Ashley Nickell
Ashley Nickell
Orlando, FL
Season 15: 27
Season 17: 29
Chef de Cuisine
15, 17
Kitchen Experience
Culinary Education
Culinary Inspiration
Season 15: 3rd
Season 17: 15th

Ashley Nickell was a contestant on Season 15 and Season 17 of Hell's Kitchen. On season 15, she ranked in 3rd place, and on season 17, she ranked in 15th place.

Personality Edit

Ashley was one of the more level-headed members of the red team, rarely arguing with her teammates, while at the same time breaking down due to the stress of the competition. She also developed a strong friendship with Jared. On season 17, she had the same personality, and kept her friendship with Jared strong.

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Season 15Edit

  • She was part of the second, overall and consecutive, all-female final three of Hell's Kitchen, along with Ariel and Kristin.

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Quotes Edit

Season 15Edit

  • (To Jared) "You are officially fucking dead to me. Everybody, dead to me. I have been the only fucking person in this house that has been your friend. We are not friends. You have officially lost the only friend you had. You're so full of shit, dude, you're just trying to save your own ass."
  • (After being eliminated) "I did NOT come to Hell's Kitchen to walk through that door. I came to Hell's Kitchen to walk through the big door, the door to my future."

Season 17Edit

  • "Yes! I love Jared, and we were on the same season. We were really close. You know, we had our ups and downs, like when he chose Kristin over me for the reward. I don't think I still forgive him for that, but everybody knows that Jared and I are boo-boos."
  • "This is complete and utter bullshit!"

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