13 Chefs Compete
Season 7, Episode 3
Air date June 15, 2010
Eliminated Jamie
Saved Fran
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The third episode of Season 7 of Hell's Kitchen aired on FOX, on June 15, 2010, airing as a double feature alongside the fourth episode. On that episode, a lunch service challenge took place, one chef fought through a burn during service, and another almost walked out after getting yelled at too much.

Intro Edit

While going back to the dorms, Benjamin was upset as he wished Jason would have been eliminated instead, and Jason was angry at his teammates for their comments at elimination and knew that they made the wrong decision.

On the patio, Jason confronted his teammates by saying that shit was not cool, and that he felt backstabbed by them, while adding that they were not doing that where he came from. Jay acknowledged Jason had a bad temper, reminded him that it was following him in the kitchen, but Jason told him to get the fuck out of there, that he was fucking with his life and family, and added that he was not the weakest, while slamming the chair he was holding. Nilka tried to calm him down while stating that he just went out of control, but Jason was still furious and stated that he could break the chair with his bare hands. Maria was happy to see that as the men were falling apart and were right where the women wanted them to be, and finally, Jason left the conversation, still upset.

Team challenge Edit

The next day, both teams went to the dining room, and Ramsay reminded them that there was no communication, and complete silence. Then, he asked what they had in common, which Jason correctly answered teamwork, and he introduced the Marching Band Lunch Service Challenge, where both teams would cook a menu consisting of burgers, salads, and fries to the marching band of the University of Southern California, with the team serving all their tickets first winning the challenge. Autumn was confident as it was not difficult to cook and bragged about the fact that she was able to cook on a higher level than most people.

After, both teams went in their kitchens to prep, with Nilka being motivated to win after losing all the challenges since the beginning, by saying that they had to stay focused, synchronized, and just do it. In the blue kitchen, Jason was still upset about the previous night, but was motivated to continue pushing as he still wanted to work at the Savoy. So, he acknowledged he had to work hard but watch his back at the same time. When both teams finished their prep, the marching band entered, with Siobhan saying that it was great to see them and that she was having goose bumps on her arms, and Jay saying that he was enjoying cheerleaders from any team. Both teams went to their stations while motivating each other and waiting for the first ticket, and in the dining room, the band members were eager to eat.

Ramsay called the first ticket in the blue kitchen, was annoyed because Jason did not give any call back, and asked the men if they could work as a team, which they answered they could. In the red kitchen, Fran and Autumn were showing great teamwork while dressing the salads, with the latter being very proud of it. Because of them, the first salad bowls went to the dining room very quickly. The customers on the blue side started to lose their patience because of the long wait, and in the blue kitchen, Sous Chef Scott urged Jason to get the first salad out quickly, with Jay thinking that the latter was still upset about being nominated the previous night and that he had the potential of holding the team down. Then, Jason received help from Benjamin, Ramsay was still annoyed at Jason not calling back the order, and Jason acknowledged that Ramsay was hard on him about not calling back. When he did it for a third time, Ramsay told him he was really getting pissed because of that, and Jason noticed that it was a two-way sword as if he was too quiet or too vocal, it was bad either way. Because of Benjamin's help, Jason succeeded to send his first salad bowl to the dining room.

In the red kitchen, Nilka aggressively asked Jamie for the burgers, but the latter answered that they were thick and would take a while, and Ramsay asked for a time on the burgers and chicken, before Maria, determined not to lose another challenge, jumped on the grill station to help Jamie. Maria was upset that Jamie was always saying that she had it, and decided to drive the bus for her, which Jamie allowed her to do. In the blue kitchen, Scott sent his burgers to the pass, but one of them was raw, dismaying Ramsay, who asked him to check everything, and Scott started his burgers over while motivating his teammates. In the red kitchen, Jamie finally sent her burgers to the dining room because of Maria's strong help, and both teams were neck-and-neck at three tickets left each. So, both teams rallied and pushed to serve their remaining tickets first while the band members in the dining room motivated their respective teams, and in the end, it came down to the last serving of fries from both teams. The red team succeeded to serve them before the blue team, therefore winning the challenge. The women celebrated by cheering and hugging each other, with Maria being very proud and excited about that win, while in the blue kitchen, Ed was ready to take the responsibility for the loss as he was not fast enough with the fries. After, Ramsay thanked the marching band members for being there, and they left the restaurant.

