Ariel Contreras-Fox was a contestant on Season 6 and Season 18 of Hell's Kitchen. She ranked in 3rd place on Season 6.

Personality Edit

Ariel was one of the most consistent performers throughout the season. She established herself as the leader of the red team very soon.

Season 6 Edit

Episode 1Edit

When Ariel came out of the bus to enter Hell's Kitchen, she was extremely excited to finally be there. After receiving some tips from Jean-Philippe and former Hell's Kitchen contestants, Ramsay ordered all the chefs to cook their signature dishes.

Before tasting the signature dishes, Ramsay announced that for the first time ever, the Signature Dish Challenge would occur as a regular team challenge, with each contestant going head-to-head. Ariel was the sixth person of the red team to have her dish judged by Ramsay, and went up against Kevin. Her duck breast was undercooked and having raw fat, and neither she or Kevin won the round.

The red team eventually lost the challenge 2-3, and was punished by cleaning both kitchens ahead of the opening service the following night. They were also served Bologna sandwiches for dinner, and after their punishment, the women came up to the dorms and found their uniforms, knives, and cookbooks, which they had to learn by heart. The next morning, during prep, the women were already going full steam ahead and were confident as they studied the menu the previous night and rested.

During dinner service, Ariel was on the meat station with Suzanne. She was not seen much, except at one point when she declared being embarrassed because Tek could not cook scallops properly, and at another when she noticed Lovely was missing. After a lot of struggle in both kitchens, service was shut down by Ramsay.

When the teams were lined up, Ramsay declared the red team losers for not serving any entrées at all, and asked them to nominate two people. Ariel was not nominated for elimination, and after Melinda left, she welcomed Robert in her team, as a new teammate. While being dismissed, she was excited as she was sure Robert was the end of the red team's losing streak.

Episode 2Edit

Back in the dorms, the red team received some precious help when Robert gave some tips on how to properly cook the food to the women.

The next morning, both teams got down in the blue kitchen, where Ramsay introduced the Shrimp Cleaning Challenge. Ariel declared the red team had to win that challenge after losing the previous service, and during the judging, she was the fourth person from her team to have her shrimps judged by Ramsay. She scored 6 points, but the red team lost the challenge 44-45.

The red team was punished by cleaning shrimps and segmenting lemons, removing every seed from all of them, all day long, for a shrimp cocktail during the next dinner service. Ariel declared she was tired of cleaning shrimps and not liking them as well, and during the punishment, she threw Tennille under the bus, saying that if she had done her part during the challenge, the team would have won.

During dinner service, Ariel was on the dessert station. She was not seen much, except when Tennille told Ramsay she would need 5 more minutes, which she was not impressed and told she should get her shit together. Later, she acknowledged that Tennille sank the team and that they were in big trouble. After a lot of struggle in both kitchens, Ramsay ordered both teams to send shrimp cocktails to the dining room, and shut down both kitchens.

When both teams were lined up, Ramsay revealed that Tennille served a raw shrimp to a pregnant woman, which Ariel made a surprised facial expression as she did not know that happened. After that, he named both teams losers, and asked them to nominate two people each.

Ariel was not nominated for elimination, and tried to calm down Joseph, who was having his infamous outburst, by asking him to show some respect.

Episode 3Edit

After Joseph's departure and Tony's elimination, Ariel and the red team said goodbye to Robert, who has just been transferred to the blue team.

Back in the dorms, the chefs went to bed, trying to get some sleep, but very early in the night, alarm bells started to go, Sous Chef Scott, holding a flashlight, told everybody to get out of the restaurant immediately as an emergency was called. Then, fire trucks arrived to Hell's Kitchen and the chefs got outside. But, Ramsay was standing with the firefighters, revealing that it was a fire drill. He introduced the Firefighter Pasta Meal Service Challenge, and all the chefs got back in the dorms to change. Before tickets came in, Ariel checked Lovely's convection oven while declaring the red team needed to win so they could get their morale back up. During the challenge, because she was tired of Lovely not being able to get the garlic bread out, she decided to take control of that station herself, took it off the oven and sent it to the pass. Later, she took vocal control of the team and plated some chicken alfredo dishes, along with Amanda. She took vocal control of her team once again when they had four tickets remaining, as she was determined not to lose. The red team eventually won the challenge, and she was proud saying that she would continue to be a leader.

