16 Chefs Compete
Season 7, Episode 1
Air date June 1, 2010
Eliminated Stacey
Saved Fran
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2 Chefs Compete
15 Chefs Compete

The first episode of Season 7 of Hell's Kitchen aired on FOX, on June 1, 2010. On that episode, 16 new chefs arrived in Hell's Kitchen, Ramsay got naughty with a fake one, and the first completed opening dinner service occurred with many ejections.

Intro Edit

17 new chefs arrive in Hell's Kitchen, and are greeted by Ramsay and the press. After introducing themselves to the press, Ramsay then announces that for the first time ever, they will be completing the first dinner service. This news shocks the chefs as it has never been done before. Ramsay then tells the chefs to cook their signature dish.

Signature Dish ChallengeEdit

As with the previous season, this is the first team challenge of the season. Before Ramsay begins, he notes that a lot of chefs said they were executive chefs and other higher-up positions, and calls down one of the women. Her dish is a veal scallopini, and while Ramsay says it looks like baby vomit, he declares that it's delicious. Ramsay then shows affection to her, even kissing her on the lips much to the shock of the chefs. However, it turns out that the women is actually Ramsay's wife Tana in disguise, and he explains that he doesn't care about their past experience, but is looking for someone with the most passion. With his point proven, they begin.

The first pair up is Salvatore and Maria. Salvatore's dish is a meat bucatini all Americana, but sheepishly admits that he used pre-made pasta for this dish. He doesn't get a point, especially when Ramsay finds it undercooked. Maria's pan-seared filet gains a point, however, and the red team lead 1-0. The next pair up is Benjamin and Holli. Benjamin's dish is a poached lobster with fresh pasta, and he gains a point. Holli's banana leaf wrapped halibut is deemed a disaster by Ramsay, and he tosses it in the trash. The teams are tied 1-1. Jamie and Scott are up next. Jamie's Creamy Chicken Kiev was caught having a toothpick in it, causing Ramsy to automatically disqualify it, and Scott's duck breast is deemed pathetic and he doesn't score as well.

The next pair up is Mikey and Siobhan. After looking at Mikey's hair (which has wax in it) and a Hell's Kitchen tattoo, Ramsay tastes his Brie stuffed with Lobster. While it looks a mess, he still scores a point on the taste. Siobhan's ahi tuna also scores a point, with it still a 2-2 tie. In a short montage, Jay and Jason were able to beat Stacey and Fran on their respective dishes, but Autumn beat out Ed's dish, leaving the score 4-3 for the blue team. The final pair up is Andrew and Nilka. Andrew presents his Steak Tartare which Ramsay said it tastes bland. Nilka's Sweet and Spicy Wings are too hot for Ramsay to handle, admitting that she used half a bottle of Tabasco, and she doesn't score as well. As a result, the blue team wins 4-3.

Ramsay says that he will announce the reward and punishment later, but says that the winner of this season will become the head chef of the Savoy hotel restaurant in London, England. He then reminds the chefs of the promise he made, and has Scott and new red team sous-chef Andi walk them to the dorms.

Post-challenge Edit

The chefs make it upstairs to their dorm rooms (which has been remodeled) and find their chef jackets, Henkel knives, and recipe book. The two teams then proceed to study all night, with the red team more confident than the blue team. Suddenly an alarm goes off and all the chefs head down to the living room where a pre-recorded video of Ramsay appears on the TV. Ramsay explains that to help them prepare for the opening service, he has provided some video demos to help them. These videos happen throughout the night as the chef's study throughout the night until 2 in the morning.

Reward Edit

Punishment Edit

The next morning, Andi wakes up the red team and informs them that since they lost the signature dish challenge, their punishment will be to make breakfast in bed (which is the blue team's reward). They manage to do so, and the blue team wakes up to a hot breakfast.

Before service Edit

With 10 hours left until service starts, both teams get to prepping for tonight, making special care that they can fulfill Ramsay's promise. While nerves start to get to the red team, Scott on the blue team takes control of the leadership which annoys Jay. After prep is finished, Ramsay has Jean Philipe open up.

Dinner service Edit

In order to get both teams in a good start, Ramsay has Jay and Nilka serve tableside Caesar salad for the diners.

Post-mortem Edit

Elimination Edit

Ramsay's comment: "It's a good thing Stacey's a private chef, her food wasn't good enough for the public."