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Daniel "Dan" Ryan was a contestant on Season 11 of Hell's Kitchen. He ranked in 14th place.

Personality Edit

Dan was the main antagonist of that season. His attitude was the worst as he was constantly insulting his teammates and being rude to them, being delusional about his performances, thinking he was always the best, and having a running feud with Michael. He is one of the most hated chefs in the history of the show, but could be shown to have remorse for his actions, as he apologized to Mary after the final service.

Season 11 Edit

Episode 1/2Edit

When the chefs arrived in Los Angeles, they got on the Hell's Kitchen bus, but Dan got annoyed when it was not departing from the airport, stating that he came to Los Angeles to cook, and not to ride circles in bus. Then, Ramsay surprisingly told the chefs to meet him in Las Vegas. Arrived there, they were greeted by showgirls, which he absolutely loved, got on a double-decker bus for a tour of the city, and eventually got tricked in believing they would go on a Las Vegas 4D experience. However, they arrived in front of a live audience, where Ramsay was waiting for them.

During the Signature Dish Challenge, Dan was the fifth person from the blue team to have his dish judged by Ramsay, and went up against Gina. He served eggs Benedict with champagne hollandaise sauce, tomatoes and sautéed spinach, but the presentation shocked Ramsay who asked him if he threw up on the plate. He revealed that he used whole butter for his sauce, adding that if it was good for Julia Child, it was good enough for him. But, Ramsay said that Julia Child would turn her grave if she would see that, and added that anybody who would eat that would get the craps, while calling it a joke. Neither him or Gina scored a point, and Ramsay added that he should be embarrassed.

The blue team eventually lost the challenge 4-5, and they were punished with an eight-hour school bus ride from Las Vegas to Hell's Kitchen, in the desert, without air conditioning. While entering the bus, Dan felt like a dumbass and was not looking forward to an eight-hour ride in an old bumpy school bus back to Los Angeles, while adding that if one of the wheels would get lost, he would lose his mind. During the punishment, he was annoyed by Sebastian's constant talking.

The next day, during prep, the blue team was really focused and working as a team, and Dan was determined to not get another one on the chin like they did the previous day. During dinner service, he was on the fish station with Zach. At one point, he asked Sebastian what he was doing when the latter was trying to come back after being kicked out, and at another, he was annoyed by Michael serving lamb with more bone than meat on it, saying that he was not serving a dog's chew toy, and that there had to have meat on it. Before Jeremy was kicked out, he corrected him when he was struggling to repeat the order, and after Jeremy was kicked out, he was dedicated to the garnish station. When he brought the chicken garnish to the pass, it was undercooked, and because of that, he was the fifth person from the blue team to be kicked out of the kitchen, along with Jon. Back in the dorms, he reminded Jeremy that he had to be able to repeat the tickets, and that communication was crumbling. The blue team lost the service, and they were asked to nominate two people.

He was not nominated for elimination.

Episode 3Edit

Back in the dorms, Dan comforted Jeremy, who felt humbled after surviving elimination, by saying he had a second chance.

The next morning, some soldiers from the US army came in Hell's Kitchen, went to the dorms, and gave a very brutal wake up call to the chefs by screaming and yelling to get up. When the teams were challenged to climb up the wall, Dan stayed on top of the wall to help her teammates getting over. At one point, he told Anthony to be careful after the latter sprained his ankle. The blue team managed to get 37 lobsters in their bucket, compared to the red team's 31, but did not win anything as that was only the first part of the challenge.

Before the Lobster Cleaning Challenge, Dan was asked by Anthony to help him get his chefs jacket, and during the challenge, he was paired with Zach. He was annoyed by the fact that the women were really fast as they were already done with their second while the men were halfway with theirs, and motivated his teammates. The blue team eventually lost the challenge 8-11, and they were punished by taking a delivery of thousands of pounds of halibut and branzino, prepping them for the next service, and eating fish head soup for lunch. When he learned the punishment, he ironically congratulated Jon and Jeremy for their terrible performance. When the delivery truck arrived, he said they would get intimate with the fish, while calling it fucking gross, and compared the situation as being in a Greco-Roman wrestling match without winning.

During dinner service, Dan was on the garnish station with Barret. At one point, when Ramsay berated Christian for constant mistakes, he was seen drinking water very casually. Later, he tried to help Christian, along with Barret, but was annoyed as Christian was not doing anything to correct his situation, and said that he must do something. Eventually, the blue team was kicked out after a lot of mistakes. Both teams were named joint-losers, and they were asked to nominate two people each.

He was not nominated for elimination.

Episode 4Edit

Back in the dorms, Dan was still confident about Jeremy, but called him a liability.