Reward Edit

The red team was rewarded with a day at the Malibu Beach Inn, with Siobhan feeling incredible to have won a day with her feet in the sand, as she claimed not having won a lot of things in her life. Back in the dorms, while getting ready, Autumn declared it was nice to look like her everyday self and be a woman again, and Fran stated that she would wear her milf outfit while asking Nilka if she knew what it meant. When she revealed what it meant, Nilka called her stupid.

Arrived outside, the women entered in their vintage cars, and during the ride, Fran told that they would only find those cars in California. Also, Maria told her teammates they deserved it, and acknowledged it was the start of a new beginning, while adding that the men were feeling shitty at that moment. Arrived at the resort, they were greeted by Ramsay on the beach, with Fran being surprised that he was smiling, and Holli saying that he was cute and looking like a real person. When the women arrived on the beach, Ramsay proposed them another challenge, much to Fran's dismay as she thought they had a day off, and he revealed the challenge was a game of soccer against his own family. He introduced his four children and his wife to the red team, and his children congratulated the women on their victory.

During the soccer match, Holli acknowledged she was wearing the wrong shirt as one of her breasts might pop up of it at any moment, and Autumn acknowledged the red team did not have a chance against Ramsay as he played soccer professionally. In the end, Ramsay and his family won 3-0. For the rest of the day, the women rested on the beach while bonding as a team, with Fran feeling like a movie star as they were getting food and drink, and Autumn feeling that it was a good day for her team as they bonded and rested. Finally, the women built the Hell's Kitchen logo in the sand, and celebrated their victory by clinking their drinks together.

Punishment Edit

The blue team was punished by cleaning a section of the Los Angeles River to help the Heal the Bay organization, while wearing yellow jumpsuits. Jason wondered if they were serious when he was handed his jumpsuit, and when they got on the bus, which was very small and old, Salvatore told that they had what they deserved as it was a punishment. During the bus ride, Jason described the bus as horrible, old, and bumpy, and when they arrived, Benjamin revealed that he thought they would go to an actual river and not a cement river, before Jay declared that it was smelling ass.

Outside, the men were introduced to Nick and James from Heal the Bay, and Nick explained that they must clean the trash from the river as it would get in the food they would cook. So, the men got to work while joking around with the products they were founding, Jason called it crazy, and Benjamin told that it sucked. Later, when he found a pole in the water, Salvatore jokingly asked if anybody would like to do the Olympics with him, Ed acknowledged there was a lot of weird things coming out of the river, and Jason begged the country to stop littering as they were causing a mess.

At the end of the day, the men filled up a huge garbage bin with trash, with Benjamin saying that it was a rewarding punishment as they worked as a team all day, wished that they would work like that during service, and added that he did not want to wear the yellow jumpsuit again. While taking his sucks off, Jay jokingly said that he did not think the women would like to cuddle with them that night.

Before service Edit

The next day, because both teams bonded the previous day, they felt very united while prepping. Also, Benjamin was very happy to see Jason smiling again and working as a team member despite being nominated the previous night, and in the red kitchen, Fran was determined to show Ramsay what she was capable of as she was kicked out during the first service and worked tableside during the second. However, when she grabbed a pot of hot water to throw away because it was too salty, she dropped some of it on her left arm, and she sustained a serious burn. She did not want to show any weakness despite knowing that it was bad, and was determined to stay for the service and decided not to tell anybody about it. When Ramsay entered the kitchen, he asked what happened, and Fran explained that she dropped some water, but not that she burned herself.

When both teams were lined up, Ramsay informed that both teams were extremely slow during service so far, and that because of that, Jean-Philippe had to buy some time to the impatient customers. Then, he dedicated Holli and Salvatore as assistant maître d's, and everybody went to their stations, while both of them changed into their maître d' outfits. In the dining room, the two of them got a little training from Jean-Philippe, and Holli revealed that she had experience in front of the house as she did it when she was 16 years-old. After, Ramsay asked Jean-Philippe, Holli, and Salvatore to open Hell's Kitchen.

