjamin, and Ramsay took the plate and smashed it in the bin. With 25 minutes left, the blue team rallied to serve their remaining entrées, but Jason was caught putting a piece of chicken in the fryer, with the fries. Ramsay called him a smartass, Jason took responsibility for his mistake, and he was berated by Ramsay for that careless mistake. Ramsay went to yell two inches away from his face, Jason started to lose his temper himself, and both of them had an argument over the latter not listening and not doing his job properly. Jason claimed that he was tired of Ramsay's fucked up ass bullshit, that he did not give a fuck anymore, and Benjamin just wanted to tell him to shut the fuck up and not talk back to Ramsay, while wondering what was going on in his head. With 10 minutes left, the blue team rushed to serve their entrées, which were being served at a steady pace, but with one minute left, Jason announced that he needed three minutes, which dismayed Ramsay. Because of that, and because the time limit was over, the service was shut down, with Jason thinking that he would be eliminated if the blue team would lose.

Post-mortem Edit

When both teams were lined up, Ramsay called it the worst service of the season so far, and added that they were only cooking simple barbecue, while thinking it was supposed to be easy. After, the red team was declared losers for their overall performance in the kitchen and in the dining room, with Ramsay adding that they were performing like if they hated each other, but because of her strong performance on appetizers, Fran was named "Best of the Worst", and asked to nominate two of her teammates for elimination.

While being dismissed, Fran was proud of having a good night and happy that Ramsay recognized it, but added that she was tired of losing. On the patio, everybody was feeling down about losing, Maria acknowledged that she had a very poor performance, and targeted Scott, who she thought had a performance as poor as herself. But, Scott started to confront her by saying that at least, he gave a hard-ass effort while she did not, and Fran calmed them down by saying that while she would love to keep everybody, she had to nominate two of them, and added that they would have to fight for their lives like she did. Then, she considered Scott as he was not as good as he perceived, and Siobhan acknowledged her short-comings as a lot of her food was sent back, and took full responsibility for her mistakes. After that, Scott was determined to fight for his life despite knowing that he had a poor performance, went to the bathroom to talk with Fran, and convinced her that if she would nominate anybody else than himself with Maria, they would be safe, but if she would nominate him with her, it could go either way. Fran acknowledged that Scott was having a point, both of them gave each other a hug, but she was still stuck on her second nominee.

Elimination Edit

Fran announced Maria as her first nominee, and Nilka as her second. However, that decision surprised everybody, even Nilka herself, who told Fran to not just come up with that decision on-the-spot and surprise her. Then, Ramsay asked Fran why she did not nominate Scott, and she recalled his good teamwork. Despite that, Maria and Nilka were called down with Scott, and Nilka was immediately sent back in line for not having a service as bad as the two others. Then, during her plea, Maria acknowledged her very awful service, wanted to prove that she could do better, but Ramsay was not convinced that she was committed, having pride and passion, and she retorted that if she was not, she would not be fighting with him at that moment to stay. After, Ramsay asked Scott why he was nominated again on the red team, and he convinced that he was busting ass every night and working hard during prep, but Ramsay reminded that he was not looking for a prep chef and that he was looking for a great chef with great leadership qualities. Scott convinced that he possessed all those things, added that Ramsay could teach techniques but not leadership, and was ready to correct the techniques he had to correct. In the end, Maria was eliminated for being the worst performer of the night and way over her head. During her exit interview, Maria knew that she did not perform to her full capabilities, but still thought that Scott had a worse performance than her.

After Maria left, Scott was sent back in line, Ramsay reminded Fran that she had to follow her instinct when being given a responsibility, and the chefs were dismissed. While going back to the dorms, Scott was determined to show that he could cook while being tired of trash-talking, Nilka hoped that Fran felt like a jackass and added that she did not want to work with her anymore, and Fran recognized that her nominations were a bad judgement and apologized to her teammates.

Ramsay's comment: "Maria was in over her head. On garnish she was lost, and her team paid the cost. That's why her life in Hell's Kitchen is dead."