The next morning, all the chefs went outside for the next challenge, and saw Ramsay, dressed in a running suit, and a lot of runners waiting in front of a start/finish line. When Natalie Coughlin was introduced as a guest of honour, Dan said she was beautiful, and blew her a kiss. Ramsay introduced the HK3K Service Challenge, and asked for a volunteer from each team to run the course with the runners. He volunteered and got chosen, along with Mary from the red team, which he was confident that he could run backwards and still beat her. When the race began, he was already going faster than everybody, leading Ramsay to ask him to slow down. He gave his first checkpoint before Mary, and Barret and Michael were there to check on him. Near the end, he declared he could skip, take his time through a mellow, and still win. He was the first who arrived in the kitchen, and he asked to be caught up on the menu, which Barret agreed to do. During the challenge, he was not seen much, except at one point when he helped Zach bringing salmon to the hot plate, and the blue team eventually lost the challenge. When the red team came in to help the blue team finish their entrées, he declared there was no silver lining as the team went to a great start, but collapsed, while putting all the blame on Zach. After the challenge, when the blue team lined up to learn their punishment, he was annoyed by Michael asking stupid questions.

They were punished by cleaning the HK3K course, including erasing the paint, breaking down the checkpoints, picking the trash, and finally, prepping both kitchens ahead of the next service. When the women rubbed salt in the men's wound while going to their reward, Dan was annoyed by it, and when the women came back from their reward, he declared there was a skink parade coming through the kitchen. The next day, during prep, he angered Michael for leaving his stuff on the latter's station, but he talked back by saying to Michael that he was breaking his balls. Then, Michael landed him a metal container by asking what was inside, which he answered it was watercress. However, Michael revealed he was incorrect, and he corrected himself by saying it was Swiss char. Then, Michael padded him on the shoulder while saying he should not fuck the team, but he declared that Michael was a pain in his ass, and asked him to not make him look like an asshole. A little argument erupted between the two of them, where Michael reminded that they had a service to pull off, but he responded that Michael could suck his dick, leading Raymond to calm the situation down.

During dinner service, Dan was on the meat station with Zach. At one point, he expressed dismay towards Raymond who was holding the whole team down. Later, he gave one minute for his lamb to be ready, but when Michael sent his lamb garnish to the pass, he noticed his lamb was still undercooked. He revealed the problem to Ramsay, much to the latter and Michael's dismay. Then, he mocked Michael by comparing him to a whiny baby, and told to wait as he got it. He finally sent his lamb to the pass, but it was not sliced properly, and Ramsay schooled him for that mistake. He was asked what was that by being shown the lamb, which he answered it was shit. Because of that, he had to start his lamb over. After that, Ramsay asked him for the lamb twice as he did not answer the first time, and when he did, he said there was one minute remaining. Michael urged him to hurry up as he did not want to do his garnish once again, and then, he asked Zach to take a look at his lamb, but Zach acknowledged it was still undercooked. He told that he could not do anything about it other than put it back in the oven, and when he asked Zach for a time, Michael lost his patience and went to the convection oven himself. At the convection oven, Michael angrily ordered him to go back to his station, and when, Michael got back to his station, he bumped into him on his way. He did not appreciate and challenged him to a fight, before Ramsay pulled both of them in the pantry room. There, Ramsay asked what was going on between both of them, and Michael angrily told him that he had to talk, but when he requested Michael to stop yelling, he got ignored and insulted by Michael who told him to talk or go the fuck home. Ramsay ordered both of them to talk to each other, and they got out of the pantry room calmer than when they entered. However, Michael did not understood well what he said about being ready on garnish, but when he corrected himself by saying he was ready with the garnish, Michael told him to speak English. He got back on his station, but called Michael a baby, and Ramsay asked for a time, which he answered that he needed one minute on his lamb. Michael smiled, and asked him to do the same, but he said that sarcasm was not appreciated at the moment. After, Michael asked him to not even talk and just cook, which he mimicked he was. When he finally sent his lamb, it was accepted, and he called that redemption. The blue team eventually won the service for finally showing some progress.

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Episode 21/22Edit

Dan returned for the last dinner service of the season, because Barret did not. He was Mary's last pick after Jon, Anthony, Nedra and Michael, and the last pick overall.

During dinner service, Dan was on the meat station. He had a very horrible performance, leading him to be kicked out of the kitchen by a fed-up Mary. After service, he felt remorse for his actions and apologized to Mary, but she lost the finals to Ja'Nel.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the first returning contestant ever to be kicked out of the kitchen during the final service.

Quotes Edit

  • "I heart showgirls. LOVE 'EM!"
  • "If it's good enough for Julia Child, it's good enough for me!"
  • "There needs to be meat on there. This is not a fucking dog's chew toy, this is lamb!"
  • (After being eliminated) "Barret, you are a weapons grade douchebag. Zach, you two-faced dick! Michael, you are S-T-O-O-P-I-D stupid! My message to the blue team: (flips the birds) Shove it up your asses!"