Fitchburg, MA
Diner Owner
Kitchen Experience
30 years
Culinary Education
On-the-job training
Culinary Inspiration
Gordon Ramsay
Fitchburg, MA

Background Edit

Known for presenting a diner quality signature dish and sexist comments. Louie is responsible for the fastest exit ever in Hell's Kitchen that's not because of an illness or something else.

Season 6Edit

Episode 1Edit

Team challenge

Louie was the second person on the blue team to compete in the Signature Dish Challenge. His dish was a Sausague Gravy over Biscuit. Ramsay hated the dish, saying it tasted like gunk. The blue team still won 4-3, and he enjoyed a dinner with the blue team.

Dinner service

Louie was on the meat station. When it came to starting entree's, Louie was caught putting raw lamb in the oven without searing it off first, annoying Ramsay. He later earned more of Ramsay's ire when he was caught doing parts of Joseph's job by prepping garnishes. When he did send out his lamb entree, Gordon Ramsay discovered that Louie had bitten into one of the cuts (proving also was the fact Louie licked his lips) and was horrified when he discovered that he had wasted a lot of lamb meat. Ramsay was so upset that he threw Louie out of Hel service, and eliminated him from Hell's Kitchen immediately.

Quotes Edit

"Hundreds of people eat that at my diner every day! I don't think it was WORTH spitting out!"

"Women are the best at cleaning, so this should be right up their alley."

"You want me out? You want me to pack my fucking bags? I'm out. My bags are packed. HE CAN KISS MY FUCKING ASS!

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