The Cook For Your Life Challenge is an individual challenge in Hell's Kitchen, but during the team section of the season.

Purpose Edit

Instead of a normal service, Ramsay instead will have a one on one interview with each chef, and give them an update on how they are doing in the competition. After each interview, Ramsay will ask the chef how they would rank his/her teammates from strongest to weakest.

The weakest chef from both teams would then compete in a competition to cook three dishes to be judged by Ramsay himself. The winner gets to stay in Hell's Kitchen while the loser is automatically eliminated from the competition.

Season 12 Edit

The first time this happened was during Season 12 when there were 12 chefs (6 on both teams). After the interviews, it was revealed that the blue team deam Richard as their weakest, while the red team deam Jessica as their weakest. The two were tasked to create a risotto, scallops, and halibut in 30 minutes. In the end, Jessica was eliminated after her lobster risotto was undercooked, and her halibut was overcooked.

Season 14 Edit

The second time this happened was during season 14 when there were 9 chefs (5 on the red teaam, 4 on the blue team). After the interviews, it was revealed that the blue team deam Randy as their weakest, while the red team deam Christine as the weakest on the red team. The two were tasked to make a risotto, a halibut, and a bread pudding. While both made mistakes, it was Christine's critical errors on forgetting a crucial part of the risotto (the tomato coffee), and not using the prepared base for the bread pudding that lead to her elimination.

Trivia Edit

  • Only men have won this challenge so far
    • Interestingly, the winners never made it to the black jackets stage
  • So far, this has happened in even numbered seasons

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