Andrew Forster
West Babylon, NY
Kitchen Experience
Culinary Education
Culinary Inspiration
Wake Forest, NC

Andrew is known as the farmer of Season 7. He makes Steak tartares. He is the 2nd Contestant in the US to quit during service.

Personality Edit

One of the creepiest contestants to compete in the series. He explained in the signature dish challenge that he raises and butchers animals and eats them preferably raw. This led Chef Ramsay calling him the Hannibal Lecter of Hells Kitchen.

Challenges Won Edit

The Signature Dish Challenge - E1

The Egg Relay Challenge - E2

Challenges Lost Edit


During service, Andrew had several garnish problems. Ramsay called him out after making liquidy mashed potatoes. Andrew and Ramsay got in to an argument which only made Ramsay more infuriated. After continuously angering Ramsay over the incident, he got sent out the kitchen in to the dining room and was called a joke to the industry in front of a hundred customers. Jean-Philippe attempted to talk him back in (but unlike Andrea) Andrew removed his shoes when Jean told him that many chefs would love to be in his shoes and proceeded to quit Hell's Kitchen making him the second contestant to call it quits during service (The first being Jeff LaPoff from Season 1 & Joy Parham-Thomas in Season 12).

Quotes Edit

"I guess the inspiration came from the fact that I raised and butchered my own animals... and I like to eat them raw"

"When I win this competition i'm going to buy two walk in coolers that's all i want, is two walking coolers. So I can start butchering my animals, which is what I like to do. hehehehehe"

"I'm not intimidated by chef Ramsay and honestly the food that we're serving in this kitchen is not really that good. I've made better food than that you know."

"What do I need? i need to get out of the fucking weeds thats what I need, what the hell do you think I need!?"

"So now you gonna tell me I can't cook it in a saute pan?"

" I'm walking out the damn door! What does it look like I'm doing? That man asked me to leave, and you expect me to stay here?"

(kicks his shoes off) You know what, they can take my shoes, JP!

"I don't need this! I'm walking out these doors! (voiceover) Chef Ramsay got pissed at me. I'm sure he looks at me as a little (bleep). Whatever, I don't really care what Chef Ramsay thinks of me, I'm done. Have a nice day!"

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