Dinner service Edit

When the first customers entered, Holli and Salvatore were already taking their first orders, but they were slow to bring them to the kitchen, much to Ramsay's annoyance. When Salvatore presented his first ticket, it was rejected because of his bad handwriting, with Ramsay asking if he was writing in Japanese. Holli's first ticket was accepted, and Ramsay called it in the red kitchen. In the blue kitchen, the men were still waiting for Salvatore's first ticket, he was pushed by Jean-Philippe to go faster, and he admitted that he did not know how to write in English. So, Jean-Philippe wrote the ticket himself, and Ramsay yelled at Salvatore as the customers were there for dinner and not breakfast. When Salvatore presented his ticket to Ramsay, he admitted that Jean-Philippe wrote it for him, dismaying Ramsay, and the first ticket was called in the blue kitchen.

In the red kitchen, Maria sent her first risotto to the pass, but it was overcooked and under seasoned, and she admitted that she did not cook that much risotto before. Her second attempt was still overcooked and stuck to the plates, she was embarrassed, and Nilka acknowledged that Maria was lacking self-confidence. So, she decided to help her, and because of her help, Maria's third attempt was accepted. In the blue kitchen, Scott was working on his first appetizers, and rejected Ed's help, but the latter did not care. Scott was excited to work on appetizers as it was an opportunity for him to stand out, but the first potatoes he brought to the pass did not have any color. Ramsay berated him, showed him the potatoes that the red team did, and ordered him to stop serving shit. While Scott started over, in the dining room, Holli and Salvatore worked hard to keep the customers from losing their cool, with the latter saying that his teammates were putting extra love to the salmon. In the blue kitchen, the men were moving on to entrées, but Jason was behind on garnish, and Ramsay was dismayed because he only brought two carrots and his mashed potatoes were not ready yet. Benjamin wondered why he could not do it as it was very easy, and Jason thought that he had to be on guard as his teammates did not want him on the team. He was motivated by Scott, Ramsay asked for the garnishes, and after Jason brought them to the pass, Benjamin was praised for cooking the Wellingtons perfectly.

More than two hours into service, entrées were flying out of both kitchens, but Salvatore brought back a dish that the customer asked for medium-well, and Ramsay berated him as that request was not written on the ticket. So, Ramsay ordered Salvatore to enter the kitchen with the plate, explain the situation to his teammates, and after he did, Ramsay did not put the blame on Benjamin and berated Salvatore by ordering him to take the plate and fuck off to the dining room. Salvatore was upset, told that he could not take it anymore, and started to walk out of Hell's Kitchen by declaring he was breaking apart and that he was done, before Jean-Philippe tried to convince him to stay. Salvatore sat on one of the benches in the entrance, Jean-Philippe followed him and told to not take it personal as he knew Ramsay for 16 years and those kind of situations of humiliation. Salvatore decided to stay for Jean-Philippe to at least not give up on his team, but added that if the blue team would lose, he would nominate himself. Back in the dining room, Jean-Philippe told him to keep a smile on his face, and Holli returned a rare dish that was supposed to be medium-rare. Ramsay accepted the return, and ordered Fran to refire a medium-rare steak urgently. Autumn reminded her what she needed to refire, Fran stated that because Ramsay was watching her closely, she had to watch herself closely despite her injured hand. Siobhan asked for a time as she was ready to send her fish to the pass, and Ramsay reminded Fran that the beef had to be medium. She sent her beef to the pass, but it was raw, Ramsay schooled Fran while ordering the team to start the whole table over, and Autumn acknowledged Fran was getting flustered and lost control of her station. Then, Autumn reminded Fran what she needed once again, and Fran responded by requesting her help. In the blue kitchen, Jay asked Jason for a time on garnish, which he answered one minute, Ramsay asked for the halibut and the garnish, Jay was ready, but Jason gave 20 seconds, much to Ramsay's dismay. Jay was dismayed as well by saying that his mother could do it better, and then, Scott jumped on the garnish station to help Jason, much to the latter's annoyance, who said that he wanted to take a hot pan and slap his face. Scott was scrambling over Jason, stopping him to do his job properly, but reminded that he was just there to help as they were a team.

Three hours into service, Holli tried her best to please some unsatisfied customers by jokingly proposing more bread, but they refused. In the red kitchen, Ramsay was unsatisfied with Jamie's mashed potatoes which were burned, much to his dismay, and he was even more angry when she was trying to explain herself. Siobhan acknowledged that Jamie needed help as she was not able to control her station herself, and accepted to take over the station, much to Ramsay's annoyance, who told her to leave the station to Jamie. Then, the carrots were burning, when Ramsay asked for an explanation, Jamie did not give any as she declared it would never happen, and added that he was all over her ass, but not in a good way. After, Siobhan sent her halibut to the pass, but it was raw, and Ramsay schooled her about taking over Jamie's station while not being able to cook properly on her own. So, she started over, and in the blue kitchen, the men were finally pushing out their entrées. On the following ticket, Benjamin was working on his beef, but Scott tried to interfere one more time, before being aggressively pushed away by Benjamin, who told that he was working for Ramsay and that if Scott was doing the same thing, they would have a better service. Benjamin was praised once again for perfectly cooking the beef, he was congratulated by Scott as well, and customers were satisfied.

