Anton Testino
Butler, NJ
Head Chef
Kitchen Experience
Culinary Education
Culinary Inspiration

Personal Life Edit

Anton is the illegitimate bastard son of Gordon Ramsay, after learning of his true parentage Anton quickly trained to be the world's greatest chef like no one ever was. After entering Hell's Kitchen Anton hid his true identity from Gordon Ramsay as to have the chef be as impartial as possible. During his final speech to go into the next round he proceeded to sing "Papa was a rolling stone" then revealed his identity to the chef. Ramsay, taken aback by this information told Anton to prove his claim. Anton then raised his chef's tunic to reveal the birthmark on his right hip-- the Ramsay family crest of a stereotypical scottsman stomping on chef JAmie Oliver's face. Anton being the son of chef Ramsay did not save him from his father's decision and Anton was eliminated.

Challenges Won Edit

Challenges Lost Edit

Paternity Test

Quotes Edit

"Father! Why have you forsaken me?" Anton to Chef Ramsay during Anton's elimination in episode 12 "Can you hear me God, it's me Clemenza"

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