15 Chefs Compete
Season 7, Episode 2
Air date June 8, 2010
Eliminated Andrew, Mikey
Saved Jason, Autumn, Jamie
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The second episode of Season 7 of Hell's Kitchen aired on FOX, on June 8, 2010. On that episode, a supposed easy challenge turned into a disaster for one chef, another one made a fundamental mistake before service, and a shocking exit occurred.

Intro Edit

While going back to the dorms, Jamie acknowledged the mistakes made by her team during the previous service and said that they should get their acts together. So, the women gathered around the couches and talked about the problems, with Autumn saying that they should not send their food if they do not think it would pass, and to not refuse help. However, Siobhan was annoyed because Autumn thought she knew everything and that she was the boss, and added that she would not put up with that. Then, Fran accused Autumn of not being a team player, which the latter disagreed and added that she could not care less what her teammates were thinking of her.

On the other side, the men did the same thing as the women on the patio, with Scott acknowledging that was fucking rough, Ed acknowledging that Ramsay expected perfection, and Andrew convinced his teammates that they all knew how to cook food while adding that they had to be confident in themselves. Andrew continued by declaring he was not intimidated by Ramsay as the food they were serving was not that good, and concluded by saying that he was making better food at home. After, Benjamin said that Mikey not communicating was the downfall, Jason did not want any of his teammates to be eliminated despite acknowledging Mikey was on borrowed time, and Mikey himself acknowledged he screwed up, was disappointed in himself, but could not wait to get better from that moment. Finally, Scott rallied his teammates by saying they must be supportive to each other.

Team challenge Edit

The next morning, at 5 am, while the chefs were sleeping, Sous Chefs Scott and Andi came in the dorms with an alarm clock, headphones and amplifiers, and woke up the chefs with the sound of the alarm being amplified all over the dorms. Sous Chef Scott ordered everybody to get downstairs immediately, Mikey thought the alarm clock was much more bigger than it was, and Nilka thanked God that she was wearing a bra. Arrived downstairs, Ramsay asked the chefs who were ready to fight back, which they all answered they were, and reminded that they did a lot of basic mistakes the previous night. So, he introduced the Egg Relay Challenge, in which the chefs would form pairs to cook four egg dishes, which were poached, soft-boiled, sunny side up, and scrambled. Scott was confident as he proclaimed himself as a badass in the kitchen, and because the red team was one member down, Siobhan was tasked to cook the eggs on her own. She was nervous about that, but was ready to kick butts either way.

When the 5 minutes countdown began, the chefs ran in the kitchens, Autumn immediately suggested to Siobhan to work with her and Fran, which she agreed, and in the blue kitchen, Scott convinced his teammates to not burn their eggs. In the red kitchen, Autumn was cooking Siobhan's sunny side up egg, while the latter focused only on her poached egg, and in the blue kitchen, Scott, who was paired with Andrew, was more focusing on Salvatore's eggs than his own. Then, Salvatore asked Mikey how his scrambled egg was, which the latter answered it was fine, and Mikey confirmed that Salvatore was doing great, and was annoyed when Scott came over to interfere with their job, as it reminded him of the previous service. Eventually, everybody got their eggs cooked and plated in time.

On the first round, all of Maria and Nilka's eggs were accepted, which made Maria proud of herself, but Salvatore and Mikey only scored with their poached and sunny side up eggs, which were the ones that Mikey cooked. Salvatore acknowledged that Scott interfered with their job, but also that he was not the best chef and that he at least was not bragging about it by pretending to be. The score was 4-2 for the red team, and on the second round, Siobhan presented her eggs that she was supposed to do on her own, but when Ramsay asked her how long she boiled her soft-boiled, she revealed that she got help from her teammates. Ramsay was dismayed, asked her why she did not do them on her own, which she answered that she got pressure from her teammates, and Nilka was immediately insulted by that statement. Then, Siobhan corrected by saying that Autumn forced her to do it, but the latter retorted that she only suggested her to do it, and Ramsay asked Siobhan which of her eggs did she do herself, which she answered only the poached one. Ramsay was dismayed, she revealed that she did two poached eggs in five minutes, he asked her how could she not follow a clear instruction, and she started to cry as she was extremely mad at herself for not pushing Autumn away. She regretted not doing that, but Autumn was unapologetic as she felt thrown under the bus, and added that under the pressure, Siobhan did not know when to shut her mouth. Because of that, only her poached egg was tasted by Ramsay, which he deemed delicious, and she scored one point. After, Ed and Jay scored three points, but when Ramsay tasted the scrambled egg, he asked if it bounced, and Jay thought he made a great egg while adding that Ramsay said they should make it taste the best and not look the best. After two rounds, the score was tied at 5.

