Ashley Nickell
Ashley Nickell
Orlando, FL
Season 15: 27
Season 17: 29
Chef de Cuisine
15, 17
Kitchen Experience
Culinary Education
Culinary Inspiration
Season 15: 3rd
Season 17: 15th

Ashley Nickell was a contestant on Season 15 and Season 17 of Hell's Kitchen. On season 15, she ranked in 3rd place, and on season 17, she ranked in 15th place.

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Season 15 Edit

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Season 17 Edit

Episode 1Edit

Ashley was the 2nd to enter the Hell's Kitchen lobby after Milly. Jared, her "best friend" from season 15, was the 4th. She greeted him by jumping into his arms. The two went against each other for duck in the signature dish challenge, during which they insist to Ramsay that they are "just friends". They each scored 4 out of 5 points.

Episode 2Edit

Flagged for serving soupy carbonara during dinner service, but the rest of her team was worse. The red team lost the service and Ashley was not nominated.

Episode 3Edit

During dinner service, Ashley was on the meat station with Barbie. However, she was criticized for standing around looking at her watch, and not doing anything, causing Ramsay to kick her out of the kitchen. She came back, however continued to stand around looking lost. Ramsay eventually kicked the women out after having a worse service than opening night, and declared their team the losers.

Ashley was not nominated for elimination by her team, but received a few votes from some of her teammates. Because of that, Ramsay nominated her, along with Manda, and joined Barbie and Robyn. Ramsay eliminated her because he felt she had no fightback left.

Notably, no one on the blue team disagreed with her elimination more than Jared.

Ramsay's comment: "Ashley spent more time staring at her watch than paying attention to her station. And so, her time here on Hell's Kitchen is done."

Trivia Edit

Season 15Edit

  • She was part of the second, overall and consecutive, all-female top three of Hell's Kitchen, along with Ariel and Kristin.

Season 17Edit

Quotes Edit

Season 15Edit

  • (to Jared, on a tirade after he picks Kristin to go with to the reward with over herself): "You are officially fucking dead to me. We are not friends. You have officially lost the only friend you have. You're so full of shit, dude, you're just trying to save your own ass. You have officially lost the only friend you had."

Season 17Edit

Gallery Edit

  • Ashley on Season 17 (All Stars)

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