They were rewarded with a day at the Pacific Water Spa, in Huntington Beach, California, as well as a helicopter ride to get there. Arrived at the spa, the women got in bathrobes and clinked their champagne glasses, while Ariel was thrilled as she never went to a spa before. The next day, during prep, she said she was happy to be the team's captain and determined to make an impression.

During dinner service, Ariel was on the appetizer station with Sabrina. After she sent acceptable appetizers to the pass, she tried to motivate Tennille, who was behind on the fish station. Later, she emerged as the definite leader and pushed her team forward, with the goal of finishing service. Under her leadership, her team succeeded to complete their tickets before the blue team.

The red team was declared losers for having a 81% above average rating from the customers, compared to the blue team's 83%, but because of her assertiveness, Ariel was named "Best of the Worst", and asked to nominate two of her teammates for elimination. While being dismissed, she declared it was a tough responsibility as she had to narrow it down to two people, and that she had too many choices. During deliberation, she spoke with Tennille and Amanda. The latter asked her if she thought Lovely was an overall stronger cook, which she acknowledged that it was a good point and that it would be a difficult decision.

Ariel named Lovely as her first nominee, and Tennille as her second, despite praising the latter's potential.

Episode 4Edit

During the Sausage Strings Challenge, Ariel was paired with Sabrina. In total, they made three sausage links, but only two of them were accepted. The red team eventually won the challenge 6-4, and they were rewarded with lunch at Old World Village, for an Oktoberfest style party.

During dinner service, Ariel was on the garnish station with Lovely, and served an amuse-bouche special. She served all of her amuse-bouche in time, and the red team started cooking their food. Near their final tickets, one of her tagliatelles was sent back by Ramsay for being cooked to fuck. The red team lost the service, and Sabrina was named "Best of the Worst".

She was not nominated for elimination.

Episode 5Edit

During the Welcome Home Planning Challenge, Ariel was concerned that the red team’s items were not good enough, but was willing to trust Suzanne’s judgement, as she was the one who listened to La Tasha. She presented the red team's appetizer, which was a Caesar salad with baked prawns. It was well received, and she won the round over Kevin. Despite that, the red team lost the challenge 1-2, and they were punished by decorating the dinning room for the next service, under the supervision of Ramsay's wife. During the punishment, she quickly found out how much Tana's instructions were similar to Ramsay's, and complained that the decorating would take a while.

During the Welcome Home dinner service, Ariel was on the garnish station. When she saw Sabrina's cold stuffed mushrooms being sent back, she said that it was not a great start as she was tired of losing services. Later, she reminded Tek that the grill was supposed to be used for marking and Tek had to cook them off in the over afterwards. The red team lost the service by a mile after the blue team was sent over to help them serve their entrees, she was frustrated as the red team should have done better, and refused to work with incompetent people any longer.

She was not nominated for elimination.

Episode 6Edit

Back in the dorms, Ariel was still bitter about the red team's pathetic performance during the Welcome Home party.

During the 700 Calories Challenge, Ariel presented the red team's entrée, which was a cottage cheese and a mushroom stuffed pork chop, containing 308 calories. Ramsay praised the portion control and the peppered watercress. She won the round over Jim, and the red team won the challenge 3-1. They were rewarded with a day at Venice Beach to play volleyball with Annett Davis, as well as receiving a gift basket containing Vitamix blenders and a cook book.

During dinner service, Ariel was on the fish station. Her first attempt on the scallops came out boiled, and Ramsay accused her of not caring anymore. However, she managed to bounce back from her mistake. Both teams were eventually named joint-losers, and Ramsay asked them to nominate one person each.

She was not nominated for elimination.

Episode 7Edit

During the Craps Challenge, Ariel rolled a H, and chose hamhock. During the challenge, she ignored Tennille's suggestion of adding sugar in their purée to balance the garlic flavor. She presented the red team's pan roasted tenderloin and leg of rabbit with a garlic rosemary purée and hammock stock. While Ramsay praised the red team for not making the leg dry, he found that the garlic purée tasted strong and obliterated the other flavors. The red team lost the challenge to the blue team, and they were punished by participating in Delivery Day, doing inventory, and prepping both kitchens for the next service.

During prep, Ariel, along with Tennille, began to consider loosing Suzanne because of her bossy attitude. During dinner service, she was on the appetizer station. She greeted the chefs table, and later, held up Amanda's fish entrée as she was late on the spaghetti. Despite that, the red team won the service.