On the third round, Fran and Autumn presented their eggs, but they only scored with the soft-boiled as Fran's scrambled was compared to a chopped omelet, her sunny side up did not have any seasoning, and Siobhan cooked the poached, dismaying Ramsay once again. After, Scott and Andrew scored three points, and the score was 8-6 for the blue team. On the final round, Holli and Jamie scored four points, and Jason and Benjamin scored with their poached and sunny side up, tying the score at 10. When it came down to their soft-boiled egg, Maria prayed for at least a tie, but the egg was deemed perfect, and the blue team won the challenge 11-10.

Reward Edit

The blue team was rewarded with a helicopter tour of Los Angeles, with Salvatore being excited about it as it was his first helicopter ride ever, and lunch with Ramsay on top of a building. During the ride, all the men were very excited, with Andrew saying it was wonderful as he never saw Los Angeles before in his life and that it was the perfect way to see it.

Arrived on top of the building, the men were welcomed by Jean-Philippe holding a tray of champagne glasses, with Mikey saying that it was flawless, Ramsay congratulated them by saying they never wanted to lose a challenge, and they toasted to their victory. During lunch, Ramsay told the men to call him Gordon outside the kitchen, and Jay declared it was a great day as he succeeded to have a helicopter ride and eat with Ramsay in one day. Then, Salvatore started to talk about his personal love life, revealing that he has been cheated on and that he had slept with close to forty women in his life. He said that he did not find the right one yet, but jokingly added to Ramsay that everybody would think he was a man whore, with everybody laughing.

Punishment Edit

The red team was punished by taking a delivery of a giant tuna, cutting it, cleaning it, and gutting it for the next service. While going back to the dorms, Nilka was pissed that they lost to eggs, and told that even though Autumn convinced Siobhan to accept help, the latter had to push her away and follow the instructions. Siobhan was crying, she was comforted by Holli and Jamie, who told her to not let that ruin her day, which she responded that she had to let it out so she could feel better. She went to her bed and cry, and on the patio, Nilka told Autumn that Siobhan threw her under the bus, with Autumn adding that she was ready to be the fall guy as she was strong and that she could take it. Then, Siobhan went to the patio, Autumn comforted her and apologized, but Siobhan was still extremely upset.

During the punishment, when the tuna arrived, Nilka was impressed as she never saw a fish that big before, Holli was wondering how they would get it off the truck as it was slippery, and Jamie complained that she was carrying three-quarters of the weight while her teammates were carrying the other quarter, and wished that she would not fall to the ground and make out with the tuna. Finally, the women succeeded to carry it in the kitchen and place it on the counter. While cutting it, Maria disagreed with Autumn's way of doing it as the latter left the skin, and she acknowledged that the skin was always the first part they were removing while not understanding what Autumn was doing.

Before service Edit

The next day, during prep, the women were worried about Siobhan's kitchen knowledge, and started to tell her exactly what to do, with Autumn saying that she may not be the right person to be the chef at the Savoy. Siobhan told that she wanted to know the consistency and make sure it would be perfect, but when Nilka came over to tell her what she had to do, she was annoyed, started mimicking her, and told that she would go slower as she was just pissing her off.

When both teams were lined up, Ramsay announced that they would serve tuna tartar tableside, and dedicated Fran and Scott to do it. After asking everybody if they were feeling good and if their prep was done, he asked Salvatore what were the desserts, but the latter struggled to answer. Salvatore declared that Ramsay was making him nervous and that he started to mumble because of that, Ramsay was furious as he was not running a kindergarten, and he kicked Salvatore out of the kitchen, while ordering him to study the menu. Salvatore went back to the dorms with a menu, Ramsay wished to see somebody take control of their team, and everybody went to their stations, waiting for the opening.

In the red kitchen, Autumn was determined to win after three losses, and put more salt in the water. When Ramsay tasted the water, he found it disgusting, ordered everybody to taste it, which they all found disgusting, with Siobhan saying it was worse than sea water and that she was about to puke, and Ramsay asked who seasoned it. Autumn admitted that she seasoned it originally but that somebody else should have added more into it, but Maria was unapologetic, saying that she should own up to her shit. After, Ramsay asked Jean-Philippe to open Hell's Kitchen.