In the red kitchen, Fran sent her beef, but it was medium instead of medium-rare, angering Ramsay, and when she told that she may have another one waiting, Ramsay was dismayed. Nilka told that Fran fucked the team up as she did not know her temperatures and everything was sent back, and added that she let her nerves get to her. Then, Ramsay ordered a perfectly cooked steak, but when Fran stuck her hand in the oven, the pain from her burn started to be excruciating, and she revealed her injury to Autumn by saying that she needed a shitload of help. Autumn suggested her to see a medic, but she refused to leave the kitchen and show her injury to her other teammates. Autumn insisted to take a look at her hand, but Fran aggressively told her to not look at it, but when Autumn continued to insist, Maria and Nilka told her to leave Fran alone. Then, Autumn revealed Fran's injury to Sous Chef Andi, who talked about it to Ramsay, who called Fran to take a look at her hand. He told her that she was burned very seriously, and ordered her to go see a medic, much to her annoyance. So, she left the kitchen very emotional, and while she was with the medic, she declared that she did not care if her hand would fall off as she just wanted to finish cooking. The medic applied some lotion on her hand, and back in the red kitchen, Maria and Nilka took over the meat station for a quick moment, but Maria did not understand what temperature was called for the beef, much to Ramsay's dismay. In the back store, Fran got a bandage applied over her hand, she returned in the kitchen and got back to work, while asking Siobhan for a time. Four hours into service, both teams rallied to complete the remaining tickets, with Fran being scared to lose as she could easily be the main target from her teammates. Eventually, both teams served all their tickets, and service was completed.

Post-mortem Edit

When both teams were lined up, Ramsay reminded that even though they completed service, it did not have to be that painful. Then, he told that because of Scott's uncolored potatoes incident, the women started much faster than the men, urged Fran to stop panicking, and declared the blue team winners, while praising Benjamin's strong performance. After, he asked the red team to nominate two people for elimination.

While going back to the dorms, Nilka was pissed to have lost again, stating that it sucked, and on the patio, Holli told that meat was the main thing she was bringing back in the kitchen. Also, Autumn acknowledged that the meat refires killed them, and Fran took responsibility for not telling anybody about her injury. Then, Nilka declared Fran as the obvious first nominee, but was stuck on the second person, before Siobhan considered Maria and Jamie. The latter was pissed as she did not thing she did second-worst, told that she had it, but Maria said that she always said that and that the only thing she had was an excess amount of weight. Then, Jamie considered Maria, which infuriated the latter who asked why she should be nominated, while reminding that at least she got the team out of the gates. But, Jamie still did not believe she did second-worst, and the team was stuck between who to nominate.

Elimination Edit

Nilka announced Fran as the red team's nominee for the many refires she had and losing her composure, and Jamie as the second for burning a lot of things. Fran and Jamie were called down, and during their pleas, Jamie said that she had a great taste profile and was a great team player, with Ramsay adding that she was so much a team player that she let Siobhan take over her station. After, Fran stated that she had a drive while giving her burn as an example, but Ramsay told that he could not teach an old dog new tricks. Fran did not believe she was an old dog without new tricks, and wanted a second chance to prove it and adding that she could blame her hand for her mistakes, but refused to do it. After much deliberation, Ramsay told that he believed Fran could still fight back, and eliminated Jamie for her string of poor performances and letting her teammates take control of her station. During her exit interview, Jamie did not believe Ramsay made the right decision as she still thought she was a stronger cook than Fran.

After Jamie left, Ramsay told that services must not be that hard, and dismissed the chefs. While being dismissed, Fran was ready to show people what she had after still wanting to work through burns, Jay compared the red team to a bunch of girls who could not get their emotions together while adding that he could not get any happier, and Nilka told the blue team must watch out as all the red team's dead weight was gone.

Ramsay's comment: "To be a great chef, you need creativity, leadership qualities, and passion. Jamie had passion."