Episode 8Edit

During the Blind Taste Test, Ariel was the first person from the red team to compete, and went up against Van. She correctly guessed cream cheese and leeks, and the red team won the challenge 6-4. They were rewarded with lunch in the dark at the Opaque, in the V Lounge, with Ramsay.

During dinner service, Ariel was on the dessert station. She was not seen much, but the red team lost the service. Tennille was named "Best of the Worst".

She was not nominated for elimination.

Episode 9Edit

Back in the dorms, Ariel told Suzanne that she had to realize how she was interacting with the team in order to succeed, while adding that nobody was going to put up with her attitude any longer.

During the Crepe Challenge, Ariel felt that Suzanne was trying to overcompensate for the previous night. She competed against Van in the breakfast round, and served a smoked salmon with herbs and honey crepe. It was praised for having a nice color and for the filling, and she won the round over Van. The red team won the challenge 3-2, and they were rewarded with a full French experience, which included mime lessons and lunch at La Cachette.

During dinner service, Ariel was on the garnish station. She was not seen much, except when she complained about how Suzanne fucked the red team by slicing the lamb early and letting the juices flow out. After Suzanne and Sabrina were ejected from service, Ramsay relocated her to the fish and garnish stations. Both teams were named joint-losers, and Ramsay asked them to nominate two people together.

Ariel was not nominated for elimination, and she told Ramsay, along with Tennille, that Suzanne would not be a worthwhile member of the red team any longer. After Andy left, she said goodbye to Suzanne, who was transferred to the blue team.

Episode 10Edit

Back in the dorms, Ariel expressed concern over Sabrina as she had been a disaster in the last two services, and had to either step up her game, or go home.

During the Fifteen Canadian Ingredients Challenge, Ariel was the first person from the red team to present her entrée, and went up against Kevin. She served a grilled salmon with melted leeks and grilled shrimp, which was criticized for having too much richness with the leeks, and she lost the round to Kevin. After Ramsay asked why Tennille announced her dish as lamb when it was actually venison, she stated that since they have worked with lamb a lot, it was a simple identification mistake.

The red team lost the challenge 2-4, and they were punished by picking up fresh produce from a local farm, and do chores there. During the punishment, Ariel was forced to face her fear of pigs as she got chased by one as a kid at a county fair, and said that she got traumatized by that.

When both teams got control of their menus, Ariel inputted some of her ideas, but was not certain over Tennille's suggestions as they were not fine-dining dishes. Later, she felt that there was a lot of tension between the red team after Tennille snapped at her.

During dinner service, Ariel was on the appetizer station. One of her pork ravioli dishes was sent back for being stone cold in the center, and she felt embarrassed over screwing up her own dish. Later, she got determined to do well and pushed more dishes, but two more of her dishes were sent back for the same problem. That led Ramsay to accuse her of rushing her dishes, and also berated her of being laid back over it, even though she was pissed at herself, but was trying to hold it in. Both teams were named joint-losers, and Ramsay asked them to nominate one person each.

She was not nominated for elimination.

Episode 11Edit

The next day, Ariel and the rest of the chefs received their black jackets.

During the Taste It Now Make It Challenge, Ariel was paired with Van, although she was a little concerned as Van had been nominated twice before. They used turbot, calamari, celery root, and starfruit to recreate Ramsay's dish. While they were in the top two, they lost to Dave and Suzanne as they got the wrong fruit for their sauce. She was punished by prepping for a Couples Night Service, as well as help Jean-Philippe to decorate the dining room.

During dinner service, Ariel was on the garnish station. At one point, Ramsay saw that she had a piece of burnt lettuce on her pan, which she did not notice until then. That caused a very despaired Ramsay to leave the kitchen with Sous Chef Scott. When Tennille took the lead, she said that she wanted five more minutes on her garnishes, but Tennille told her that she wanted three minutes. With some help from Dave, she was able to get her garnishes to the pass. After Ramsay and Sous Chef Scott came back, she, along with Van and Suzanne, got ejected from the kitchen. Back in the living room, she got concerned when Van went off.

Ariel was the second nominee, with Suzanne being the first. They were called down with Van. During her plea, she said that she wanted to prove that she could bounce back, and survived elimination after Ramsay sent her back in line.

Episode 12Edit

Back in the dorms, Ariel realized that she had to pull through from her poor night as they were in the final five.

