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Christina Wilson
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Christina Wilson was a contestant on Season 10 of Hell's Kitchen. She was the winner of that season and was awarded a head chef position at Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris Las Vegas, with a salary of $250,000. Since her win, she became head chef in all restaurants owned by Ramsay in Las Vegas. On Season 15 and Season 17, she returned as the Sous Chef for the red team.

Personality Edit

Christina was one of the most sane women on a notoriously aggressive and cutthroat red team, during her time as a contestant. She proved to have a ton of passion, heart, and effective leadership, which helped secure her a deserved win. As a Sous Chef, she was calm and agreeable, although she could lose her temper at times. For example, on season 15, she ripped into Jackie for her lack of professionalism, and on season 17, she called out Elise for lying during a punishment.

Season 10 Edit

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Season 15 Edit

On season 15, Christina came back to be the Sous Chef for the red team.

Main highlightsEdit

  • On episode 4, she chewed out Jackie when the latter wrote the words "The Fucking List" on the red team's prep list, even calling her the cancer of the red team. However, she did accept Jackie's apology later that day.

Season 16 Edit

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Season 17 Edit

On season 17, Christina returned once again as the Sous Chef for the red team.

Main highlightsEdit

  • During the episode 3 punishment, she suspected that Elise was trying to cheat by only drinking the broth and not the actual fish parts, and asked to smell everyone's breath to be sure. When it became clear that Elise did not have bad breath, Christina forced her to eat one bite of the fish while she watched.
  • During the episode 10 punishment, she asked the red team to promise a good dinner service, but Dana refused to. Barbie asked whether it was because Dana had no confidence in herself, but when Christina was out of earshot, Dana revealed that it was only because she had no confidence in Barbie.

Trivia Edit

  • She participated in the sixth different-gender finals of Hell's Kitchen.
  • She is the tenth winner, and fifth female winner of Hell's Kitchen.
  • She is the fifth winner to have never been nominated for elimination during the entire season, and the third female winner to do so, following Heather from Season 2, and Holli from Season 7.
  • She is the second contestant to return to Hell's Kitchen as a staff member, following Heather from Season 2, who served as the red team's Sous Chef on Season 6. She is also the first contestant, and the only one to this date, to serve as a staff member for more than one season.

Quotes Edit

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