Dinner service Edit

While Fran and Scott were already serving their tuna tartar in the dining room, in the blue kitchen, Ramsay dedicated Jay to go to the dorms and get Salvatore back in the kitchen. In the dorms, Salvatore declared he could not remember and that he was banging his head, and when he arrived in the kitchen, Ramsay called the first ticket and asked him what were the desserts. Salvatore took a lot of seconds to properly give the first dessert, dismaying Ramsay and himself as he claimed his heart was beating very fast, and could not believe he forgot four desserts. Moments later, he quickly recovered by correctly giving the first three desserts, but incorrectly gave berry pudding as the fourth one, before correcting himself by saying panna cotta, with Ramsay being satisfied. In the red kitchen, Ramsay asked if the water was boiling, which Holli answered it was not, and in the blue kitchen, Mikey sent his first risotto to the pass, while being confident that he would nail it. However, the risotto was sent back for having undercooked rice, Mikey revealed that he did not want his risotto to be mush as he hated it, and Ramsay asked Scott, who he called "Carrot top", to serve four more tartars on two tables because of Mikey's mistake, which he did while apologizing for the delay. In the red kitchen, Siobhan was working on her risotto, but Autumn seasoned it for her, dismaying Ramsay. Autumn said that she just added more salt, and Ramsay called Siobhan to ask her if she could cook a risotto, which she answered that she could but that she wanted to push Autumn away also. Ramsay encouraged her to do it, Siobhan added that Autumn was trying to interfere with her job, and Nilka, who was pissed, angrily told that they did not have time for that as they lost three times in a row already. Ramsay was dismayed by the lack of teamwork in the red team, and asked to be taken out of there.

In the dining room, Fran was lost as she could not find the right table, went to the wrong table twice, before being pulled back by Jean-Philippe. In the blue kitchen, Mikey was working on his second attempt at his first risotto, Andrew was dismayed as the risotto was being sent back every time, called Mikey a jackass, and revealed that it was messing up everything. Ramsay sarcastically congratulated Mikey for taking 43 minutes to send his first appetizer, but the risotto he sent to the kitchen came back for undercooked rice, much to Ramsay's dismay. Jason told that Mikey needed to snap back and get back into the game, not only for himself but for the team as well, Ramsay confirmed the rice was bullet, urged him to refire it, but Mikey did not communicate, much to Ramsay's frustration. Then, Mikey told Benjamin he needed five minutes on his risotto, the latter urged him to take his time while acknowledging he was a young kid despite knowing he deserved to get his ass kicked for not serving the proper food. In the red kitchen, Jamie and Holli served their entrées, but Nilka was not ready yet with her garnishes, and she gave a minute and a half, much to Ramsay's frustration, who ordered the other women to take their stuff back. Nilka declared she had the crab mash, but Ramsay did not want to hear it, and stated that he would not wait and shout for everything. Nilka acknowledged she was lost, and Holli asked her for a time while acknowledging that she froze and was not talking. In the blue kitchen, Salvatore's first Wellingtons were perfectly cooked, but Jason was not ready yet with the chicken, which was still raw, annoying Salvatore, and Ramsay asked Jason if he could talk, which he answered he could. But, Jason gave two minutes on the chicken, annoying Ramsay, and he was even more dismayed when he went to the meat station to see how Jason was cooking the chicken. Benjamin was dismayed as well saying that Jason was rushing the chicken, that it was not even ready, and that he totally fucked the team. Ramsay brought the pan to the front, declared the chicken was raw, that he was not frying it properly, and asked Jason if that was his best, which he answered not. Jason acknowledged he fucked the chicken up, but took it like a man, and started over. Ramsay compared the situation to a fine fucking mess while kicking the garbage bin, and the customers started to lose patience, with Jean-Philippe apologizing for the delay.

An hour and a half into service, the red team were serving their entrées at a good pace, but Jamie sent a salmon that was burnt underneath, much to Ramsay's dismay. He brought the salmon back, told Jamie the pan she was using was too hot, and smashed the salmon with his hand. Jamie told Holli to start over, stated that Ramsay just went Satan on her ass, while adding that she may still have salmon in her ear. Ramsay exposed the lack of communication between Jamie, Holli and Nilka, and when Holli gave seven minutes on her refire, Ramsay was dismayed because Jamie did not understand. In the blue kitchen, Andrew was extremely focused on his garnishes, and started talking to himself while pushing Mikey away, which Ed noticed and compared him to a maniac while wondering what that was. Andrew asked Benjamin for a time on the salmon, Sous Chef Scott reminded him the garnishes had to be ready before the proteins, and he started rushing while asking Jay to send the mashed potatoes to the pass for him. Ramsay asked why Jay was on garnish, and Andrew started rushing the rest of his garnishes.