During the Presentation Challenge, Ariel made a prosciutto wrapped John Dory, and hoped for a pick me up after the previous night. Her dish was voted as the second best, and was praised by Ramsay and Barbara Fairchild for its edgy cranberry sauce. She ended up being named joint-winner with Kevin, and she was rewarded with a Bon Appétit photo shoot with Ramsay and Fairchild, at Shutters on the Beach, in Santa Monica. During the reward, she stated that her family would be excited to see her dish in the magazine.

During dinner service, Ariel was on the meat station. Despite hoping her night would be an improvement, her first attempt on the chicken had some pink on it, and she got frustrated for disappointing Ramsay. Despite that, she managed to get the refire accepted. Then, she brought her lamb, but it was sliced poorly, and a frustrated Ramsay pulled her to the dining room and asked her if she would send that poor piece in the Araxi Restaurant. She said that she would not, and called it embarrassing to get called out in front of the customers. After the service, Ramsay asked the chefs to nominate two people for elimination.

Ariel was the first nominee, with Suzanne being the second. During her plea, Ramsay accused her of getting worse, but she said that she was still passionate, and wanted to prove it to Ramsay. She survived elimination.

Episode 13Edit

Back in the dorms, Ariel said that she wanted to get to the final four based on her skills, and not for dodging a bullet. The next morning, the chefs were welcomed by a child version of Ramsay, and she called it the best possible way to begin the day.

During the 80 Vegetarian Portions Challenge, Ariel made a vegetarian lasagna. She asked Dave if she could help him, but he refused. Then, she confirmed that Dave was the one-armed bandit because he fought through the pain, and she was impressed by that. When it was revealed that they would be serving their dishes to children, she realized that she lucked out as kids loved lasagna. She lost the challenge to Tennille, and was punished by cleaning up the dining room after the children made a big mess, and she called it the worst clean up yet. Back in the dorms, she told Dave and Kevin that she believed Tennille won because of her cooking elementary.

During prep, Ariel knew that the pressure was on for her. During dinner service, she was on the garnish station. She was not seen much as she did not make any mistakes.

After the service, Ariel hugged Tennille on the latter's way out, and after, she got a visit from her fiancé and mother.

Episode 14Edit

Back in the dorms, Ariel hoped that she would make it to the final two, and the next morning, she was determined to do well as the finish line was very close.

During the International Cuisine Challenge, Ariel had the first pick and got China, which excited her as she worked with that a lot, and it could be an easy one. She made a duck with lychee plum marinade and noodle broth, but nervously stumbled on describing her dish. The judges criticized the dish for not being balanced and having a watery sauce, disappointing her. She lost the challenge to Dave, and she was punished by polishing the silverware in the dining room for the next service. During the punishment, she tried to peak over to see Dave's reward, but struggled as she was near sighted.

During dinner service, Ariel was on the meat station. When Kevin was running the pass, her timings became inconsistent to Sous Chef Scott’s, and Kevin complained that she was slowing the team down. When she sent her lamb to the pass, Kevin noticed that it was overcooked, and asked for a new mid rare, despite herself thinking that it was mid-rare. She managed to send up her refire, though told Ramsay that she could not cut a bone off one of the chops. However, Kevin forced her to do it regardless, but that caused the lamb chops to fall apart as he ordered her to make another. Despite being pissed off by getting pushed by Kevin, she brought her lamb, but was missing the lamb sauce. She was the last person to run the pass, and knew that she had to do well or else she could be eliminated. While she read her first ticket well, Sous Chef Heather sent parsnip purée instead of mashed potatoes, and she failed to notice the mistake. Despite that, entrées continued to leave until Sous Chef Scott brought salmon instead of sea bass, but that time, she noticed it. Then, she started calling out a lot of tickets, but that caused Dave and Kevin to get confused on what was going on. Ramsay reminded her that she had to coordinate the line as Kevin was dragging the scallops, and then, was told that the kitchen was running her. She got her voice back, but noticed that Kevin was dragging his scallops, and felt that he was sabotaging her. Then, she noticed that Kevin missed a portion, but he managed to send it up in time.

At elimination, Ariel voted for Kevin as he did not have her back when she was on the hot pass, while receiving votes from Kevin and Dave. When Ramsay asked her why she should be in the finale, she said that she grew a lot in Hell’s Kitchen. In the end, she was eliminated, but before she left, Ramsay praised her ambition, drive, and passion, and allowed her to keep her jacket as a symbol of all of her accomplishments. During her exit interview, she received a retrospective montage of her run. Ramsay gave no comment on Ariel's elimination, and she did not receive the burning picture sequence.

