Andi Van Willigan
Sous Chef Andi
Santa Monica, CA
Sous Chef
7-14, 16
Kitchen Experience
Culinary Education
Culinary Inspiration
Gordon Ramsay
Santa Monica

Andi Van Willigan was the Sous Chef for the Red Team, from season 7 on, except seasons 15 and 17.

Personality Edit

A ferocious temper and short fuse. May be in need of anger management, even Ramsay has to calm her down.

Main highlights per season Edit

Season 7Edit

Season 8Edit

Season 9Edit

Season 10Edit

Season 11Edit

Season 12Edit

  • On episode 14, after Anton overcooked his Wellingtons, she got into a heated argument with him, when he could not stop giving her attitude and excuses. At one point, she lost her temper and yelled at him, two inches away from his face, where she told him to shut up, stop talking back, and just say "Yes chef!".
  • On episode 18, she talked with Joy, who has just walked out and packing her bags, in the dorms. She tried to make some sense and tell her to not give up, but Joy, believing it was too late, decided to withdraw from the competition.

Season 13Edit

Season 14Edit

Season 15Edit

  • On episode 7, Andi made a cameo when her wedding reception was hosted at Hell's Kitchen. She came under her bride's name, Andi Van Willigan-Cutspec.

Season 16Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She is the red team's Sous Chef who lasted for the longest time on Hell's Kitchen, with 9 seasons.
  • She is the second staff member of Hell's Kitchen to leave a season and come back following Jean-Philippe.
  • She was not the Sous Chef for Season 15 as she had gotten married around the time of filming. She was also not the Sous Chef for Season 17 for unknown reasons.

Quotes Edit

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