Andrew's exitEdit

When the mashed potatoes were sent to the pass, Ramsay noticed they were too runny, with Sous Chef Scott comparing them to potato soup, and gathered the men to show them the liquid potatoes. Then, Andrew took the batch and started mixing them with the fresh batch he was making, much to Ramsay's dismay. Andrew asked why it was wrong to do it, Ramsay called him an idiot, and while he explained why it was not right to mix runny mashed potatoes with fresh ones, Andrew talked back by saying it was a brilliant idea. Ramsay explained that it would not make any difference, Andrew disagreed, asked him if he could not cook in a sauté pan any longer, and Jason called him crazy for talking back to Ramsay as the latter was the Jay-Z of restaurants. Finally, Ramsay declared to Andrew that he was losing his patience, but when the latter continued to talk back, he was kicked out of the kitchen into the dining room, with Ramsay concluding by telling him that he did not care, was not having any respect, and that he was a fucking joke to the industry. When Ramsay came back in the kitchen, he called Andrew fucking useless, and in the dining room, the latter was about to walk out when Jean-Philippe tried to convince him to stay by telling him he was just being tested, and that there were a lot of people that would be willing to be in his shoes at the moment. However, Andrew was not interested to come back, took his shoes off, and walked out of Hell's Kitchen for good, by the front door. During his exit interview, he declared that Ramsay was likely to see him as a little prick, but did not care what Ramsay was thinking of him as he was done.

After Andrew's departure, Scott was reintegrated in the kitchen and assigned to the garnish station, while Jason wondered what happened to Andrew as Ramsay made him disappear like a magician. Finally, both teams rallied to complete their remaining tickets, and service was completed for the second consecutive night.

Post-mortem Edit

When both teams were lined up, Ramsay was not satisfied, said that it would not get any easier, asked Jason if the chicken incident was him at his best, which he answered not, told Mikey that he could not even cook a risotto, Nilka that she was lost on garnish, and Jamie that she should not bring shit to the pass. After, Ramsay named both teams joint-losers, and asked them to nominate one person each for elimination.

During deliberation, Jason was quickly considered by Jay, which Benjamin agreed with, but Jason, while admitting he did not give his 100%, refused to be nominated as he knew he was not the weakest on the team, and called it straight bullshit while thinking his teammates were intimidated to work with him. Then, Jason considered Salvatore for not having the best food knowledge and experience, but Salvatore did not want to be nominated if he did not have a bad service. Salvatore was also considered by Mikey, who was really surprised that he was not considered by anybody. Finally, Ed was torn between Salvatore and Jason, stating it was hard to decide.

In the red team, Jamie considered Nilka, which the latter felt okay with as she acknowledged her mistakes, but Maria tried to convince her teammates to nominate Autumn for not being able to season the water properly before service as it was a basic mistake. Siobhan agreed with that as she thought Autumn was presenting herself as some big hot shot despite not seasoning the water properly. However, Jamie did not change her mind and still voted for Nilka.

Elimination Edit

Maria announced Autumn as the red team's nominee for over seasoning the water before service, with Siobhan adding that she was not a team player because she needed to overpower her teammates. After, Benjamin announced Jason as the blue team's nominee for not being a team player and being difficult to work with. Ramsay seemed surprised by that decision, but still called the two of them down. During her plea, Autumn did not think she should be eliminated for salty water, and when Ramsay asked the red team if they thought she was the worst cook, they answered she was not. Then, Maria considered Jamie as being the worst cook, and because of that, Ramsay sent Autumn back in line, while calling Jamie down. During their pleas, Jamie said that she had a lot of heart and communication skills, and Jason acknowledged that he messed up with the chicken, but could not wait to keep pushing and work for Ramsay in London. In the end, Ramsay announced that the person who would be eliminated would be for all the right reasons, before calling Mikey down, and eliminating him for his second shit service in a row. During his exit interview, Mikey acknowledged his crappy performance, but did not regret anything and accepted his faith.

After Mikey left, Ramsay was worried that there was no head chef amongst the chefs, before dismissing them for the night. While being dismissed, Maria regretted her decision to push her teammates to nominate Autumn, Jamie was furious that she was thrown under the bus by Maria, and Jason thought he was backstabbed by his teammates, while calling it straight bullshit.

Ramsay's comment: "Mikey was all about appearances. Unfortunately for him, it didn't appear he could cook."

Ramsay gave no comment on Andrew's departure, and he did not receive the coat hanging and burning picture sequence.