Episode 15Edit

When she returned for the final dinner service of the season, Ariel was Dave's first pick, followed by Robert and Suzanne, and the first pick overall.

During dinner service, Ariel was on the fish and meat stations. When she brought her venison and salmon to the pass, Dave rejected the venison as it was well done instead of medium. Then, she brought her refires, and that time, Dave accepted them. Later, she sent up gray venison, with Ramsay called it lazy cooking, and Jean-Philippe sent back a raw salmon. Then, she received help from Robert and finally got her entrées out. Dave eventually won the finals over Kevin.

Nomination historyEdit

Week 1 Safe
Week 2 Safe
Week 3 BoW
week 4 Safe
Week 5 Safe
Week 6 Safe
Week 7 Win
Week 8 Safe
Week 9 Safe
Week 10 Safe
Week 11 Nominated
Week 12 Nominated
Week 13 Safe
Week 14 Nominated

Season 18 Edit

Episode 1/2Edit

Ariel, along with the other veterans, were in disguise when they arrived to Hell's Kitchen, unknown to the rookies. Her alias was "Maria". When they arrived to Hell's Kitchen, they were welcomed by Marino and the Sous Chefs, and were given butternut squash risotto for lunch. During lunch, she felt that Gizzy's strong presence out of the gate was not a strong move after the latter commented that the risotto needed more salt. When the rookies described their credentials, she was impressed by their résumés, and felt that there was going to be a strong competition. She was the first veteran to reveal herself, explaining how she was the Executive Chef overseeing multiple restaurants. However, she decided to drop the act, and took her disguise off, shocking the rookies. Ramsay explained that he personally invited her back into the competition as he felt she deserved another chance, and she revealed that she pushed herself after competing 10 years ago. Then, she said that people believed that she was eliminated due to a lack of confidence, recalling a moment back in Season 6 where Ramsay berated her for sending up poor lamb during the second black jackets service, but knew that she had everything it took to win.

During the Signature Dish Challenge, Ariel decided to face off against Jose, and she was the fifth person from the blue team to have her dish judged by Ramsay. She made scallops with parsnip purée, it was praised for having a rich purée, and she scored 4 points. The veterans lost the challenge after a tie at 29, and they were punished by prepping both kitchens for the following service, shelling sunflower seeds, and prepping the mushroom duxelles.

During the Creative Risotto Challenge, Ariel was the third veteran to have her dish judged by Ramsay, and presented her peck pepperino risotto. While it was good, it failed to dethrone Mia, and she lost the challenge.

During dinner service, Ariel was on the meat station with Bret. At one point, she knew that she had fewer nerves compared to last time, and the veterans won the service.

Episode 3Edit

Back at the dorms, Ariel agreed with Heather as they were not communicating with each other, and thought it would be a lot better due to their all-star status, before telling Trev and Jen that there was no leadership on fish that night.

During the Marine Service Challenge, Ariel was on the grilling station with Trev. On their last ticket, she sent up her steaks, but they were cold, and that allowed the rookies to catch up and win the challenge. The veterans lost the challenge, and they were punished by prepping squid for a calamari dish in that night’s service.

During prep, Ariel and T had a discussion over how much heavy cream should be used for the sauce, especially as she was trying to get closer to Jen’s as she used less for the previous service and it was rejected by Ramsay. However, Jen took that the wrong way and snapped at her, only for her to annoyingly comment that what she was trying to say was that she was making it closer to Jen’s attempt last time, and called the latter stupid for not understanding that.

During dinner service, Ariel served a grilled calamari appetizer tableside. She was not seen that night, and both teams were named joint-winners.

Trivia Edit

Season 6Edit

  • She is the second contestant to have kept her jacket after being eliminated, following Ji from Season 5. She is also the first contestant to have kept her jacket without withdrawing, as well as the first who finished in 3rd place who did.
  • After her first appearance on the show, she became an Executive Chef at Hardings, before becoming a chef at an airport terminal restaurant, working for OTG, a company that specializes in sophisticated dining in airport restaurants.

Season 18Edit

Quotes Edit

Season 6Edit

  • (To Joseph) "Yeah, show some respect!"

Season 18Edit